Amazon's giving Prime members stealthy game discounts
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Amazon Announces Set Top Video Device

Amazon is now offering game discounts in yet another effort to call seduce you to a $99 Prime membership. If you're thinking "what game discounts?", that's because the company rolled them out with little fanfare and is offering them in a rather sneaky fashion. When searching, all titles still show the regular prices for everybody. However, if Prime members carry a purchase through to the checkout page, they'll finally see the discount. And it's not just nickle and dime reductions on obscure games, as Destructoid discovered. You can find significant savings like $7 off the brand new Splatoon and a similar deal for Halo 5, which hasn't even been released yet.

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If you haven’t watched this, it’s so perfect. Alamo shows the best stuff before movies.

RIFT introduces new Planar Crafting mechanics in its next major patch
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As long as you’re tearing open the spaces between dimensions in RIFT, you might as well get some new crafting materials. The new Planar Crafting subsystem is based on using materials torn specifically from new rifts to create powerful new items, as detailed in brief on the official site. Players will be able to purchase lures for six different sorts [...]

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TERA is going berserk with its new update and new class tease
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Summer’s certainly not going to be boring in TERA’s neck of the woods. The action MMO is prepping a new content update for next Tuesday called Go Berserk, and it’s got a lot of everything to devour. The patch’s name points at the new tanking skills that are coming to the Berserker class, although the fun doesn’t stop there. En [...]

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Battleblock Theater
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It seems like this week's posts are turning into "What did I buy in the Steam Sale?" posts, but that's ok.

I tried out Battleblock Theater, since it's another game I picked up for very little money in the Steam Sale.

It's from the same developer that made Castle Crashers, which is a fantastic game.  I think I was expecting something of the same caliber.

I didn't find it.  Battleblock Theater is a fairly forgettable platformer.  I've played so many platformers in my lifetime, it's a genre that I absolutely love when it's done well, so a platformer needs to either be Mario or something unique that blows me away to get my attention.  This is not that.  This is generic and has loose controls.

I didn't love this game, so away it will go into the "Games I'm Done With" folder in Steam.  At least I barely paid anything for it.

The World’s Largest Everything
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Level-drain a bad guy and you may get a purple "woo-woo" effect that fills the room.

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Eve True Stories
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Never heard of it before, but the comic Eve True Stories is part of the new Humble Gamer Comics Bundle. You can pay what you want in order to get it, as it’s in the Tier 1 selection. Tier 1 … Continue reading

The Daily Grind: Have you been to an MMO fan event?
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CCP put EVE Online’s Fanfest 2016 tickets on sale this week, and while I haven’t played the sci-fi sandbox in some time, the annual Icelandic shindig is on my list of events to attend before I retire. I wouldn’t mind checking out Star Citizen’s CitizenCon, either, but I think those two are probably it in terms of MMO fan events that [...]

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Anki Overdrive blends robotic racing with video game hooks
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Back in February, Anki gave us a sneak peek at Anki Overdrive, the second generation version of its robotic race cars. It's introducing new toy vehicles, new gameplay mechanics, a new app and new modular race tracks that let players design their own custom race circuits. Today, Anki has announced that Overdrive will start shipping to retailers on September 20th in the US, UK, Germany and Canada. It also offered more details about the new cars and revealed two more game modes called Time Trial and King of the Hill. I had a chance to play around with Anki Overdrive at the company's office in San Francisco, and while I can't say it's perfect, I was impressed at how much simple toy cars could give me the feeling of being in a video game.%Gallery-slideshow266274%

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DPS : Healer : Tank ratio
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In a different thread today the discussion turned to the long wait times that you have if you sign up for a LFR group. That is "long" if you are a DPS, "short" if you are a healer, and "instantly" if you are a tank. The tool does nothing but wait for enough players for each role to sign up, and then starts a group. One problem here is that there is very little feedback: You are told the average wait time, but not the reason why. If the tool showed the number of players in the queue (which would look something like 1000 dps, 100 healers, 1 tank), the effect of roles on wait time would be far more obvious and might push some players to try a different role if their class permits.

On the other hand, maybe it is time for something far more revolutionary. Why does a raid need 2 tanks and 5 healers compared to 18 DPS. The ratio is completely arbitrary and is based on how the encounters are designed and how the abilities of the different characters are designed.

Now imagine a redesign which makes tanking and healing far more effective. You could design encounters which work with 1 tank and 1 healer, provided that you give the tank and healer far more powerful abilities for their specific role. And the closer your required DPS : Healer : Tank ratio gets to the actual distribution of those roles among players, the shorter the queues become. And don't forget that if you make tanks and healers more powerful, more people will want to play them, which also helps.

The alternative is designing encounters which don't need a tank or healer at all. For example the premade group finder to kill the champions of hellfire doesn't require any tanks or healers. That might be tactically less interesting, but that could be changed by introducing other design elements which forces people to react more. Right now tanks and healers are "too hard" to play in a group, so people don't do it, and DPS are "too easy", and everybody chooses that role. That is a design problem which can be rectified with a few class changes.
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A Deed is Never Done
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  I haven’t started any bridges yet, but I’ve been contemplating creating one across the little harbor my deed is settled against. Maybe some sort of welcoming guard towers along the front with a...

Milestone reached
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Yesterday I made a strategic error in World of Warcraft. I had reached revered with 2 out of 3 factions in the Tanaan Jungle, and was just missing the Order of the Awakened. But they only have one daily quest to gain reputation, and it is one I didn't particularly like: Kill 10 rares or find 10 treasures. I had already run out of treasures. And apparently the arena in Fangri'La had been fixed to not count more than once per day for this quest. Only the champions of Hellfire have premade groups made for them, so the other rares is a question of camping or running around trying to find one that has spawned and not been killed. Even with the basic hunter crystal it is tedious work.

