Torn between Two Ships
Posted by MikeJL Blog - MMO [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 16 February 2010, 6:59 pm
Promoted to Commander this weekend. (i.e. level 21). And giving a new ship assignment .I choose a heavy crusier:

From the wiki

"Despite their slow maneuverability, Cruisers have Advanced Warp cores, and with the extra power produced are capable of withstanding large amounts of damage, extending their shields to nearby damaged vessels, and equiping multiple phaser arrays to in their bow and aft equipment bays. These vessels also have large cargo holds making them ideal for moving equipment or personnel on long journeys."

Here is the USS Argonaut (in route to take on the "Domesday machine") I need to get some better pics of the ship.

Then the smaller choice of my a Research Science Vessel (RSV)

From the wiki
The Science vessel is perhaps the most versatile and useful ship found on the front lines of combat, and can be configured to support other vessels in a variety of different ways. The Science vessel shines when it comes to scientific research and application with the majority of the Bridge Officer stations focussed to Science personnel. Captains with a deep understanding of Scientific research and theory will find themselves and their vessels sought on the battlefield for the multitude of tasks they are able to perform.

Although Science vessels are not the most powerful, indeed some may see them as the most vunerable, they are not unarmed and can still be formidable vessels.

Here is the USS Equinox (I went ahead and purchased the ship):

Both offer different combat tactics. I play science all through Lt Cmdr and love it. However, I'm starting to lean too the cruiser. It can take a beating however the tactics of moving your weak shields out of harms way is not always the best (as the cruiser flys like the large ship it is). I found I also need to direct power to certain shields as well as plan ahead on maneuvering.

I read up on a cleaver tactic to use .. move into range above the target then open up a broadside. Make maneuvering a pain as you cannot fly straight up in STO so the elevation put you at an advantage.

So again .. I gain a rank and end up with two ships. Parking is becoming a problem.

Number One .. go park the RSV. Were taken the cruiser out for now.

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