Agh this song. For work music it’s pretty painful in a earworm sort of way. CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share

Uhmm…. @lealaturkey ….
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Uhmm…. @lealaturkey ….

The Google Play app recording: does it work?
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This will be interesting to check out! — Amazon Underground has three times as many Android apps than ever before

One pack of Trolli brand Sour Bright Gummi worms, some tea and @FargoFX …the BEST show on TV. Seriously.

Lol Bruce Campbell as Reagan.
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Lol Bruce Campbell as Reagan.

When do you “become” a writer?
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I have, at one time, maintained 4 different freelance jobs in order to make a decent wage. Even then, I could possibly have made more by slowly climbing my way up some corporate ladder, in some company, in some state. I cannot do that, though. I would go nuts and have gone nuts in jobs […]

When do you “become” a writer? #NaNoWriMo

My 5 favorite mobile (and multiplayer) games for the fall of 2015 –

I only enjoy watching Let’s Plays, streams, if the person is having fun instead of trying to appear as though they know the game perfectly.

So it’s now called “poultry netting” and not “chicken wire.” Thanks, Obama.

Do I like WHAT? @twitter …do I like the X I just pressed? The topics you suggested? WHAT?! AGH!

Do I like this pop-up? Do I like this sentence? This font? WHAT?!! I feel lightheaded.

Did* ….but still, you get me.
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Did* ….but still, you get me.

Shhh. They’re busy fighting for Christmas!

Forge of Empires with Beau!
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Some of the reasons why I love Forge of Empires

Agh! I’m late! I need to get to bed, surround myself with video games and slowly fade into sleep. Later!

I love mobile gaming. Normally, I am forced to search for mobile MMOs (I have always specialized in MMORPGs) but when I let go of the need for a “real MMORPG” and go for anything that features “multiplayer” as an option, I am opened up to so many amazing games. Mobile gaming is seriously that… […]

My 5 favorite mobile (and multiplayer) games for the fall of 2015!

Will be playing some games for ExtraLife, and will join @lealaturkey later!

Speaking of which, the new @YouTubeGaming app is going to make it SO easy to capture tablet let’s-plays!

Man, you can get a tablet for 300 that does everything you need. It’s no wonder they’re doing so well. I sometimes forget what they can do.

Look, November-December feels like the weekend of the year (if the year was the week) for some people. Let em decorate early, grumps.

Remember, internet: If you cannot find your way, you are LOST, not LOOST. You do not LOOSE your way, you LOSE it.

Now I am wondering how many issues that last tweet has. lol

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