Win one of five Starcrash Blu-rays
Posted by gamesradar news [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 18 August 2017, 9:14 am
Cult Italian SF epic Starcrash is coming to Blu-ray - and we have five copies to be won, courtesy of Stratx

Xur, Destiny’s travelling weekend Exotic trader, artisanal fudge sculptor (his Arc De Triomphe won awards, and in the case of one judge, invoked tears), and legally certified rake, is back

Blizzard has announced its Gamescom 2017 lineup, and it sounds like it'll be a good time for heroes of Azeroth, the Koprulu sector, Sanctuary, and Earth alike

The standalone Obi-Wan Star Wars movie is reportedly in talks with a potential director, taking a step forward from 'this idea has to happen' to 'oh heck yeah this idea is actually happening'

Call of Duty: WW2 is taking the series back to its roots, and not just with the single-player campaign

For a brief moment in The Walking Dead season 7's grisly premiere, we got to indulge with Rick in a flight of fancy; another world where his band of survivors never met the end of Negan's bat

Loot Crate, the purveyor of the nerdiest collectible boxes around, is creating a special, limited edition Call of Duty: WW2 Loot Crate to mark the release of the vintage-flavored shooter

The PS4 update 5.0 beta is rolling out today and thus we finally know what's arriving in th ...

What comes between dawn and war? In the Planet of the Apes universe, the answer is 'a video game'

It's the biggest publicly-voted video game awards ceremony on the planet

Pack your thermals. Game of Thrones season 7 is getting cold. After Game of Thrones season 7, episod ...

I love international trailers – and the one for Thor: Ragnarok is no exception

Crackdown 3 is skipping Christmas, delayed until next spring
Posted by gamesradar news [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 16 August 2017, 8:30 pm
Despite playing a big part in Microsoft's Xbox showcase at E3 this year, you can officially take Crackdown 3 off your Christmas list

Justice League will star a more heroic Batman, says Ben Affleck
Posted by gamesradar news [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 16 August 2017, 4:38 pm
Ben Affleck is ready to deliver a more traditional Batman in his next outing as the Gotham vigilante

These Uncharted: The Lost Legacy iPhone stickers are upsettingly adorable
Posted by gamesradar news [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 16 August 2017, 6:01 pm
 Prepare to spam your friends with tiny Nadines and miniature Chloes, because there are new iMessage stickers to celebrate the launch of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and they're available right now

New Han Solo movie shot is pure Star Wars porn
Posted by gamesradar news [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 16 August 2017, 2:31 pm
Drop everything and start hitting the Like button on Instagram, because Han Solo movie director Ron Howard just posted a new shot from the the set of the upcoming Star Wars spin-off

2K Games today added a huge bundle of names to the burgeoning WWE 2K18 roster – but it's little details tucked away in the fine print that have longstanding series fans most excited

If you're a Star Wars fan, you can probably rattle off a dozen alien species names without even thinking about it

Silver, the microtransaction currency that lets you buy emotes and other goodies in Destiny, popped up on Steam sometime in the last week or so

Don't worry, the latest image from Star Wars: The Last Jedi doesn't really show Finn and Rose betraying the Resistance and being rewarded with First Order officership

Meet The Evil Within 2's snap happy serial killer Stefano Valentini
Posted by gamesradar news [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 16 August 2017, 9:30 am
The original The Evil Within made a name for itself with its horrific monster design, and now the sequel The Evil Within 2 wants you to worry about twisted humans too

Bond is back. And so is Daniel Craig. The British actor has decided to put on his tuxedo and un-hols ...

Game of Thrones season 7 is hurtling along at such a breakneck speed that it’s to forget the show has left certain characters on the wayside, presumably never to be heard from again

Glance into the gaming-est corners of the internet and you'll see that No Man's Sky is, apparently, back

If you like Persona or Twin Peaks, pay attention to this cat RPG from Swery65
Posted by gamesradar news [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 15 August 2017, 4:30 pm
Hidetaka Suehiro, known to fans as Swery65 or Swery, is quite the eclectic game designer

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