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Posted by MikeJL Blog - MMO [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 20 January 2010, 12:33 pm

I’m in STO open beta. I only had an hour or so to play (had to teach a class last night). Still, after install and quick patch I spend lots of time in the character creation. Very nice! I never played Champions Online however read about the depth of making a character in that game. It seems this depth of creation also exists in STO.

I did make Grimgar; the first know race called the Orks (i.e. Orcs) in the Federation. Only option I did not find was tusks; still had a cool looking big green ensign (now Captain of the USS Thrallis).

The client ran well and graphics looked great (these are some web images.. I'll keybind a screen shot key):

The sound effect were better than I expected. Especially the sounds (red alert, phasers, transporter, etc.) all really sound like the movies and shows.

Finished the tutorial missions and ended up at the star base at Earth. Game options (graphs, UI, etc) all good so far. The space combat if fun (you have the ability to divert power from the fours systems (shields, weapons, engines and auxiliary). It has presets and the ability to setup you own saved settings. Ground combat was also fun. It’s not FPS still .. MMO feel (which I like).

I’ll wrap up with first hour was a good experience.

Beta update: 1/22/10

Few days and mission behind me.

Space combat and ground are both fun. In space combat I diverted power to shields in one battle. Used a new “evasive maneuvers” skill and have to think about ship position and shields.

Ground combat. Some don’t like ground however I do enjoy it. Also fun and lots of move & fire. Rolling out of melee range, stuns etc. It’s more fun than I initially expected.
Having NPC bridge officers is very cool. You train and promote them.

The missions I have done so far were not all based around combat. One was to get details about disputes of a mining colony. Find and assist a lost frigate in space was another.

Good graphics and sounds (looks and sounds great so far)

UI is good. Few areas could be refined however no major issue so far.

Few disconnects (expected). I do have a Vulcan character who went into a new sector (to try some exploration missions) and got immediately disconnected when I entered the sector. And on every log in (on that character) get disconnect few seconds after. Was some server maintenance shortly after so hope it gets cleared up.
Logged a buy where transaction form ground to ship (and vice versa) take few seconds to change. So I end up on the planet as a ship and in space without a ship. This hopefully gets cleared up.

I like to see the ability to be on my bridge in space. Even do mission on my ship. Be able to walk around my ship (at least a few decks). I recall doing this in SWG (on the veteran reward ship). So I know it’s possible.
Play little more next week till early access starts.

Now .. what to roll when games goes live. hmmm

Beta Update: 1/24/10

Patches have improved the game. Here are a few screen shots (I sized then down to 800x600):

Did the "roll your own" race and did the first space Orc. Grimgar. Here he is on the bridge of the USS Thrallis.

My ship the. You can name your own. very cool

Taking some fire from a Klingon.

Returning fire.

And yes.. you can play a Klingon. Rolled this guy today.


Open Beta ended Tuesday. Was busy teaching so played little Monday night. STO looks very promising and was more fun than I expected. I'm pre-ordered from Amazon and Look forward to head start weekend and starting my journey in STO. Vulcan Engineer Officer in charge of a Federation Science / Exploration vessel. (well later after the he makes Lt. Cmdr.

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