As the launch date for the Nintendo 3DS looms I'm beginning to wonder more and more about it. I don't know anyone who has mentioned having any hands on time with the unit yet, and I and wondering if any of you have tried it out yet?

I skipped the DSi, which is abnormal for me, as I normally try to pick up every system that comes along unless its a direct 1 to 1 redo of a unit (like the psp3000 to the pspGo).

I can't say my handheld systems ever get a TON of play, but I do like to have them around, and I certainly like playing those way more than say my Iphone, which I think it an atrocious platform for gaming.

Anyways, one of my biggest concerns about the 3DS naturally would be the 3d effect. I know that you can turn it on and off, but I'm wondering how convincing it is? Please note that I'm one of those guys that is already sick and tired of the "3d" movie movement that has been going on, I think it gimmick and crutch for movie studios. In gaming, its relatively an untapped opportunity for unique gaming experiences, but that's because you can interact with a game. Movies with 3d in them general consist of scenes where people are pointing at the camera, pointing things at the camera, throwing things at the camera, ect... I wonder what we'll get with the games?

I've read the announcements about netflix coming to the system, and I think that's great. I use the netflix feature on my iphone relatively often, and I think I would use it on the 3ds as well.

Anyways, if any of you have had some hands on time with this system, I would like to hear your thoughts on it

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