S1E47 - Best of the Rest 2016 - “Get yourself a cookie and listen to Hamilton”
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Best of the Rest 2016
In this episode:
  • Welcome to the Season 1 finale of the Geek to Geek Podcast. It has been one heck of a year, and we could not have done it without you fine folks backing us at every turn. We did not expect the kind of response we’ve had to the cast, but we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for listening to us ramble about geekery and for being our friends (and not just internet friends, either! Real friends!). Here’s to an amazing 2017, and Season 2 picks up next week! Keep listening and tell your friends!
  • Much like last week, we wanted to do our Best of 2016 list. Whereas we focused on video games last time, this week, we’re looking at pretty much everything else. From movies to books to music to podcasts to YouTube videos, we break down our top picks of the year so you can start 2017 off right.
  • Once again, we look at the few letdowns we had this year. This isn’t a negative podcast, so we don’t dwell on it. Beej was disappointed in Batman v Superman. It was a terrible movie that he knew was going to be terrible, but despite his low expectations, it was even worse than that. Void didn’t have much. So let’s get on to the awesome stuff, shall we?
  • We did a huge list of honorable mentions because we tend to sample a lot of stuff and try to experience as much cool things as we can possibly fit into our lives (hence the Weekly Geekery segment in each episode). A lot of our honorable mentions match up, including fantastic Netflix originals, superhero shows and comics, as well as some movies that we rank differently but still considered some of the best things that happened in 2016.
  • And then there are our Top 6 picks of the year, ranked in order of Supercoolitude (is that a word? It is now). What’s fun about these is how different they are. It really shows the different perspectives that we approach media and what we consider worthwhile (you can also see this in our Star Wars: Rogue One discussion a few weeks back). We very much agree that all of our Top 6 are amazing choices, but the value we place on each entry is decidedly different. We think you guys will enjoy the discussion we have about each.
Weekly Geekery
  • Beej - Grabbed an iPhone 7 Plus because Verizon had a deal and has finally realized how cool mobile gaming can be if you have a device that’s worth gaming on.
  • Void - Snagged himself an NES Classic because he’s one lucky son-of-a-gun. His kids are enjoying it almost as much as he is, and that’s staying a lot!
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Warbands: Bushido Impressions
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Warbands: Bushido is a really cool tactical miniatures game.  I picked it up in the winter Steam sale for cheap and had some fun playing around with it for a day or two.  It's still in beta right now which is why I decided to set it down for the moment, but it's one that I'm going to keep installed and then dive it deep once it hits a full release.

It's already obvious that the full release will have some type of single player campaign beyond the tutorial and looks like it will have new single player scenarios rolling out all the time.

The multiplayer is the only thing that's basically fully fleshed out right now, but it's fun too.  I would dive into this right now if I weren't worried about progress being reset when the game goes into full release.  You can collect minis to use in building your warband.  The more you level up the more points you have to spend on which figures can be in your warband at a given time.

Honestly, it feels a lot like some tabletop tactical mini games that I've sampled over the years... but digital!  I like it a lot and will definitely be coming back to it once it's officially complete and fully released.

Abzu Review
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Abzu is a game very much in the vein of Journey.  It's a relaxing exploration game with no real way to lose, but it gives a beautiful world to explore that keeps things interesting.

It tells a very light story but I liked what was there.

The core moment to moment gameplay consists of swimming around under water on some kind of alien planet.  A lot of the creatures are obviously taken from earth oceans and the mix of familiar and alien is interesting.

Abzu wasn't a long game but I liked it.  I played the whole thing in one sitting of about 4 hours or so and enjoyed my time with it.  I would recommend picking it up for cheap on Steam sale whenever it hits a price that looks good to you.

Batman The Telltale Series
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 3 January 2017, 10:00 am

After being hit and miss with the last four or five Telltale game series that I've played I was very apprehensive going into Batman.  I picked up the season pass while it was on Steam sale for cheap but I waited until all the episodes came out before I even started playing.  I've learned that having momentum really helps on these games.

I played through all five episodes over the course of four consecutive nights.  I actually ended up loving this game.  It's probably my favorite Telltale game so far.  While I liked Game of Thrones for putting me in that world, Walking Dead for leaving such an impact, Tales from the Borderlands for being so funny... I love this game for letting me be Bruce Wayne and Batman.

