City of Steam partners with publisher R2 Games
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City of Steam partners with publisher R2 Games
Although limited in duration, City of Steam's alpha and closed beta sessions last year have helped build a following for Mechanist Games' upcoming steampunk-flavored browser-based MMO. And now, thanks to a publishing partnership with Reality Squared Games, the industrial age fantasy game will have access to a wider audience.

R2 Games already has other free-to-play titles in its portfolio, but City of Steam will be the first using the Unity 3D engine. R2 Games CEO Jared Psigoda stated, "I see a lot of potential in City of Steam. Mechanist Games' approach to making a game is something we're thrilled to be a part of. We want to make sure City of Steam gets the recognition it deserves for being the innovative game that it is."

[Source: Reality Squared Games press release]

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