WoW Classic: Information sources
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 I'll list a few topics that I think will keep coming back with sources that might help:What quests are there for each dungeon? is probably the best resourced WoW fan site and it shows.

On the Eve of WoW Classic
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Technically WoW Classic goes live on August 27th.  That is what the graphic says. However, Blizzard is doing a world-wide-ish launch, so for the purposes of WoW Classic, the launch time is 00:01 Central European Summer Time (CEST) on August 27th.  That

The Rixx Store
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The Rixx Store has been around since 2016 and offers a wide variety of themed merchandise that tries very, very hard not to violate any copyrights or trademarks. Seriously. We really don't want to cause any trouble. What I am trying to do is fill a hole

Catching a big fish
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Our home system has two statics - a c4 and a c5. I usually prefer to scout the c4 chain as I believe it provides more gank opportunities, while a c5 has a higher chance of finding fleet fights. It's getting late and c4 looks quiet. Being a good scout as I

WoW Classic: Preparations
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So far my preparations for WoW Classic have consisted of consuming a great amount of youtube content and getting excited.For everyone thinking about playing this retro treat there are a few common elements we need to process before we dive in.Decisions -

Combat, Once more, with feeling.
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OK, this one is going to be all over the place so bear with me.  Combat, in mmo’s is a contentious issue.  Player want it to be visceral.  You hear devs talk about field trips to gun ranges to get … Continue reading →

Signaleer Bob N’Weave
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Editor’s Note: Taking a break from the winners of our Eve Fiction Writing Contest for another in our series of Signaleers. Enjoy! Bob N’Weave What attracted you to EVE Online and how long have you played? I started playing EVE many years ago

Aura’s New Style
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The Forge Region – Kimotoro Constellation 7 August YC 121 After dispatching the arrogant narco pusher my mood, and appetite, had markedly improved. I returned to the station and had a hearty breakfast which completely reconciled me with the cruel world.

WoW Classic with The Creators and some Lore
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Blizzard, in the warm up to WoW Classic… which is launching tomorrow afternoon… put together a of video featuring some of the original WoW team talking about their experiences in creating WoW and what they worked on.  Then they bring them all into a

The Factions of MMO Nostalgia and Progression Servers
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I feel like I am a bit ahead of the game here.  In the last few months people have been writing blog posts, myself included, about what Blizzard should after WoW Classic.  Blizz can’t just stop at vanilla, can they? But I have been watching debates

Meeting Security
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The Oracle class ship hovered close to the planet docking bay until the automatic systems took over and it glided in to form a giant Egg structure.  The pilot exited the ship into a corridor that lead to a room … Continue reading →

Bounties In The July 2019 Monthly Economic Report
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The July 2019 monthly economic report (MER) came out today and I thought I'd point out a couple of items.The first is the drop in the amount of bounties collected by players. Dotlan suggested such a drop, but the MER confirms the picture painted by

MER and the Blackout
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Somebody finally got back from vacation and pushed the button to generate the EVE Online Monthly Economic Report for July. This is the first report that reflects the Blackout and the VNI nerf.  The tax increase didn’t go in until August 1st, so that

Unwashed Emergency Response Guardian
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The Eve Reavers Ship
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Artist UnknownMike Azariah recently picked up on an older post I had made about the Anti-Marshall, or a ship that was hull bonused for negative sec status. I recommend reading his post and checking out the original post in the archives.I think the concept

Blaugust and Burning Things Down
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Here we are into the third full week of Blaugust and another topic of the week. I have tried to keep up and do something on the right theme each week, though I failed a bit last week.  I mean, you got to know me some, but maybe that wasn’t what you

Jita, The Forge – A rumored scheme to expand the Caldari Navy's Jita 4-4 station was confirmed today, with the formal announcement by the Caldari State's Chief Executive Panel that it has approved plans and contracts for the project. The PKN Interstellar consortium, led by a group of three Caldari megacorporations, has won the bidding to renovate and significantly expand the most important station in the Caldari State, some would say in all of New Eden.

PKN Interstellar was founded by the so-called Pikotsaunen Kaatso Nuijaa, or "Dark Forest Business Club", a grouping of the CBD, Lai Dai and Nugoeihuvi megacorporations. The PKN grouping appears to represent a realignment of these Caldari megacorporations away from old factional dividing lines. PKN Interstellar is a consortium organized around the Modern Finances bank and has a number of associate members and investors from around New Eden.

