Steam Charts: Hard Truths Edition
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Don’t be scared. It’s OK. I’ve got you. Hold my hand. Tighter. Come on. We can do this together. You and me. Lets… Steam Chart.

Who will be the first Netflix for video games?
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Streaming detonated the film and television industries. As recently as five years ago, the advent of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube Premium sounded the death knell for multi-billion dollar businesses, altered the living-room habits of millions of people, and changed studio production structures permanently. Companies that adapted survived, and the viewing audience received a handful of clear benefits in return -- most notably the ability to watch high-quality shows and movies on demand and, most recently, an explosion of award-winning, culturally transformative entertainment options.

Watch out, traitors have invaded The Blackout Club
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If you go down to the woods today, there’s a chance you’ll be spied on by creepy teenagers. Co-op stealth horror game The Blackout Club now has a splash of asymmetric multiplayer, with an early access update adding an invasion system that lets one child turn stalker. The “Enter The Stalker” update tasks one invader […]

The System Shock remake looks magnificently moody in this new footage
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It’s been almost three years since we all braved one last trip into the crumbling Kickstarter mines to drag System Shock back into the daylight. Night Dive’s modernised do-over of the proto-immersive sim has clearly suffered a few trials and tribulations during the protracted Remakening process, but I’m struck by how similar the latest video […]

Atlas rains whales, again
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Pirates have once again proven themselves incapable of civil behaviour, as salty early access survival sandbox Atlas has been hit by ne’er-do-wells dropping terrible whales and other oddities all over the world – for the second time in a week. While Thursday’s whale of a time was down to a “compromised” admin account, according to […]

The Morning After: The iPhone SE returns
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Some of you might be enjoying the day off, but for others it's just another Monday. Over the weekend, you might have missed out on the fact that Apple's last small iPhone has made a reappearance with a clearance price tag, and Baywatch is back -- on Prime, at least.

Have You Played… Full Tilt! Pinball – Space Cadet?
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Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time. Ah! What sordid juices have I produced in the darkness of your brain, reader? Don’t try to hide it. I know all sorts of hormonal fluids are frothing through your bloodstream at the sight of this […]

FMV game 'Telling Lies' to include stars from 'X-Men' and 'Westworld'
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The sequel to the hit indie game Her Story will have a relatively star-studded cast. Creator Sam Barlow and Annapurna Interactive have revealed the main cast for Telling Lies, and you might just recognize some of them even if they aren't mega-stars. Logan Marshall-Green (Charlie Holloway in Prometheus) will play David, while Alexandra Shipp (Storm in X-Men: Apocalypse) takes the role of Ava. Kerry Bishé of Halt and Catch Fire fame will play Emma, and Angela Sarafyan (Clementine from Westworld) will play Max.

The Indisputable Truth About Lotto Online Gambling That Nobody Is Telling You
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Not everybody wants online gambling or internet lotteries. Along the very same lines, legal on-line gambling is considered a method[...]

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'Fortnite' Ice Storm event blankets the map in snow
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Fortnite has had its share of map-changing events, but its latest might be the most conspicuous to date. Epic kicked off its Ice Storm event on January 19th through an in-game spectacle where the mysterious ice sphere (added with the recent 7.20 patch) broke open to reveal the Ice King, who promptly blanketed the entire map in snow and populated it with undead Ice Fiends. Unlike some events, it won't matter where you prefer to drop -- you'll be more conspicuous (unless you have the right outfit, that is) and may have to fend off zombie adversaries.

Via: Polygon

Source: Ryan Ernst (YouTube), Reddit

Emulating Success - Part 2
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In my efforts to try out PUBG Mobile on the computer using the Android OS emulator Bluestacks, I was reading for tips to try and improve the lackluster performance of the game when I came across recommendations that said that the program Tencent Gaming

New Album: Reborn
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“That’s just how it is!” I laughed, raising my glass high, precious beer spilling over the sides as my drunken hand tried to stabilize the effort. The cheers resounded around the bar, and we commenced in the smashing of our glasses, one

Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe is a feathery Neko Atsume with added hats
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Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe is a game about filling your life with over a hundred colourful, adorable birds. So, pretty much life goals. It’s similar to popular cat-collection mobile game Neko Atsume, except – while I realise I’m about to make the mistake of having an opinion online – I personally prefer our feathered friends. […]

