Project Fortizar
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It has been over three years since my last post, but that does not necessarily mean that I have not been playing Eve. There was a solid year that I put Eve on the shelf due to other cool games and such, but thanks to Evehermit, A Journey Through The Mind,

The first 'Wolfenstein II' add-on pack is available now
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Killing Nazis and protesting are two of the most American things you can do. And if you need another avenue for (virtually) doing the former, that's where the first expansion for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus comes in. "The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe" changes up the base game's formula with a new protagonist who, thanks to his football skills, can run through walls and Nazis alike. Sounds good? There are two more packs incoming, and you can pick them up as part of the $25 season pass.

Source: Bethesda (YouTube)

Designing an open Facebook alternative
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Designing an open Facebook alternative (outline), Jason F. McBrayer.

VNI Fleet Timer Skirmish in Fade
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Once more into space went our VNI fleet, undocking for another foray into harms ways. Another Astrahus timer was set to expire where we were the other night, DW-T2I in Fade. The op had been announced well in advance so I was ready and resupplied.  I

The next Xbox voice chat app will work on your phone
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Microsoft introduced a new beta of the Xbox phone app today, which appears to include the testing of party chat on your mobile device. Presumably, this will allow you to chat with your Xbox party on your phone, similar to the way the Nintendo Switch works. While the Xbox app is available for both iOS and Android, this new beta appears to only be available at the Google Play Store.

Via: Reddit

Source: Google Play Store

Nintendo is really excited about the Switch's detachable gamepads
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Nintendo has always believed in the power of local multiplayer games. The company built a business creating digital experiences that are best when shared by people sitting in the same room, on the same couch -- not simply connected via headphones and tinny chat services.

The Switch is a testament to this history. The console itself doesn't support voice chat or online invitations, instead relying on a separate smartphone app to connect anyone who dares to play Splatoon 2 with a friend in another city. The hardware is built for local multiplayer: It's a portable system with two small controllers attached to either side of the screen, making it easy for newcomers to join a game in-person.

For veteran Zelda and Mario producer Yoshiaki Koizumi, these detachable controllers -- called Joy-Cons -- are the most intriguing aspect of the Switch.

Delve – Mining Value Down but Still Dominant
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The New Eden Monthly Economic Report for November 2017 arrived yesterday so it is time to take a moment to look how things are going in Delve. As noted in the title, mining in Delve was down some, dropping from 14.6 trillion ISK in October to 13.9

Alpha Ship Spotlight - Typhoon
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In the first of fifteen Alpha Ship Spotlights, today we look at the Typhoon class battleship.

The Typhoon is a highly versatile close to mid-range brawler that delivers massive missile damage while having the tank to last. Praised by its proponents and loathed by those who end up being in its sights, this battleship is one of the most iconic hulls in the Republic Fleet.

Its reputation comes from its versatility, with an ability to utilize either projectile turret or missile based weapons systems. For the more daring (and sometimes a bit crazy) pilot who prefers an off the wall loadout, a sometimes-questionable combination of both systems can also be viable.

Packing the medium and low slots to put up a formidable tank with surprising utility, supplemented by bonuses to missile rate of fire and explosion velocity, the Typhoon tends to be at home in front line combat roles where it excels at dealing vicious damage.

In Detail:

Class: Battleship

Weapons: 6 Turrets / 6 Launchers

Slot Layout:

  • 7 High Power Slots
  • 5 Medium Power Slots
  • 7 Low Power Slots
  • 3 Large Rig Slots


(Per level of Minmatar Battleship)

  • 5% bonus to Rapid Heavy Missile, Cruise Missile and Torpedo Launcher rate of fire.
  • 5% bonus to Cruise Missile and Torpedo explosion velocity.

Interview with CCP Dragon – The Agency
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The Agency has been a point of an interest for me ever since CCP rolled it out. I have been tracking the Live Events all the way back to the … [visit site to read more]

'Grand Theft Auto' publisher Take-Two opens an indie label
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Take-Two is the latest major games publisher to open up an indie label. From the sounds of it, Private Division will operate like a smaller scale version of Take-Two itself, giving developers leeway to work on things at their own pace and not worry about pumping out a sea of annual sequels.

Source: Private Division (YouTube)

Ataribox delays pre-orders due to development problems
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Preorders for the Ataribox were scheduled to start today, December 14th, but it appears that plan has hit a snag. Atari sent out an email today that said it's taking longer than expected "to create the platform and ecosystem the Atari community deserves."

