International Gamers With Jobs Day 2012!
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All the world 'round, we all get out and get together!

Inaugurated here, International Gamers With Jobs day has grown to a great circle of camaraderie and games.

This year, OilyPenguin has set us up with a good Catch All thread listing out the current gatherings. If you want to add another gathering to the list (it just takes two, willing to raise a beverage and have a little gaming fun), give me a shout and I'll cover it here.

Bring us all your stories and pictures. Whatever lampshade-wearing shenanigans you guys have going on, I know the rest of us would like to see. I'll be checking in with notes here at various points in the day, and someone was trying to put together a G+ hangout as well.

Each gathering has it's own traditions, and feel free to start new ones of your own and share them here. PennCon has Battleshots and apple butter and a whole raft of things going on. At the Pacific Northwest event, we accidentally walked into a tradition involving something from Anheuser Busch called a Chelada that someone found in the fridge, and we all spent a while trying to decipher the mental processes behind this product. If I remember correctly, it was actually consumed by someone. Good times, all around.

So I'll be at Tekman's house tomorrow with a pot of my infamous baked potato soup, and a can of queasy, questionable beverage. My bnpederson stand-in monkey (purple stripes, steampunk dormouse tophat, Rubik's cube bra) slouches at the ready. Let's all celebrate and play games!

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