The problem was that I hadn't read the small print in the flying announcement and thought that the earlier I got to revered, the earlier I would get to fly. So seeing that I had tons of gold, and that the medallions of the legion had dropped to just over 12k each, I bought 4 medallions yesterday for 50k gold and reached Tanaan Diplomat and Draenor Pathfinder. It was only then that I read on the pathfinder achievement that I would be able to fly "in an upcoming patch". Damn, I should have just done it slow and saved 50k gold. Not that it really matters, I have too much of the stuff anyway, even after paying for WoW tokens.

At least today I got some good news: Blizzard had discovered that many people disliked the naval missions for being pretty much useless and too slow, and hotfixed them to make them more attractive. It has become easier to get battleships, requiring just friendly instead of honored reputation, the 2 day missions have been shortened to 18 hours, and the rewards in gold and apexis crystals have been doubled. I already liked naval missions before (being less impatient), and had already gotten iLevel 685 gear from them once, so I never thought of them as useless. But of course less waiting and more rewards and easier access for alts is better.

I now just need to work on getting all the equipment unlocked. Yesterday my main waited in a LFR queue for Hellreach for over half an hour, just to get the equipment blueprint from the second boss there. I'm only missing one blueprint for him now. But my alts are far less advanced, because again getting blueprints frequently means camping rare spawns. And only the really big ones like the shark have premade groups you can join.

Anyway, having reached the milestone of the flying achievement, I don't feel compelled to do certain things for reputation any more, and can go back to a more leisurely pace. Which is just as well, as I'll be on summer holidays soon, and will only play WoW occasionally on my laptop.
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Garrison sharing
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Rohan thinks that garrisons are too lonely, and wants a system where they are shared with people who have the same garrison setup. I think he identified the problem correctly, but ended up with a bad solution. It would be good to share garrisons, but not based on a complicated system of meeting strangers based on which buildings they chose for their garrison. I think I have a better idea:

Garrisons could be shared between all members of a guild. Everybody who logs in and visits his garrison will see his guild mates there if they are in their garrison as well. But everybody sees *his* buildings, and can change them as he wants. Because the plots are fixed, it doesn't matter that one player has a tailor on his plot and another has a forge. They will still interact with the pile of produced goods at the same location, and while player A sees his tailor there, and sees player B clicking interacting with that object, player B sees his forge. Everybody still has his own garrison and his actions don't affect in any way the garrisons of the other players in his guild. But everybody sees his guild mates running around, for a more shared, more social experience of the garrison.
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'Forza Motorsport 6' will let you drive every Formula E racecar
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The first all-electric Formula E season may have just ended in real life, but the racers will keep going when Forza Motorsport 6 arrives. Microsoft announced today that after including a single car from the series as a DLC option for Forza 5, the sequel will include ten versions of the Renault Spark SRT_01E racecar representing each team. Other cars announced today include the 1988 Lamborghini Jalpa, 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C and 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex. The full list of cars announced so far (117 of 450 or so) is available on the official site, but we'll have to get closer to its September 15th release to see the rest.

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2 Hours of Wurm Online skyline
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 30 June 2015, 10:01 pm
I was just experimenting and ended up recording 2 hours of Wurm Online. Came out quite nice, actually. You can play for free at — Watch live at

Australia, Land of the Banned – Now Affecting Steam?
Posted by Zen Of Design [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 2 July 2015, 12:52 am
Australia is still a repressive gauntlet of government game censorship.  However, recently they switched to a new ratings scheme which makes things marginally better.  It used to be that the equivalent of R-Rated games were ‘denied classification’ which effectively banned them.  Since 2011, though, they’ve instituted a new rating that was the equivalent of Mature […]

2007 4/22 -Ryzom Festival of Light
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I recorded this years ago at the Ryzom Festival of Light, an event in the free MMORPG called Ryzom. You can find it at It happend in 4/2007

We got married on stage at Heavy Rebel Weekender, a rock and roll festival that me and my old band (Billy Joe Winghead) used to play in North Carolina. Dave Quick was kind enough to let us do this, and we had a blast. Jay Bakker (son of Jim and Tammy Faye) was our preacher. … Continue reading 2003/7/5 – Beau and Leala wedding at Heavy Rebel Weekender

This is a pre-recorded Livestream for For a schedule of Livestreams, go here: Today I took a tour of Bordinar’s Cleft in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes If you have any games you would like to see streamed live, email me at Beau at Massively dot com.

2011/7/15 – Livestreamin’ with Beau: Milmo
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 2 July 2015, 12:13 am
This is a pre-recorded Livestream for! For the Livestream schedule, please go to: Today I look at Milmo, a free-to-play browser game. Email me at Beau at massively dot com to suggest games for streaming!

This is a pre-recorded Livestream for! For the Livestream schedule, please go to: Today I look at A Mystical Land, a great browser-based Unity driven game. Email me at Beau at massively dot com to suggest games for streaming!

This is a pre-recorded Livestream for For a schedule of Livestreams, go here: Today I decided to take a look at Puppet Guardian, a weird lil indie MMO. If you have any games you would like to see streamed live, email me at Beau at Massively dot com.

2000 -ish: Drum pedal explanation while shaving
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Another description of my equipment from my old drum website.

2011/7/19 – My estate in Gods and Heroes
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 2 July 2015, 12:16 am
I had just landed at my estate in Gods and Heroes and need to start building it up. I have quests to complete and as I do the buildings become rebuilt and new again. It really is massive, larger than Lord of the Rings Online’s housing areas. I went over the hill and found MORE … Continue reading 2011/7/19 – My estate in Gods and Heroes

2000 – ish: Drum sticks explanation from bed
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Another description of my equipment from my old drum website.

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