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Trachalio wrote:
When Boogle asked me to write this introduction, I was wondering what kinds of shade I could throw Dave's way. I couldn't think of a single thing, 'cause Dave's just too awesome of a guy. I know that's a common theme in these profile introductions, but it's true. He's a wonderful husband to Phoenix Rev. He's Canadian (everyone knows we Canadians kick ass). And he's a fantastic baritone in Men Alive.

Sometime in August of 2006, shortly after I joined GWJ, Dave sent me a private message:


Subject: Dropping a note

Hey there, man. I was flipping through your LJ and realized we have more than a few things in common:

- Both Canucks (I was born in Edmonton)
- Both gamers (yeah, I know, "duh," but still ... .)
- Both planning on picking up the Wii at launch
- Both Pi Kappa Phi
- Both '73 babies (you're older than me by about 3 months)
- Both have a soft spot for furry guys (yay bears!)

So, figured I'd say howdy to you for the hell of it.

Shortly before I joined GWJ, I'd assumed every gaming forum was full of homophobic, misogynistic "bros." Gamers With Jobs Radio changed that opinion, and I started hanging out here. But it was Dave who made me realize how special a place Gamers With Jobs was. His email helped show me that our community isn't anything like other forums; everyone is welcome here, no matter who you are.

Dave is also the first Goodjer I ever met in "real time." We were both in Phoenix at the same time, and spent a few hours on the patio of Deluxe Burger having the nerdiest of conversations. Warcraft, board games, Dungeons & Dragons, video games. If it was geeky, we probably talked about it. I made a good new friend that day. And while our schedules haven't overlapped since, I know we'll share another beer fueled nerd talk again soon.

So let us all raise a glass to Dave: our resident Yukon Cornelius, the most gingery of ginger Goodjers, and a damn fine friend.

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