The Morning After: Amazon's Alexa adds security to its resume
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Good morning! As we feel our way through the haze that is a combination of corporate party and holiday-season prep, Monday kicks off with stories on Alexa's new security talents, a car coming in 2021 that we already drove, and expect Year In Review reports to start hitting Engadget later this week.

The Downside Risk of Market Traffic Media That No One Is Talking About
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The War Against Market Traffic Media Doing this can exponentially drive visitors to your enterprise. Become an authority voice You[...]

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Intel and ESL extend their esports alliance with a $100 million deal
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Intel and ESL have been esports buddies for years, but they're deepening that commitment as 2018 winds to a close. The two have extended their partnership with a $100 million deal that will last through 2021. Intel will provide the computing power for both the gaming rigs and the servers behind the scenes, but it'll also use this as an opportunity to test up-and-coming technologies. Expect it to use tournaments as a sales pitch for 5G, then.


Source: ESL

My Five Books of 2018
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A couple of years back I signed up over at GoodReads, a site devoted to books and reading.  I did so less to find new books or interact with others as I did to be able to track what I have read.  As with many other things, I often know that I

Valve updates 'Dota' card game with open tournaments and chat options
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Valve has delivered the first large upgrade to Artifact since it premiered in late November, and it's clear there's lots of headroom for the Dota card game to grow. The 1.1 update adds short Open Tournaments that anyone can join. You don't have to chat up players or advertise them on social networks -- you just have to hop in and wait for Valve to pair you with an opponent. There's also a Free-for-All tourney mode that asks you to play as many people you can within three hours, awarding the win to whoever wins the most games in that time span.

Source: Artifact, Twitter

The Other Keepstar Falls in Rage
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One one Keepstar awaited in wormhole J115405.  Named “Unassailable Wealth,” the Initiative had been in the night before to get it to the final timer. That was the last big target in the hole known to some as “Rage,” the final

The Scope – Rage Keepstar Under Siege
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'Stardew Valley' creator is working on more content and a new game
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In a blog post and a few tweets, solo game developer Eric Barone laid out plans for 2019 that will expand his hit indie game Stardew Valley and extend to a new title. Now that he has regained the right to self-publish the top-down farming RPG on most platforms (except for mobile and Switch which remain with Chucklefish), he's working on a new free content update for it.

While he's still working on that by himself -- and has put work on an all-new game in the Stardew Valley universe to the side -- the plan is to end the solo act and form a team to work on future expansions. Of course, players on consoles like PS4 and Xbox One are still waiting for the last update that added multiplayer (1.3) while Switch owners have noted some issues with the game and, according to Barone, addressing those situations is a priority.

Once there's an actual team cranking out content for Stardew Valley players, then the plan is for Barone to split time between that and the unnamed new game. Simple, right?

Via: Game Informer

Source: Stardew Valley

The Morning After: Facebook's latest data leak
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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to your weekend! We regret to report there's more bad news to share about Facebook and how it's protecting your privacy. Some of the highlights from earlier this week include an incredible tech demo, tech gift ideas that cost less than $50 and hands-on with Tesla's latest Autopilot system.

Framast Iðn Bú
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As a fun little part-time pastime a few of us have been hitting Pirate Faction Forward Operating Bases in High-Sec. We usually roll in a three to five person fleet. Our base fleet is three Dominix which is the minimum we need to hit a Blood Raider FOB,

Amarr Gate
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A jump gate in low sec Amarr space with all of the new graphics and a fleet jumping through. Advertisements

Minmatar Republic Deploys Blockade Taskforces in Escalation Against Amarr Empire
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Yulai – The Republic Fleet has deployed taskforces to key regional border systems in the disputed territories between the Amarr Empire and the Minmatar Republic. CONCORD's Inner Circle was given notice of this action by Minmatar delegate Keitan Yun.

