The Nexus Telegraph: Everyone's got active combat, and so does WildStar
Posted by Massively [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 27 January 2014, 2:00 pm

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If you are confused, get out of the red; if telegraphs hit you, soon you'll be dead.  Your skills lay blue templates on the ground, use them as guides as you're moving around.  Stand just outside of the bad, now face west - think about rotations, wonder why you haven't, now stand in the place with a cure, now face north - think about the red that just popped up and wonder why you're still standing there.
WildStar is launching with active combat, but let's be totally honest about something: The whole telegraph system is not exactly as special now as it might have seemed, say, three years ago.

Guild Wars 2 has active combat. Ditto TERA, ditto DC Universe Online. The Secret World makes use of telegraphs all over the place (which kind of feels like a kludge, but so does most of the game's combat system, so there). Even Final Fantasy XIV -- a game I have noted on many occasions as having a much slower and more tactical combat pace -- makes heavy use of telegraph mechanics. And The Elder Scrolls Online is certainly launching with a more active combat system, to boot.

There's more to WildStar than telegraph markers, though. So it's time to talk about what the game actually does in terms of combat that's interesting and novel. We've been told that the active combat of the game is a big deal, but is it actually revolutionary, an evolution, or just another thing?

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