And that's an important distinction to make.  This game truly lets you choose either Bruce or Batman to play.  While you will be forced into situations where you need to show up as one or the other you are often given a choice whether to confront a situations as Bruce Wayne or his superhero counterpart.  Not to mention the awesome fact that you can choose to play it as him being Bruce and Batman being the adopted persona or completely flip it around and do the opposite.  You can roleplay this Batman either way you want.  That's the best part of the game.

There are a lot of other cool things though.  The action and fight sequences are fun.  The detective sections make you feel like you're actually piecing things together while simultaneously not making you feel dumb.  All of the key choices and interactions with other characters feel meaningful too.

I can't believe I got this far in without mentioning other characters.  They come at Twoface from an angle I haven't seen before.  Gordon is still a lieutenant and part of this story has him and Batman teaming up while learning to trust each other (if you play it with those choices like I did).  And this game has my favorite incarnation of Catwoman that I've seen.

There are also some minor plot threads that could be picked up easily to kick off a Season 2, but this Season 1 story feels complete.  If a Season 2 doesn't get made it won't feel like a bunch of unresolved cliffhangers.

Needless to say, I would love another Telltale Batman game.  I really hope this did well enough to get a Season 2 in the future.  If not, I guess I'll just have to pay attention to what Telltale does with other superheroes in the future.  I know that they're Guardians of the Galaxy game is coming up pretty soon.

Guild of Dungeoneering
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 2 January 2017, 10:00 am

I've been sampling some little mobile time wasters lately.  Not many of them have stuck, but I played Guild of Dungeoneering for a long time.

It's an interesting mix of roguelike, card based combat, and deckbuilding.  It's kind of a weird blend.  After a few weeks I'm at the point where I feel like I've seen most permutations but until just now I was having a lot of fun with it.  It was totally worth the time and effort.

In Guild of Dungeoneering you draw up a hand of cards and use those cards to build a dungeon as you're exploring it.  So, you basically set the difficulty level and rewards on the fly based on what you lay down.  When you get into combat your currently equipped items determine the cards you have to work with to defeat the enemy.

Plus there's a whole other level on top of this one that involves base building and recruiting different characters to go into dungeons.

If you ever see this one on sale you should grab it and try it out.

NES Classic
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 31 December 2016, 10:00 am

I managed to snag an NES Classic the week before Christmas and I've been playing it since then.  I don't want to review it or give impressions of it the way I normally would with a game or system I'm just diving into.

The NES Classic is just pure nostalgia in and adorable little form factor.  It transports me back to being 5-10 years old again and I can't describe the joy I get from seeing my kids play it.  They're just so happy playing the same games I was at their age.  It's amazing.

If you have any nostalgia for the NES you should pick up a Classic as soon as they get their stock situation under control.  You won't regret it.

S1E46 - Best Video Games of 2016 - “A top 6… I guess?”
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Best Video Games of 2016
In this episode:
  • Like a great many other podcasts, we are hopping on the “best of” train, and we’re gonna be discussing our best video games of 2016. Now this isn’t only games that came out this year, but games that we played this year.
  • We were initially going to do a Top 5 each, but amazingly enough, there were more than 5 games we wanted to rank as we put together our best of 2016 lists. So...we have Top 6 lists for you! Hah! How’s that?
  • We also do honorable mentions because we played quite a few games this year. Void more than Beej, honestly because of his Gamefly experience. He went through over 50 games using Gamefly, and you’ll have to listen if you want to find out which--if any--of the B-tier titles made it into his list.
  • We also talk about the biggest letdowns of the year--but not much! We aren’t negative guys, and we didn’t want to dwell on things that aren’t fun to talk about. But we did want to mention the ones that were especially not worth our time so that you may be able to avoid them and spend your time playing the best video games of 2016 instead of the “meh” games of the year.
  • If you want our thoughts on No Man’s Sky months after the initial hubbub, or maybe Void’s lasting impression of virtual reality and the Vive. And what about that little game named Overwatch that came out this year? Are we still even thinking about that? And maybe you’ve heard about the cancellation of Disney Infinity--want to know how that affected your friendly, neighborhood podcast hosts?
  • And we want to know about your top video games of the year, too! We want to know which games kept your attention and which ones don’t quite make you stay up late for just another 5 minutes that turn into just another 5 hours. So tell us in the subreddit! reddit.com/r/geektogeekcast
Weekly Geekery
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FFXV Platinum!
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I got my first Platinum trophy on PSN.  When I played through FFXV I did my normal thing of not caring about trophies at all.  I don't even look at them until after I finish a game, and FFXV was no different.

