Steam Summer Sale Demands Your Wallet Be at the Ready
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Max Payne 3

After weeks of wondering just when it would begin, the Steam Summer Sale is here in full force. This year's sale is slightly different from those in years past, although the overriding point is this: Now is as good a time as any to stock up on computer games.

Countless games have been discounted, both on their own and as a part of bundles. The new wrinkle to this particular sale fits right in with the community-oriented direction Valve has been emphasizing as of late between the Steam Workshop and Steam Greenlight. Every eight hours, a new deal will go up that is decided by the Steam community. Steam users can choose one of three deals -- the first vote was between 75 percent off Saints Row: The Third, 66 percent off Batman: Arkham City, and 60% off The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition -- and at the end of the voting period, that deal will go live until it's time to be replaced by the next Community Choice deal. Traditionally, you would only have to check in on Steam sales once per day; now, you'll need to check three times per day in order to ensure you don't miss out on a deal you're waiting for.

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