"The Minmatar Republic cannot stand by and tolerate the recurring violent suppression of our brothers and sisters in slavery by the Amarr Empire. The Tribal Council has instructed the Sanmatar to mobilize the Republic Fleet and enforce a blockade of the border with the Amarr Empire. I must inform the Inner Circle that Minmatar taskforces have been sent to Auga, Isbrabata and Vard to secure the gates leading from Heimatar and Metropolis into the Empire."

The Amarr Delegate to the Inner Circle, Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh confined his response to condemning the Minmatar Republic's action, describing it as "precipitous and a naked attempt to capitalize on the misery produced by Blood Raider terror attacks." Captain Marshal xer Qosh then left the Inner Circle session to consult with the Imperial Privy Council.

The Inner Circle remains in emergency session but the Scope understands that the meeting has been suspended as all core empire delegates are presently consulting with their respective national governments. CONCORD has confirmed that the Republic Fleet's actions are technically legal under the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act of YC110.

The Gallente Federation has issued a call for calm and negotiation, while repeating its stance that military suppression of slave revolts is "a gross violation of human rights and those perpetrating it remain subject to sanctions."

Caldari State authorities have remained closed-mouthed and the CEP's formal position is that the internal affairs of the Amarr Empire are not a matter for it to comment on.

Khanid representative Sa-Baron Alar Chakaid claimed the Republic's actions to be "a palpable smokescreen for their use of Ammatar traitors to promote insurgency and terrorism across Holy Amarr." The Ammatar Mandate's consular government has made no comment. The Blood Raider Covenant has not claimed responsibility for the terror attacks nor denied its involvement.

The Scope will continue to report on this situation as it develops with further coverage available in the Scope's GalNet bulletins.

Nintendo warns it won't make more retro NES and SNES consoles
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Just because Nintendo revived the NES Classic doesn't mean you'll have the luxury of buying a retro console whenever you'd like. In a chat with the Hollywood Reporter, the company's Reggie Fils-Aime warned that the NES Classic and SNES Classic will sell in the Americas through the holidays, but will be "gone" once they sell out. If you want to walk down memory lane after that, you'll have to take advantage of the games that come with Switch Online.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, CNET

Sony has a PS4 Pro bundle for 'Kingdom Hearts III' fans
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If you're a Kingdom Hearts super fan, you know the third installment of the franchise is just around the corner. Don't worry if you're currently without a console to play it on, Sony has you covered. On January 29, the worldwide release date for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III, Sony is dropping a limited edition PS4 Pro bundle centered around the title. The package is available for $400 in the US or $500 in Canada.

Source: Sony

PlanetSide Arena
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Daybreak said they would be announcing a new game come Thursday morning Pacific time.  And what they announced was PlanetSide Arena. The word “new” obviously has some sort of alternate definition, because it didn’t look all that new

Gift cards and subscriptions to give as last-minute gifts
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Sometimes it's better to pick out a gift for someone yourself and other times it's a good idea to let that picky loved one choose their own. (And if you've waited this long to buy gifts, that might be your easiest course of action.) This is where gift cards and subscriptions come in particularly handy, and we've selected a few of the best for our 2018 holiday gift guide. For TV lovers, we've recommended subscriptions for HBO Now, Hulu Live TV and YouTube Premium, but we've also got your gamers covered no matter which system they use. For the readers on you list, how about a curated book subscription based on their tastes or an unlimited subscription to Comixology?

A pre-emptive note: Some services that you or your friends use (like Apple Music, say) didn't end up on this list. That doesn't mean we don't recommend them -- we do! -- but for people who are starting fresh without a paid music subscription or what have you, these are the services we feel bring the most value. Can't hurt, of course, to do some sleuthing first and see what your giftee is already using and go from there.