But what was different was that when I beat the main story of FFXV I was actually close to having all the trophies in the game organically.  With modern Playstation games if you get all the trophies you unlock the "Platinum" trophy to show you've 100% the challenges the developers put into the trophies.

I figured if I was going to do it for any game it should be a Final Fantasy.  So, after playing around with endgame content I wanted to experience I buckled down for a few nights and finished out the unique skills I needed to get to receive all the trophies.  While one of them was really tedious and dumb (Gladio's Survival Skill) I was really close to having the rest maxed out already.  Finishing it off wasn't too bad.

Now I have my first Platinum and it's for a game series I love!

Super Mario Run Review
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 28 December 2016, 10:00 am

I really like Super Mario Run.  It's a great first real game for Nintendo to put on iOS.  It really feels like a Mario game even though it's kind of an infinite runner.  But it's not an infinite runner.  It's Mario.

It was definitely worth the $10 price to open up the whole game.  One playthrough to the end of the levels doesn't take too long but the added value comes from the challenge of going back through the levels to gather colored coins.  If you manage to grab all 5 pink coins in one run you get a chance to try for the purples.  If you get the purples you can go for the black ones and those even remix the levels.

There's also a Toad Rally if you feel like competing for style points against other people on the internet.  I did a bit of that one, but Mario for me has always been about the single player platforming.  That platforming definitely finds a good home on iPhones and iPads.

Now I'm just really excited for the Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing that are coming to iOS early next year.

Guards! Guards! Review
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 27 December 2016, 10:00 am

Guards! Guards! was my very first Terry Pratchet novel.  He has multiple series that all gently interweave in the same setting and I was told this was a really good place to start.

And I really liked the beginning of the book.  It was fun to figure out the setting and it was actually really humorous which isn't something I normally go for it books.  But in the first third of this novel it worked for me.  I also loved the ending and the way all the stories wrapped up.

My problem was with the middle of the book.  I thought the whole novel could have been reduced in length by a third if a lot of the wasted time in the middle was cut out.  It's just a pacing thing.

Now I'm thinking about possibly reading more of Prachet's stuff.  I just wonder if it's better paced than this book.  I can tell there are a lot of things in his writing that I like, so I should probably give him at least another novel to try to hook me.  I'm just not sure which novel of his I should read next.

World of Warcraft Legion
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 December 2016, 10:00 am

Coming back to Legion with my Druid instead of the Demon Hunter was a great idea.  It started out with a bang.  It had a really cool intro with a decent story and fun cutscenes.  Then I immediately got thrown into my artifact weapon quest which is probably one of the best World of Warcraft quests I've ever played.

After that I was set up in my Druid class hall and I loved it.  The class hall idea is so good and I've always loved the Druid stuff in WoW so it completely clicked with me.

I was surprised to be given a choice of zones after that.  After researching a bit I learned that all the content in Legion scales to your level so you get to pick the order you do the zones in.  There was one that looked Druid themed so I dove into it and played through the whole zone.  It was a ton of fun.

After that I had a high enough item level that I started queuing for dungeons while working on the next zone.

But that's where I ran out of steam.  The druid zone had such a good story that I cared about.  It had lots of cutscenes, story development, and meaningful interaction with characters I've know since Warcraft 3.  The next zone I tried had almost none of that.  I thought maybe I could just grind some levels in the dungeon finder and then move on to a different zone but I quickly learned you're locked into your current zone until you finish it.  That's the way it seems anyway.

So after doing each dungeon once or twice and completely losing all momentum in the zone I was essentially trapped in... I put the game down.  I'm done with WoW again.  Probably for a few years.

