Thanks, Stubborn!
Posted by Tobold's Blog [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 22 November 2012, 7:37 am
As Stubborn was sending me Thanksgiving thanks, I would like to return the favor. Especially since his post helped me make a decision I was pondering. You might have heard that Planetside 2 just came out, and I've been reading about the game and wondering whether I should play. My main concerns were that I prefer to play games about war from the perspective of the general, and not from the perspective of the grunt soldier, and that I've read several comments on how unforgiving Planetside 2 was. In a multiplayer first-person shooter game there is no adjustable difficulty level, the difficulty is given by the skill of the players from the other side.

So reading the input from Stubborn on the matter helped me decide. He says: "The most likely candidates for games that are too fast paced include first person shooters and real time strategy games. If you’re not of that age just yet, eventually you’ll find that while you completely understand the strategy behind a real time strategy game, you simply can’t operate fast enough to beat the computer on certain difficulty settings. It’s not a coincidence that that you don’t find champion Starcraft 2 players over a certain age (in fact I believe the oldest is my age, 32). Similarly, first person shooters can be too fast paced if enemies spawn too quickly for the player to handle them. This, too, can be age related, since as I’ve gotten older I’ve had more and more trouble getting my crosshair precisely where I want it to retaliate."

I'm way past 32. I can play PvE shooters on low to medium difficulty levels, but with my reaction speed and aiming skill I'd just be a random target in Planetside 2. Maybe one day some game company comes up with a system that sorts players by skill and manages to put us slow old-timers on a separate slow-poke battlefield. But until then I should just give up on the idea to participate in multiplayer PvP games that rely on fast reflexes.
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