The company wants to make sure its product lives up to expectations, so it's delaying the preorders and until it can figure out whatever issues the Ataribox is facing. An updated launch plan is going to be announced in the next few weeks, and the Ataribox team will keep supporters in the loop about what's going on.

Holiday PLEX & Omega Sale! - 15% Off!
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(GIF created by of hyperjumpgrandmaster on r/eve)

We're happy to announce that a holiday sale on PLEX and Omega time has just kicked off!

These discounts are available in the following locations:

This offer will be available through until downtime on December 18th, so be sure to get your PLEX and Omega Time as soon as you can!

The Morning After: Thursday, December 14th 2017
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Hey, good morning!

In cased you missed it, we got driven down an actual highway while wearing a VR headset, did cartwheels in a next-generation VR device and heard all about T-Mobile launching a TV service. That last one has nothing to do with VR. Yet.

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Die Deutschen sind ein Volk mit vielen Sagen und Märchen. Weit verbreitet sind die Erzählungen von „Wiedergängern“. Das sind eine Art Zombies, die ohne Sinn und Verstand durch die Gegend schlendern und ahnungslose Bürger

'Doctor Who Time Vortex VR' is an endless runner with a TARDIS
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Fans of our favorite Time Lord can get all timey-wimey with a VR reboot of Doctor Who Time Vortex 360, a web/mobile game that came out this past May. You can steer the TARDIS through various space obstacles, Rez-style, with Cardboard, Daydream, Gear VR and Vive via a web browser. The game is also available for Android and iOS on phones and tablets using mobile versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Source: BBC

Same Game, Multi Platform
In this episode:
  • When and why do we buy games on multiple platforms?  A discussion ensues.
Weekly Geekery
  • Beej is mad at WordPress but happy with Hearthstone.
  • Void is hooked on Fire Emblem Heroes, loving The Crown Season 2, and accidentally tangents onto Monster Hunter World.
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WeAre.Social Branding
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The federated social media project fedibook is looking for a new name/identity, and one of the options is a name with a great domain: I love the name and it veers away from the “facebook-but-federated” tone of

Tip: Lock and Unlock targets faster
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Ctrl + Left Click in space or in the overview will lock a target. Ctrl + Left Click and drag in space will lock all the targets in the box you draw. Ctrl + Shift + Left Click on a locked target or in the overview will unlock the target. No…

The Predator is coming to Ubisoft's 'Ghost Recon Wildlands'
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It's been 30 years since Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dutch headed into the jungles of Central America, only to find himself hunted by a stealth alien warrior nicknamed the Predator. Now players of Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ubisoft's open-world tactical shooter, will fall under the watchful eye of the Predator in an all new special event running from December 14th through early January.

Source: Ubisoft

Jin’talks – The Blue Donut War – It won’t be Over by Christmas
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Welcome back to the war with another update on just what’s been going on in my brief absence. Sort’s decision to end hostillities with the DRF has … [visit site to read more]

Ishtar Wearing the CCP Blaze SKIN
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Available for a limited time for a few ships to support the family of, and to remember CCP Blaze, no longer with us. “Gone, but never forgotten. His name lives on in all of you. Hoist his colors, and decimate anything that stands in your way.”

'Fez Pocket Edition’ is now available on iOS
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The 2D puzzle platformer Fez from the independent game studio Polytron has had a long road in its journey to iOS, but now it's finally here. You can now purchase Fez Pocket Edition from the App Store for $4.99. It's designed for both the iPhone and the iPad.

Via: Touch Arcade

Source: App Store

Managing Your Blog On a Mobile Device
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A few enhancements we've added to the iOS and Android apps for easier blogging.

Winter Movie League – Not Getting Started
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Week two of our Winter Fantasy Movie League is now in the can, so to speak, so it is time to see how we did. It wasn’t expected to be a huge week.  It is in the awkward gap holiday vacation gap when everybody is still at work or in school and

The Mind Clash Podcast – Episode 66 – ALL CAPS
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This week, we are joined by Vily, Pitsburgh2989, Cleavyan, Ben Booley, Professor Jeebs (Anure), and  Admiral Wheeler to discuss the current state of all of the capital ship classes and how the meta has evolved over the last year including structure

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