Episode 257, "Turtle Ring Toss Time"
Posted by World of Warcast: A World of Warcraft Podcast [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 7 September 2017, 4:20 pm

Farmed for the recipe. Took about 20m.
I had 72 Shadow Silk in my inventory (ha! pack rat!)
Make 8 Shadoweave Masks. Farmed more silk. Total at the end of the day, over 80k gold.
Finished chapter 2 of Argus
Bug in a invasion point Naigtal - Spores give 1M damage/tick, kept getting it on rez.
Problem - skull mobs walk around, can really hurt you.
Spore bug
Not a lot of room to move
Very hard to do solo unless you know how to maneuver
Got my Sulfuras - Hand of Ragnaros Legendary on my DK

Arena Skirmish Bonus Event
Darkmoon Faire r
Stupid dirgible is 1000 tickets

Argus won’t have flying (but we knew that)
The Flying on Argus debate: the tl;dr version
Argussian Emissary Quests should now require 3 WQs
Fel lava on Argus no longer damages pets
Invasion points
Available after finishing the second chapter of Argus in Mac’aree
Starts with a quest from Ilidan, “Where They Least Expect It” to enter an invasion point to kill the legion commander
Followup quest: recover 15 Argus Waystones to unlock Greater Invasion Points
Invasion Points repeatable - you don’t need to be in a party to enter it. Will get credit just from zoning in. Finishing grants Artifact Power tokens, Argus Waystones and Veiled Aranite.
Each lasts 6 hours
Include Environmental hazards (watch your feet) and one unique objective
Three stages: fill a bar by killing trash, more mobs spawn, LEgion Commander spawns
If you wipe on Legion Commander, health will not reset
Greater Invasion Points - can do once per week - Argus world bosses drop 930 loot
Bring a Seal of Broken Fate for bonus rolls


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