I played for approximately seven days after being away for more than five years and that was enough for me.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
In this episode:
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story just released, and we had to do a podcast on it. Especially since we did a pre-release show last week! What is interesting, though, is that we have never disagreed so much about Star Wars. Despite being roughly the same level of fan (read: fanatic), the two of us look at both the SW universe and film/media in general in such different ways that our takeaways from Rogue One are starkly different.
  • From the characters to the plot, to pacing and even whether or not this Star Wars Story needed to be told at all, we disagree on almost every point. We do, however, totally understand why the other feels the way he does. We have a long discussion about the Star Wars universe, what makes each of us love it, and why. Much of our disagreement around Rogue One comes from its dark tone, which influences our enjoyment on a film-viewing level, not as a Star Wars fan.
  • We do, however, agree on a number of points about the movie. We found a lot to love about Rogue One, and more than anything else, it makes us excited for the new directions that the franchise will take. It’s a great sign that because we disagree about Rogue One, there will inevitably be an experimental Star Wars Story that flips our disagreement 180 degrees. There is a ripe future for Star Wars because of the precedent set with Rogue One, and we both can’t wait to see what new things Disney is going to bring us in the future.
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Weekly Geekery
  • Beej - Super Mario Run / Fuller House
  • Void -  WoW Legion / Fuller House / White Rabbit Project / Super Mario Run
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World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 22 December 2016, 10:00 am

After flying through Mists of Pandaria in one play session I jumped to Warlords of Draenor.  The story hooked me much more in this expansion.  It feels like the first time that the World of Warcraft team was actually good at telling a story instead of just setting up a scenario.

I bought into the premise and had a lot of fun the first night.  Playing through the start of the story with all the cutscenes and digging into garrison building was a ton of fun.

Then night two hit and I was essentially back to grinding on quests and the dungeon finder.  The leveling was slower than Mists so I actually got to sample all the zones.  I think I 100% the first zone and I did random quests in all the others.  But again, dungeon finder became the most fun because the drive of the story got lost in the shuffle.

Night three found me almost give up on WoW again.  I was getting bored.  Quests, gameplay, and dungeons were all blending together and just feeling the same.  But then a friend mentioned that I was only one level away from being able to jump over to Legion.  I figured if I bought the expansion and the game time I should at least give Legion a shot with the character I was enjoying the most.

So, in the end, I almost got bored enough of WoW after 4 nights to stop playing but Legion saved the day.  I jumped over to that and started on the intro quests that have a lot of story and cutscenes.  Now I'm invested for at least one more night.  I'm going to play Legion and see how far I make it.

My main problem is that the gameplay isn't changing at all.  This is the same game I've played before.  I can tell I'm not going to make it too much further before I set it down.  Hopefully I can sample a decent portion of Legion first.

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 21 December 2016, 10:00 am

After my trials and tribulations the first day trying to get back into WoW I dove into Mists of Pandaria with my main Druid who was sitting at the end of Cataclysm content at level 85.

At this point it's obvious that they have made the experience grind in Mists of Pandaria much faster than it used to be.  I started shooting up levels just casually questing.  After only a few quest hubs I was able to queue for the dungeon finder and I started shooting up the levels even faster.

I liked the setting of Mists of Pandaria, it was nice and relaxing, but the quest design and the zone flow wasn't any better than WoW used to be.  I mostly did the dungeon finder and that rapidly made me hit the Mists of Pandaria level cap of 90 in one afternoon.  I never even left the first zone for questing.

But I had a ton of fun with the dungeon finder.  Dungeons were always my favorite part of WoW and it seems like that's still true.  I got to sample all the Mists of Pandaria dungeons that afternoon.

Then I was ready to jump into the next expansion, Warlords of Draenor, the next day.

Getting Back Into World of Warcraft
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 20 December 2016, 10:00 am

After finishing up FFXV I had an itch to play an MMO so I bit the bullet and finally resubscribed to World of Warcraft.  It's been five or six years since I last played so I thought the best course of action would be to pick up the latest expansion and create the newest class at high level so I could jump right into the game.

That means my first experience back was playing Legion as a Demon Hunter.  It did not go well.  The story was fine but I didn't actually like abilities and the way the Demon Hunter class played.  I did the entire intro which gets the Demon Hunter to level 100 and then I played enough of the expansion content to level up to 101... almost 102.  But the class never clicked with me.

I didn't want to give up on my attempt to get back into WoW since I had just paid for the expansion and a month of game time so I moved on to the Paladin I had boosted.