Epic removes 'overpowered' Infinity Blade from 'Fortnite'
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Fortnite fans got a taste of the game's mythic items this week with the Infinity Blade (as in Epic's games of the same name). Only one such sword was available in a match, and the player who wielded it received a health and shield boost, HP regeneration, faster movement, immense damage-dealing potential and the ability to smash through buildings in no time at all. Or at least they used to have all that power, because Epic admitted it "messed up" with the overpowered weapon and has already shuttled the Infinity Blade into Fortnite's vault.

Source: Epic Games (Twitter)

Politics in Nerd Media Part II: Representation Matters
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So what we’ve talked about so far is Representational Politics, which is basically the cornerstone of the War on Diversity or the Scourge of Political Correctness.  Of the avenues of political expression in games that are possible, this is the only one that has really changed or increased, as more game developers pursue more diverse […]

Discord will let anyone sell games on its platform
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In an effort to usurp Steam's position as the one-stop shop for gamers, Discord announced that it will open up its game store for all developers in 2019. Game makers who choose to use the Discord store will receive 90 percent of the revenue share. Meanwhile, gamers will get the ability to build up their library in Discord, giving them one less reason to ever close the app.

Source: Discord

‘Travis Strikes Again’ is an indie-sized comeback for Suda51
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In 2010, Goichi Suda seemed unstoppable. The Japanese game developer, known by his nickname 'Suda51,' had just released No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, a vibrant clash of stylized decapitations and eccentric, oftentimes sexually-charged humor. The Wiimote-waggling hack-and-slash reviewed favorably, cementing Suda's status as a risk-taking auteur similar to American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. The next few games he released, however, didn't fare so well. Shadows of the Damned, Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer is Dead were all criticized for their groan-inducing jokes and general lack of polish. The excitement around Suda and his once-promising studio, Grasshopper Manufacture, slowly fizzled out.

The punk-rock developer isn't finished, though. Two years ago, Grasshopper released Let it Die, a free-to-play dungeon crawler that blended Suda's unmistakable style with some procedural level design and light, Dark Souls-inspired combat. The game wasn't perfect, but the roguelike elements and freemium price-tag made it easier to overlook the so-so level design and occasionally cumbersome battles.

Now, Suda is back with a No More Heroes spin-off called Travis Strikes Again. It's launching on Nintendo Switch next month and is, unsurprisingly, pretty weird. But maybe in a good way?

The Eviction of Hard Knocks and why it could be good for Wormhole space
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As my last remaining loyal reader (hi Mum!) may recall, I bounced around in EVE but always come back to Wormhole Space (aka Anoikis). To me, the uncertainty of connections, resources and enemies, the excitement of working in small, highly skilled teams

Blizzard cancels 'Heroes of the Storm' eSports plans
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Blizzard is putting an end to Heroes of the Storm eSports events amid shifting priorities for the publisher. In a new blog post, it says it's taken the "difficult" step of moving some developers from the free-to-play MOBA title to other projects. Both the collegiate "Heroes of the Dorm" -- the biggest college eSports event in the US -- and the the "Heroes Global Championship" will not return in 2019.

Source: Blizzard

The Morning After: Virgin Galactic goes to space
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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

What'd you do this week? If it didn't involve a historic trip into space then Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic have you beat. Other out-of-reach experiences include hopping behind the wheel of McLaren's 720S and taking a selfie on Mars, but we can all share the season-two trailer of Star Trek Discovery.

'Shattered State' is a VR political thriller designed for the Netflix crowd
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Supermassive Games is best known, at least in recent times, for the story-driven horror title Until Dawn, which spawned both a sequel and a prequel in subsequent years. Other than occasionally flirting with Windows over its nigh decade-long history, Supermassive has focused on developing games for several generations of PlayStation consoles. Its latest project takes it into entirely new territory, however. Political thriller Shattered State is a VR experience that launches today on Google's Daydream platform, and so is available to anyone with a compatible phone or headset.

A Keepstar Waits in the Hole
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A Keepstar and a Sotiyo are down in J115405… along with various other smaller structures… but the timers on several more are counting down. The big circles are hostile structures, with each circle divided into thirds, each third representing

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