Employee Profile: Bonus_Eruptus
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I admit that when I walked over to Bonus' desk and asked if he wanted to be profiled this week, I figured I'd write the introduction myself. Sadly, I remain a better editor than writer and so, taking lessons from my time in software engineering, I outsourced the task overseas.

Since I wasn't sure if a single "vendor" could meet my time constraints, I naturally submitted competing work orders. Luckily, they both came through in shining fashion. I now present to you, in an encore appearance from last month, M0nk3yboy and Prozac!

M0nk3yboy wrote:
Bonus_Eruptus, AKA Batman. Seriously, this man has played (and completed) more versions of Batman, Arkham Asylum than I knew even existed. I'm pretty sure at one stage he was also entertaining the idea of importing a Japanese 360 to nail those localised versions too.

One day I hope to meet you in person, my friend. But until then, the encounter plays out in my head thusly: Grabbing my hand in your steely grip, you draw me in close, and in a deep, gravelly voice you exclaim "I'm Bonus."

Prozac wrote:
To you, he may be Bonus_Eruptus, but to me he will always lovingly be referred to as B’Eunice.

My fondest memories of B’Eunice would come from those times that I gently caressed his ear canals with my accented pronunciation of his name while we stood side by side, or squared off against each other, during those halcyon days when the Left 4 Dead franchise was at its zenith among the GWJ crowd.

But who, really, is B’Eunice Eruptus? What dark secrets will this “special” member of the GWJ community reveal? Read on below the fold for the amazing tell all article about one of the more enigmatic members of the community!

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