Episode 249, "Rainstorm Renata"
Posted by World of Warcast: A World of Warcraft Podcast [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 13 July 2017, 5:26 pm

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Windchanneller’s Raiment - an old secret?
Tried working on ToS - long story.
Got in two BT raids that fell apart before the first boss.

Still mostly playing Diablo III - keeping up with Exalted, sort of
Season 11 starts July 20 . deciding what my toon will be (necro or witch doctor)

Black Temple timewalking is out!
Make sure to talk to the NPC in Shatt first.
You queue by having the raid leader talk to the NPC, and then you’re all ported there.
“This is harder than timewalking”. No, it IS timewalking. It’s a raid, fool.
Lockout has been hotfixed.
Don’t forget to xmog before you go! :D

“Appear Offline” coming to battle.net?

New caster animations
Overwatch League is officially starting
Blizz pulling back from SDCC-exclusive items - merch will premiere at SDCC and then will be sold online.

It’s official as of 10:45 AM today: Kil’jaeden the longest lived mythic mob since Cataclysm - beats Archimonde (16 days). Current recordholder: Al’Akir (42 days)

Mythic Invitational
- PVE esports tournament
- How it works:
- July 25-August 8: group runs mythics and submits their 5 highest Mythic Keystone runs to Blizzard.
- Blizzard chooses top 8 teams from each of the 4 regions (Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and China)
- September Regional Playoffs - single elimination until 2 teams remain - each region gets one streaming day. Blizzard chooses the dungeon (presumably different each time so no one can prepare?)

September 16: China
September 17: Asia-Pacific
September 23: Europe
September 24: Americas

- grand finale: remaining 8 teams battle it out

- Prizes: 1st: $50k 2nd - $20k, 3rd/4th $10k, 5-8: $2500


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