Operation Frostline: An Introduction
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At the last o7 show, CCP Seagull

The Tickle of WoW
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[41/50] It has been a while since I played WoW in any capacity. I let my account lapse a few months ago and moved on to other games. I really haven’t enjoyed the past...

Paladins: When A Shooter And A CCG Have A Baby…
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“It’s a card game but it’s a shooter but it’s a MOBA but it’s kinda not and there’s characters… JUST MAKE IT WORK!” Rory “Drybear” Newbrough is laughing as he talks to me about the process of creating Paladins: Champions of the Realm [official site], Hi-Rez’s shooter where in-game progression comes comes via a collectible […]

Chaos Theory: Seven reasons I am thankful for The Secret World
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It is definitely no secret that I like The Secret  World. I mean, I really like it. OK, so I adore it in a hug it, and love it, and squeeze it, and call it George kind of way. Personally, I just find there are many things to like about it (and have said as much in plenty of Chaos [...]

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Hatsaver: Steam Stymying Hijackers With Trade Holds
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Scammers! They’re everywhere nowadays. Cheats! Hackers! Frauds! Phoneys! These rogues and more want your precious wizard hats and shark guns, to plunder your Steam account of its cosmetic goodies and steal them away for their own nefarious ends. CS: GO guns and Dota 2 wizard hats can be worth a lot of money, you know. […]

Wot I Think: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
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After initial investigations revealed a port worth playing and a game that ignited unexpected enthusiasm, I’ve spent just over forty hours playing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate [official site]. Some of that enthusiasm has been dampened as familiar AAA open world problems popped up across the map like fungi, but a spark still remains. This may well […]

Zoe Saldana shares behind-the-scenes peek of Guardians of the Galaxy 2
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The Forge, Jita, Freighter Roulette
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I've been operating in and around The Forge for a few days because despite being a capsuleer for just under a year now, I had never visited the trade hub in Jita.

Thank All of You
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Today I am thankful for this great community that we enjoy here in Eve Online and the amazing people at CCP that make it all work each and every day. There have been those lately that enjoy disparaging our weird little group, they've said some nasty

Brjóta Gjald Húsgørð
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I enjoy the passive ISK you get from PI. Sure the initial set up of the planets can take a bit but once that is done it is a check and do maintenance every few days kind of thing so not too much of a chore. One problem with these last few moves has been

Dirt & Killmarks - Dirt and Destruction in New Eden
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The universe of EVE depends upon spaceships. In spaceships, players run missions, claim territory, ferry goods, and engage with the other residents of New Eden who make this game what it is. There are hundreds of thousands of capsuleers in New Eden, and every one of them has the potential to fly any number of the hundreds of types of ships that exist in the game. There are millions of spaceships across the galaxy, ranging from newly assembled hulls to ancient vessels which have cruised between the stars for the entire past 12 years. Some ships have never seen a battle, and some have been instrumental in the demise of countless miners, criminals, and mission runners. Despite their ubiquity, like snowflakes or sandwiches, each hull is precious. Each hull holds meaning to its owner.  

Each hull has a history.

In the December 8th release, the art department wanted to introduce ways to help players convey those histories - essentially each ships’ biography - to each other in a visual way. When we sought inspiration, two things stood out immediately: age and accomplishment.

  • Age - this was fairly simple to conceptualize. While hulls don’t sag or fatten over the year, they should present visual marks of longevity. They accumulate dust, dirt, and detritus—a general accretion of filth earned by nothing more than the simple process of existing.
  • Accomplishment - this was a bit trickier. Some ships complete treacherous missions. Some successfully voyage across significant distance. Some perform minor ferrying for the duration of their service. Fortunately, most ships in EVE are used for one particular purpose: blowing other players’ ships up.

Focusing on the age of a vessel from the moment of activation and the kills it has actually delivered gave rise to our features: Dirt and Kill Marks. Let’s take a look at the specific effects of these types of individualization, and what they mean for you and your glorious ships.



The V5++ shaders and textures introduced in the PBR Project gave us the ability to set a dirt level for ships. Initially, we were happy to have that level be uniform across the board. For the past few months, every ship in New Eden has been sporting a fine patina of grease and grime.

Now, however, a new ship will start clean and accumulate dirt over time. The curve from spotless to soiled is gradual, but definite. Players will notice the difference, but everything won’t be covered in soot overnight. The accumulation is linked directly to the initial boarding date of a ship.  The clock starts for any given ship when a capsuleer first makes that ship active. 

We’ve never recorded that date before, so faced with the problem of either generating artificial age data for hulls that have been around for years or starting from scratch, we opted for the latter. With the introduction of this feature, every ship in New Eden shall be fully refurbished to a new, clean state.

