The Stream Team: Get your festival on edition, December 10 - 16, 2012
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The Stream Team Get your festival on edition, December 1016, 2012
The lull is over, and now the hustle and bustle of the winter holiday season begins! Regardless of which holiday you celebrate, mid-December is a time to prepare for and enjoy the festivities. For some folks, that means lots of cooking, lots of eating, and lots of family and friends. And for many of us, we add game time in our favorite MMOs on top of all that. We are even masterful at combining any variation of all of the above! That's where Massively TV comes in handy.

Join your friends (and possibly family?) on The Stream Team in-game and in chat as you watch and even participate in various adventures across the MMO spectrum. Sandboxes and themeparks, PvP and PvE -- they are all represented. And we have a new streamer joining the ranks! So take a look at what games catch your fancy this week, welcome our new guinea pig... er streamer, and then tell us what your favorite in-game holiday festivals are.

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