Confirmed PKN Interstellar associate members include corporations such as Impro, Khanid Works, Tash-Murkon Family and Quafe. It is rumored that other associates and investors include Aliastra, Leisure Group, Semiotique Superluminal and Trust Partners.

The Jita 4-4 renovation and expansion project is understood to be intended to provide much needed additional space and specialist facilities for the many corporations that operate out of the station. Although the CEP and Caldari Navy have not commented on other bids, it is rumored that both the Upwell Consortium and a group led by the Ishukone megacorporation also submitted plans.

PKN Interstellar chair Alakoni Ishanoya expressed delight that her industrial consortium had won the day saying, "We at PKN Interstellar are certain that this decision will lead to the rejuvenation of the Jita 4-4 business ecosystem and considerably enhance prosperity for all involved." It is believed that initial construction work based on the ambitious plans will begin within weeks.

In Other News

  • Khumatar Allek Berialsh Commends Krusual Tribe for "Work to Enhance Matar Planetary Defense Facilities"
  • Triglavian Invasion Reconnaissance Forces "Pose Challenges but Have Not Penetrated Orbital Defenses" say AEGIS
  • CONCORD Directive Intelligence Agency Satisfied with Roll Out of Frigate Technical Readouts Program
  • Republic Justice Department Links "Sundsele Six" Transport Attack with Krullefor Organization in Mikramurka
  • Preparations for Third Anniversary of Coronation Begin as Imperial Officials Brace for Petitions to the Throne
  • Lai Dai Corporation Signs Ceasefire Agreement with Intaki Assembly; Onikanabo Brigade Withdrawing from Intaki V
  • Full Amarr Privy Council Meetings Held with Theology Council Delegates; Rumors of "Radical Restructuring" Emerge
  • Intaki Dissidents Allege Lai Dai "Being Allowed to Leave With Plunder"; Protesters Claim Ceasefire Deal a "Betrayal"


Hammering for others
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This one is a mix, it starts with ESO and then goes into more generic games stuff, including a reference or two to Eve. I continue with my unmagical character in Elder scrolls Online.  Hammer and now a bit of … Continue reading →

Blizzard Adding Still More Realms for WoW Classic
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As the grand opening of WoW Classic approaching, so the pressure on the servers via the name reservation system continues to build. Blizzard announced today that more realms will be opening up in both the US and EU regions.  These realms will be

The Atonement of Ravanna Zahelle, Solo Pirate
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Editor’s Note: Continuing with our Eve Fiction Writing contest winners, here is our second installment. The Atonement of Ravanna Zahelle, Solo Pirate A short story by Signaleer Void Raven The frozen corpse of a woman, a baseliner, rotated slowly. The

Hull Bonuses
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This post by Rixx got me thinking.  Hull bonuses are, in Eve, an indicator of best use for a ship. They also are the reason for training the skills beyond the minimum needed.  This one likes shields, that one likes … Continue reading →

EVE Fanfest Home and the Finale of the Long Summer of Skill Points
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One hates to look a gift horse in the mouth, but there are times when you feel like you’re getting too much of a good thing. And so it has been for me with CCP’s DAU/MAU boosting efforts during the Season of Skills event.  For over a month you were

Recon’s are now Raznaborg’s
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Yesterday I was going to write up a post about the missing Recon’s but they are back with new names and damage types. A Raznaborg is the old Recon Damavik. The rest of them retain their Triglavian designation – Renewing, Starving, Blinding. Attributes

Alles auf eine Karte
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Auf nach Yulai…ach ne, doch nicht. Am Wochenende habe ich den Blackout genutzt und habe einen Ausflug ins 0.0 unternommen. Ausgestattet mit einer Relic- und Data-Analyzern, Keksen und Tee war…

S4E33 - Podcast Movement - “Navel Gazing Hug Attack”
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In This Episode:

We discuss Podcast Movement, the podcast conference that BJ spent the last week at.  We look inward at podcasting and all the different approaches people can take when putting together a podcast.  Overall, it’s the most meta episode we’ve ever done!

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