You see, to make a Demon Hunter you need a level 100 character on the server that you want to make it on.  I had no characters on the server my friends play on so I created a Paladin, which used to be my main alt, and boosted it to 100 with the free character boost I got in the expansion.

So I jumped over to that Paladin and it was ok but not great.  It seemed like it would be a fun alt to have, just like I used to do with a Paladin.  At this point I was about ready to give up and try a different MMO instead.

But then I thought... maybe I should just go back to my original character.  He's the character I've used since Vanilla WoW and he's sitting right at the end of Cataclysm content.  I figured I might as well give it a try.

And it clicked!  I guess in WoW I'm just a Druid at heart.  And I'm attached to that character too, which helps a lot.  I don't know how long I'll play.  I would guess less than the full month of game time.  But I'm at least going to sampled modern day WoW and see how it goes.

Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 19 December 2016, 10:00 am

The Alcatraz series is the only writing of Brandon Sanderson's that I hadn't checked out.  I finally remedied that.

Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians is about a kid named Alcatraz who suddenly finds out he has magic.  It's very Young Adult.  I like Young Adult books when they're closer to the higher part of the Young Adult age range.  Alcatraz is near the lower end.

I felt like this was a book that my kids are almost ready for, not one meant for me.  Although I bet I would have loved it if I was 11-13.

I wouldn't recommend this one for adults but if you have kids just hitting the Young Adult reading age this one would be a great book to pick up.

S1E44 - Before Star Wars: Rogue One - “I would scream in the theater”
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 16 December 2016, 10:00 am

Before Star Wars Rogue One
In this episode:
  • We’re excited because a new Star Wars movie is coming out. We couldn’t resist talking about it before hand.
  • This is not a spoiler episode, and we are releasing this a day early for you folks to listen to in time for the weekend’s releae. We will only be talking about stuff from the trailers and maybe a bit from the prequel novel.
  • Next week will be our spoiler filled review of the movie. So stay tuned!
Our worries and concerns are minimal.
  • Void is worried we already know so much of the plot from the trailers and just context of the movie, but we think it may be very character driven.
  • It may not be as good as the mainline Star Wars movies, which wouldn’t bode well for the other spin-offs, and he is also worried the tone of “war movie” may not fit the franchise as well as the science-fantasy does.
  • Beej is worried there are so few Jedi and that aspect because it’s a major hallmark of the franchise. We know other media can tell different stories well, but let’s see how they do it as a film.
  • He doesn’t like the title because lots of people he knows have no idea it’s a Star Wars movie, and he is afraid it will get criticized the same as The Force Awakens for being too close to the Original Trilogy.
  • Beej wants to see some kind of Rebels tie in. We think the Ghost is in a space battle, but we really want to see a character cameo in the background or some of Sabine’s vandalism.
Theories and Wild Speculation
  • Void thinks Jyn’s father will put the Death Star’s weakness in on purpose because he is only working for the Empire to protect his family.
  • We hope to see an Ocean’s 11-style heist that will go wrong as they escape.
  • I think Jyn’s Father (Galen) put the exhaust port weakness into the Death Star on purpose because he was forced to work on it and didn’t actually want to.  He’s just doing it to protect his family.
  • I think they’ll get the plans in an ocean’s 11 style heist but it’ll all go wrong when they try to escape.
  • A bunch of them, if not all of them, might just die.
  • We are really curious how Vader will be used. This might make him scary in a way we haven’t seen since in the past we’ve only seen him go up against Jedi.
  • We see big explosions on a planet. Our guess is that it’s the Death Star doing a test firing but it’s not at full power yet. We know how fast it destroyed Alderaan and this isn’t that. So maybe they’re still perfecting it.
  • Beej hopes to see the Emperor being mean to Vader like he is in the new Marvel comics that take place between Episodes IV and V.
  • Beej wants Jyn to betray the Rebellion and join the Empire.
  • This scene gives oodles of context for Rogue One.
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  • Beej has a new audiobook out this week! Go check out his science-fantasy (and Star Wars-inspired!) books “The Technomage Archive” on Audible and get one of them for free at audibletrial.com/geektogeekcast
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Bouncing Off Some Books
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 15 December 2016, 10:00 am
I've had a bunch of time to listen to audiobooks lately between doing all the sidequests in FFXV and trying to get back into MMOs.  So much of that time doesn't require listening to in-game audio.