Marshmellow Day Spa is the most adorable hot chocolate simulator you’ll see today
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It is, as I have mentioned once or twice this weekend, cold. Luckily, Marshmellow Day Spa is here to warm the soul. It’s all about giving these little bundles of fluff the perfect cocoa bath to soak in, and it’s just as cute as it sounds, as you can see below:

Forest fairy tale She And The Light Bearer is out now
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Part point-and-click adventure, part music album, part storybook, part poem, part fairy tale – She And The Light Bearer talks about blending a whole lot of things into one game. But above all else, is it ever pretty. Just look at the way the foliage moves and the light filters down from above in its […]

Ominous Ice King brings a blizzard to Fortnite Battle Royale
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Winter has come to Fortnite Battle Royale, with the mysterious Ice King breaking free of his sky-orb to coat the island in a layer of crisp snow. I hate the cold, and therefore I am obliged to hate the Ice King, but I must admit it’s all rather pretty. Some players who witnessed the event […]

The Sunday Papers
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Sundays are for finally sorting out the shelves you’ve been meaning to put up for the past two months. Or for bribing a housemate to do it for you. Or for reading the best writing about videogames from the past week. On Eurogamer, Emily Gera asked the team behind BadCupid how they go about procedurally […]

Browser-based domain price guessing game shows the web has a way with words
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How much, exactly, would it cost you to be the proud owner of the domain ‘’? What about ‘’? If you think you’ve got a good guess, you should try out Domain Pricing, which will pit two names against one another and ask which you think is the more expensive one to get your hands […]

My favourite moment in The Walking Dead so far was a mistake I made
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Zombie choose-o-drama The Walking Dead: The Final Season released its third episode this week, after a short delay as Telltale sadly closed its doors and Skybound took over development (thankfully with at least some of the former workers on board). I haven’t finished it yet, because who has time to finish video games nowadays, even […]

Recommended Reading: How we got two Fyre Festival documentaries
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Fyre Fight: The inside story of how we got two warring Fyre Festival documentaries in the same week
Scott Tobias,
The Ringer

We've known for a while now that Hulu and Netflix were both working on documentaries chronicling the ill-fated influencer trainwreck that was the Fyre Festvial. We also knew Netflix was set to debut its version on January 18th. Before it could do so, Hulu debuted its film earlier this week, getting its take on the event that never happened to viewers first. So... why are there two in the first place? And why was Hulu in a rush to be first? The Ringer takes a closer look at just that, including whether or not one is more ethical than the other.

Go for a tranquil sail in the appropriately-named Becalm
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It has, as usual, been a long week, but don’t worry – Becalm is here to provide the perfect pick me up. This gentle cruise simulator doesn’t ask for anything but for you to take in the beautiful surroundings, and maybe snap a picture or two if you’d like. Even the trailer is a blessing, […]

The Morning After: Galaxy S10 leaks and Amazon's robot safety vest
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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to your weekend! This week included Nike's real self-tightening basketball shoes, a Model 3 road trip assisted by AutoPilot and Google's big smartwatch purchase. Also, we might have gotten an early look at Samsung's Galaxy S10.

Unofficial Overwatch tournament will test out a hero ban system
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Whether or not the Overwatch League should implement hero bans has been a hot topic among fans and professionals lately. Those who are behind the approach believe it’ll mix up a stale meta, but it’s hard to say for sure until we see it in action. Luckily, some players will be taking it for a […]

Priceless Play – 19 January
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Before I started my PhD, I was an Inbox Zero kind of person. I used labels. Folders. Conditional filtering! These days, I might as well have a permanent out-of-office message. This isn’t to say that I never read my e-mails, but rather that they get filed into a section of my brain which I have […]

What are we all playing this weekend?
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Remember remember, the nineteenth of January, with gunfire, treason, and- hang on, this must be a misprint in my ‘On This Day…’ cat calendar. Let’s see. Ah! Wikipedia says January 19th, 1986 saw the release of the first IBM PC virus. Sadly that’s not in The Malware Museum and Wikipedia doesn’t list a catchy song […]

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