Of course, clean ships are gorgeous, and not everyone will want to give up that sparkling New Ship™ gleam.  We’ve included a method by which fastidious pilots can always automatically reset the dirt level on a hull to 0.  In the left-hand panel of the fitting window, below the Ship Skin information, capsuleers will now find a button labelled “Clean Ship.” Clicking that button removes all traces of dirt, as if the ship were newly assembled. One warning: this is an irreversible process, so if you value the visual signs of aging, be careful in the fitting window! And beware of repackaging, which will also reset the dirt level to zero.


Provided that a pilot never clicks “Clean Ship,” and never repackages the hull, dirt will accumulate and dinginess will increase over time, even when a vessel is stored in a hangar or ship maintenance array. We have left the option open for future developments that modify the accumulation curve according to actual events (mining, combat, hours in space, gate/wormhole jumps, etc.) and the graphic programmers are interested in investigating some of those options in future releases.  But for now, days active since the last ship cleaning means dirt accrued. No exceptions.

To keep those ships sparkling, you’ve got to use a little elbow grease.


Kill Marks

The final blow is more than simply a moment when danger ebbs because the number of enemies has decreased by one. It’s not just a decluttering of the overview. The final blow is one of the most satisfying events in EVE Online. Accordingly, we think that delivering a final blow should have an impact beyond the UI. Destruction of a capsuleer-piloted vessel should be a badge one can wear with pride. The Kill Mark feature reflects that belief.

For every capsuleer opponent slain in space, the vessel responsible for delivering the final blow will acquire a special mark which appears somewhere on the hull.  Any offensive weapon can be used in the killing blow.  Drone, bomb, missile, turret of any kind; if it destroys a piloted ship, it will generate a mark.

These marks represent an active tally and appear in three sizes reflecting their representative values: 1, 10, or 100. When a ship has acquired nine marks of one level, earning another will result in a single mark on the next tier.  In this way, up to 999 kills can be recorded on a ship, using just 27 marks. If you see someone with 26 marks, contact your nearest Logi.

The style of the marks themselves is determined by the manufacturer of the ship; Amarr ships display Amarr-themed kill marks and so on. Pilots can see all the different types of marks by succeeding in combat while flying hulls from each branch of the ship tree. ORE kill marks are particularly delightful.

Naturally, there are some rules about how these marks are earned. Ships do not get a mark for indirect kills. That means damage assists, logistics support, and EWAR combat garner no credit; it’s a kill shot or nothing. To those who fleet up with known opportunists: be on the lookout for kill mark ninjas. Ships don’t get a mark for destroying “lower tier” targets, either.  The destruction of Pods, Shuttles, Rookie Ships, and unmanned vessels represents very little accomplishment to an established combat veteran, and won’t generate a mark. And capsuleers won’t be chalking up hulls with structure, can, wreck, drone, or NPC kills. They may matter, but they don’t count.

In an effort to keep trophy hunters from skewing the numbers, killing players on trial accounts will also not create a mark. And to keep the farming to minimum, no intra-corporate kills will decorate any hull. Seek battle beyond your organization for maximum kill mark adornment.


Keep your eyes peeled!

That’s not all you’ll see from the Art team in this release.  Also be on the lookout for modified cynosural field graphics, enhanced local repairer effects, impressive new flames issuing forth from your engines, 13 new ships, and improved logos on every ship and station. All in all, New Eden has never looked better!

We recommend taking a moment to reflect on your favorite ship.  Fly around for a few days and reminisce about the great times you’ve had crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentation of the crewmen.  

- Team TriLambda

Taking Advantage of an Early Thanksgiving Dismissal
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! One of the grand traditions of Thanksgiving in the United States is the early close. Companies all across the country shut down around 1-2 pm instead of the usual 4-5, giving you a few extra hours to use as you see fit. We

Not Ready for a Return to Azeroth
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I have to hand it to Blizzard.  They took their WoW Token idea and made it very easy for players to buy one to get back into the game. With the World of Warcraft 11th anniversary hitting this month, I decided to see if I could log in with a level 20

Massively OP’s holiday gift guide for the shooter and console MMO fan
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Well, I’m still playing the hell out of Star Wars: Battlefront, despite its many (many) faults! It may just be the Star Wars feels, but this is the first shooter that I’ve enjoyed in quite a while. I used to play shooters all the live-long day, both for Massively-that-was and for fun, and if nothing else, Battlefront is making me reconsider my view [...]