I decided to finally tackle a bunch of audiobooks that had been sitting in my backlog for awhile.  These are books I picked up in sales or as part of deals so they were super cheap.  They aren't ones I spent a lot of money on so I didn't have to feel bad if they didn't click with me and I put them down without finishing them.

I rapidly removed them from my backlog as I started bouncing off of them.  For a lot of them it was obvious why they ended up on super sale, they just weren't great.  But for a few others they were just books that didn't click with me.  They had too generic of a setting, started off with characters I didn't like, or just didn't get to the premise fast enough.

It felt good to check off a bunch of audiobooks from my list and I did eventually land on one that held my attention, Guards! Guards!, by Terry Pratchet.  I've never read any of his books but so far this one is interesting and funny.

Pokemon Sun
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 14 December 2016, 10:00 am

Pokemon Sun was fun for a Pokemon game!  It's still Pokemon but if that's what you're looking for then this is a really good version of it.

In fact, I would say this is my favorite Pokemon game at this point.  I've played about half of the generations and this is the first time the story got me to care about it at all.  Plus, all the modern conveniences continue to roll in and make this game better.

There's not a lot to say besides it's Pokemon again and it's a good one.  If you want to hear me go on about it for awhile then check out the podcast episode from a few weeks back:

Star Wars Catalyst Review
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 13 December 2016, 10:00 am

The latest Star Wars Expanded Universe novel, Catalyst, is a direct prequel to the upcoming Rogue One out later this week.  It wasn't great.

I mean, it was ok.  It wasn't horrible or anything.  But, it also wasn't a good book on it's own.

Mostly, Catalyst is just an introduction to two of the characters that will be in Rogue One.  It follows Krennic (that guy in white from the trailers) and Galen (Jyn's father).  They both have an engineering background.  Krennic is a military man and in charge of overseeing the Death Star building.  Galen is a super intelligent scientist doing energy research with kyber crystals.  Galen is a pacifist who wants to use his research to provide power to everyone.  Krennic slowly ropes him into helping with the Death Star main weapon without Galen ever figuring it out.

And that's most of the book right there.  Not a lot else happens.  There are parts with other characters but they don't really matter that much.  It's basically just setting the scene for Rogue One.

In a way I'm really glad it doesn't give away any part of the movie.  But on the other hand, it contributes so little to the universe that I don't think this book needs to exist.

If you aren't a completionist Star Wars fan like me then you should just skip this book.

Mr. Robot Impressions
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 12 December 2016, 10:00 am

I watched the first Mr. Robot episode and was really impressed by it.  I thought this was a show I can really buy into.

But then I watched more.

The show got worse with each episode.  It slowly becomes a story about drugs, addiction, mental health, and corporate america.  It becomes less and less about being a good guy hacker.

I got to around episode 5 or 6 and just had to stop.  It seemed like the next episode was going to be about gang violence around the drug trade.  I've gotten my lifetime fill of those stories from watching Breaking Bad.

So, sadly, Mr. Robot ended up not being for me.  After an amazing first episode it fades and turns into a show I'm not into.

S1E43 - The Holidays AND Final Fantasy XV - “An ambitious mess that I love”
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 9 December 2016, 10:00 am

