The not so friendly skies: Hands-on with World of Warplanes' open beta
Posted by Massively [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 30 August 2013, 2:00 pm

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World of Warplanes is the reigning king of free-to-play, with its flagship title World of Tanks sitting pretty at 60 million registered users and holding the world record for player concurrency. One wouldn't necessarily expect MMO gamers to be drawn to a game where the only physical manifestation of the player is a massive tank, but World of Tanks has surged into popularity and left more than a few industry assumptions crumpled under its treads.

Fueled by this success, now seeks to expand its legacy by releasing two new games based on the World of Tanks formula. One is the mysterious World of Warships, which has yet to make any sort of official appearance, and the other is World of Warplanes, which is winding down its extended beta phase and soaring ever-closer to its September 26th release date. Together, the three games will theoretically form a perfect union of land, sea, and air combat steeped in historical accuracy and intense action.

We hopped into the World of Warplanes beta to see how the aerial portion of's vision is shaping up, and to find out once and for all if we were truly ace material.

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