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Blog Banter 69–A kind of magic
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The first thing I thought of when I read the introduction to this month’s banter was this book on Star Trek physics I read a long time ago. From  what I remember I sort of understood only half of it … Continue reading

Fail Forward: How Television Fails At Discussing Games
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Fail Forward is normally a series of videos all about the bits of games which don’t quite work and why. But in this special episode, Marsh Davies talks about how the mainstream media tends to discuss games only in terms of their threat or their use – with a particular look at the BBC’s recent […]

The best Black Friday & Cyber Monday games
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Is a young Superman joining TV's Supergirl?
Posted by GamesRadar - Updates [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 November 2015, 12:02 pm

The best Blu-ray, TV, and DVD Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals
Posted by GamesRadar - Updates [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 November 2015, 12:30 pm

The Kickstarter War: The Land Rush
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Today's update basically covers 18 hours of the war in both Cloud Ring and in Querious.First, in Cloud Ring, one begins to wonder if the Imperium is working for Brave Collective. Yesterday afternoon the Imperium finished kicking the last trace of Pandemic

Warship Wednesday -
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Since the beginning of November I've been on a tear for improving my win rate going from a low of 50.86% on Oct 31 to a current high of 53.94% as of today.I believe the drop from ~52% to under 51% was due running in the lower tiers with the new Russian

Guild Wars 2 hints at WvW overhaul
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A big revamp of Guild Wars 2’s world vs. world mode is in the works according to a Reddit post by Lead Developer Colin Johanson. Johanson was responding to a query about possible Engineer legendaries, to which he said that the team has had bigger projects on its plate: “The reality is we need the bulk of our own internal [...]

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Black Friday deals: here are the UK's best
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It's that time of the year again. Black Friday has finally arrived, bringing with it a near-endless stream of deals and discounts for you to consider. If you've decided to stay at home and avoid the chaos outside -- we don't blame you, it gets pretty crazy out there -- we've rounded up the best price-drops from across the internet. If you spot anything that we might have missed, drop us a note in the comments below and we'll add it to our list as soon as possible. These deals are targeted at Brits mind you (US deals can be found here), so we're avoiding anything that forces you to pay in a currency that isn't Sterling.

Meddler on Recent Mage Nerfs and Reworks

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

If new Poppy uses her R while the enemy in within her W do they not get sent flying?

Poppy's W only stops effects that her enemies apply to themselves or their allies (so it'll stop dashes, jumps Thresh W pull etc). It doesn't affect displacements applied to enemies however, so if you're playing Tristana with an allied Poppy her W won't interrupt your ult's knockback.

Posted by Tobold's Blog [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 November 2015, 12:56 pm
Syp of Bio Break has a retro gaming column in which he plays 20 year old games again and makes a journal of his experiences with those games. Personally I rarely play games more than a few years old, but somehow it is good to know that I could, even if I have to solve a few technical difficulties first. That contrasts sharply with an observation Cam did yesterday in the comments, where he stated that: "Multiplayer-only games have no shelf-life. No longevity.".

I'm not saying that his observation is an absolute truth, you can still play Meridian 59 from 1996 or even LPMud. But just like the WoW subscription curve, the number of players of a multi-player game rises for a while, and then declines. Depending on the game mechanics a decline can have more or less serious negative impact on the remaining players: Longer waiting times in queues to get a number of players together, for example. And then there is the danger of the servers being switched off, and the game becoming totally unplayable. MMORPG.com lists 260 dead MMORPGs, and the list gets a lot bigger if you include other types of multiplayer games.

As Cam says: "Everyone's playing Battlefront now, so who's playing Splatoon, Rocket League, Titanfall, Evolve, Brink, or any of the literally HUNDREDS of indie 2D arena-battlers who are all languishing in the 'mostly negative' reviews bin with the predominant complaint being: "Empty servers."". The advantage of MMORPGs is that there is still a lot of game left if you were the only player on the server. Those arena-battlers or other types of multiplayer PvP only games simply become unplayable if there are not enough players online to form even one game.

"Games as a service" has replaced "Games as a product" because developers couldn't find a better idea to combat piracy. As a result even some games which are from gameplay fundamentally single-player experiences now only work after you've logged into a server online. The day the company goes bankrupt or closes down the server because the cost outstrips the revenue, you can't play that game any more. Which means that any game that uses servers has no guarantee that you can still play it 20 years later, and might die much faster than that.

Part of the problem is the over-supply of games these days. There are so many games of any given genre coming out every year now that it is simply mathematically impossible for each of them to hold their players for long. Of course some blockbuster games will last for decades, but not many games can achieve that any more in such a crowded field. As much as I like to pick up games on Steam for cheap a year later, I must agree with Cam that with multiplayer-only games the months or year after release can become the only opportunity to play the game at all before it withers and dies.

Which multiplayer game of 2015 do you think will still be around in 2035?
Tobold's Blog

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