The Holidays AND Final Fantasy XV
In this episode:
  • The holidays are stressful, and it’s hard to get your geek time in when you’re constantly juggling family responsibilities, the time changes, the darkness, the seasonal depression, the gift buying, decorating...well, you get the picture.
  • For us, we have different mechanisms to help us cope with all this. Beej plays mindless adventure games and MMOs to escape the winter doldrums, as well as reading a lot more. Ebooks are especially good, as are digital comics for road trips. Cozy scented candles and meditation in low light also keeps him evened out.
  • Void only has a few weeks off during the year, so he uses his extended Christmas break for some quiet time and extra reading. He also tends to power through games and spend lots of time gaming with his family. Being able to sit down and play games with his kids are incredibly soothing, and it’s good quality family time, too.
  • Most of us have multiple family meetings, and geeking out can be hard to do when you’re forced to be social. One suggestion is to be social during the most obvious times, but then excuse yourself to be alone and read or play whatever games you want to. Most family members understand we all need a little time to ourselves.
  • Mobile gaming is great for car rides, as are handheld consoles. Audiobooks are an easy way to catch up, and they really help keep with our routines. Most of us have our daily routines that get messed with during the holidays, and being able to sneak our content digitally whenever we have a few minutes (even if it’s in the bathroom at a relative’s house or in line as you buy last-minute gifts) can help ease stress and give us time to decompress.
  • We discuss working on side projects, and how the holidays give a good boost to our creativity because of the lack of our primary jobs.
Final Fantasy XV
  • Void has finished FFXV, and he talks about it in depth It was originally a touchstone topic for Weekly Geekery, but he goes into a full-on review (and we tell you about spoiler zone, too). He discusses why it’s one of his favorite FF games overall, what kind of nits he has to pick with it, and why Chapter 13 is horrible enough that SquareEnix has already announced a patch to make it more bearable.
  • Void discusses how it’s a Final Fantasy game that gives veterans and newbies something to love, and he discusses the combat and open world. It is a very thorough review, and you can see his entry into the Final Fantasy Project here.
  • He talks about the story and how it works, and how the game feels like it spent a decade in develpment hell, but at the same time does a lot of things well and a lot of things haflway and still comes across as a fairly cohesive game. If they do additional content patches, there are lots of places to put in new zones (Beej likens what he wants to Dawnguard for Skyrim) and quests, which would increase both playability and replayability and end-game content.
Holiday present for us… rate and review in iTunes!
  • They help more than you know. Just look for the podcast in iTunes and hit the review tab (yes, like you’re looking for it for the first time, not in your subscriptions.)
Geeky Sponsor / Offer of the Week: audibletrial.com/geektogeekcast
  • Book Recommendation: The Martian. Probably one of the best audiobooks either of us has ever listened to, and it really works as a totally different kind of experience than the movie or even reading it. Check it out for free.
Weekly Geekery

Be sure to subscribe to the Geek to Geek Podcast your favorite podcast app, drop a review so we know how we’re doing, and feel free contact us via email at geektogeekcast@gmail.com or @geektogeekcast on Twitter with any comments, questions, or suggestions for the show. Thanks for listening, and we can’t wait to hear from you!
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The Crown Season 1 Review
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 8 December 2016, 10:00 am

The Crown is the latest Netflix Original that my wife and I checked out and we simply love it.  It's a show about Queen Elizabeth and Season 1 is all about her transition to Queen when her father dies.

It deals with British monarchy, has a fantastic cast, and is really good drama.  I don't know how to sell it though.  I'm having a lot of trouble thinking of a way to explain why I like it.

I don't watch a lot of straight up dramas.  I guess this isn't quite that, since it is a historical piece and seems to be historically accurate.  Maybe part of the appeal is being an American and just not having a Monarchy.  It seems so foreign and interesting.

But part of it is just that the cast, setting, and plot are great.

My only complaint is that there's only one season so far!  We finished it and immediately wanted more!

If anything above sounds interesting you should most definitely check it out.

The Genius Game
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 7 December 2016, 10:00 am
The Genius Game is the best gameshow I've seen in a very very long time.  I hesitated to check it out after reading about it since it's in Korean and you have to read subtitles the whole time but... oh man, I'm so glad I pulled the trigger and watched it.

They take a ton of modern game design and board game design principles, mix them with social situations, and do amazing things with them.  I can't recommend this show highly enough.

The first season is on YouTube:

Suicide Squad Review
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 6 December 2016, 10:00 am

I finally got around to watching Suicide Squad!  It was... alright.

It definitely wasn't good.  But it wasn't horrible either.

I'm glad I've watched it at the very least.

In the end I the only characters I liked were Deadshot and Harley Quinn.  Everyone else felt like they were needlessly cluttering up the movie and wasting my time.

Not to mention the plot was boring, predictable, and pretty dumb.  I mean, I know it's a comic movie and I'm supposed to suspend my disbelief but I had so much trouble doing that for this movie.

If you're into comic book movies you should probably rent or borrow Suicide Squad once just to see it but chances are you'll never need to own it.  If you're not into comic books movies in general then you should definitely skip this one.

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