Level 100 in Norrath
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It is always a bit of a problem for me in EverQuest II.  I find a zone that is about the right level that I can work though to the end… and then I am at the end and have to go someplace else. The last time I checked in from Norrath I was

The War on War Declarations
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I've never liked the War Declaration mechanic in EVE.I mean, I understand the original intent behind war declarations. CCP wanted players to have the ability to fight over resources in the tightly controlled space of high sec so they gave corporations the

A Mass of Capital Ships
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Vexor Progress
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Right now I'm working on something new. I hurt my shoulder over the Summer and the lingering effects from that injury have impacted my work. I can't really work some of the same techniques I used in the past. Heck, it is probably those exact techniques

Null Sec goes to High Sec for a War Dec
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Weren’t we just talking about war decs? Okay, this isn’t that sort of griefing war dec that drives high sec care bears from the game.  In fact, this is exactly the sort of thing CCP wants war decs to be. With the ending of the war in the

Off to Eve Vegas
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In two days we leave for our first trip to Eve Vegas. Finally! After years of trying (insert long-story here) we are finally going. I hope. There are still two days...Above is our entry in the recent Eve Fanfest Home Contest. The Harpa in Reykjavik is

Honest Trailers does Doctor Who
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The crew at Screen Junkies took on the Herculean task of making an Honest Trailer about Doctor Who, which involved sitting down and watching a lot of old TV.  This ended up being broken out into two videos cover classic and modern versions of the

Just Survive Might
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There was little in the way of shock or surprise when, back in August, Daybreak announced that their long neglected zombie horror title, Just Survive, was going to go dark on October 24. And the gaming world moved on without so much as a ripple. Then in

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about a month ago i resubscribed. why? *scratches head* it had been 2 years, and i had extra cash on hand. Cost about $200 CDN for 3 months for 4 accounts. That seems like alot but the motivation to go home to play over say going out drinking beer and

Sang Do Council Denounces Capsuleer "Encroachment"; Issues Ultimatum
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Lirsautton – Following a broadcast for help from sick exiles living on Lirsautton VI, a capsuleer grassroots effort led by the United Neopian Federation and the Arataka Research Consortium constructed an Astrahus-class citadel and planetside colony to provide aid.

Yesterday afternoon, the collective efforts started receiving citizens with inflamed lymph nodes, neck pain, nausea, and other symptoms. An Aidonis Foundation official suggested that while the original tribe and Mao Jin shared one contagious condition, these first medical installations are receiving patients for unrelated causes.

Lauralite Anne Brezia, speaking as a representative of the capsuleer cooperative, stated their effort is "intended to help all those currently in need of treatment or otherwise suffering." Neither effort has located Mao nor her tribe. The capsuleer response offers medical care, supplies and shelter to the planet's second continent; the Aidonis Foundation's facilities, constructed earlier with permission from the Federal Administration, services the first.

Capsuleer Astrahus in orbit of Lirsautton VI

After convening for an emergency session, Lirsautton system authorities released a statement:

"This council of authorities from Tei-Su and Hulang, cognizant of the illegal broadcast from Lirsautton VI, recognizing that foreign-aligned capsuleer organizations UNF-A, ARC, and associated parties encroach on the sovereign land of the Jin-Mei nation, aware that UNF-A, ARC, and associated parties disregard our conditions for Lirsautton VI colonies, understanding that the Aidonis Foundation are present to assist with local disputes, hereby calls UNF-A, ARC, and associated parties to cease operations on Lirsautton VI, remove their planetside assets, and desist from further interference. If UNF-A, ARC, and associated parties fail to do so within a two-week period, this council will pursue legal recourse in the Ysiette district court."

Several legal experts responded to requests for comment. Achille Reniz of Tuvoulle, Tuvoulle & Reniz said, "The case is a toss up. As extra-national entities, the capsuleers aren't entitled to court representation, and the land belongs to the Jin-Mei nation, no matter how they've chosen to use it. If the associated parties applied, they could gain legal standing but a counter-suit would end up going to the Supreme Court as a constitutional matter. In similar cases, the Supreme Court has ruled against member states negligent in their obligation to provide for their citizen's rights. Whereas in the Ysiette district, the Sang Do wield enormous influence. The constellation is under their purview.”

Doctor Felisenne Olvenari, Professor of Political Science at the University of Caille, suggested the Sang Do statement illustrated how tenuous the relationship is between federal authorities and the Sang Do lords. "The federal authorities, such as the Federal Administration, only has the legal authority to intervene in such cases with the permission of the district courts. The Ysiette federal district is dominated by Sang Do interests almost exclusively, and the exiles appear to lack intermediaries."

An anonymous Sang Do lord commented, "What the council should be concerned about is if the plague represents a breach of the Lirsautton VI sequestration. The more they focus on this embarrassing episode, the more they draw attention to a potential vulnerability in the system's defenses."

Representatives from the grassroots capsuleer effort declined to comment on their future plans, though they voiced a desire to expand and extend their mission.

Apostles Aligned
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Four Years of Reavers
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Another year has gone by and somehow I have managed to not get kicked out of the Reavers for either lack of effort and marginal competence.  It must be my strict adherence to the dress code and a willingness to fly whatever doctrine that Asher dreams

Updated Thoughts On War Declarations
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One of the big issues, if not the biggest issue, coming out of the first CSM 13 summit in Reykjavik was the state of the war declaration system in EVE Online. In my blog post on Tuesday, I pointed out two key passages from the summit minutes. I'll repeat

Money Talks (summery winter minutes part 2)
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“So”, he said as he gathered things for the trip.  “The minutes I was reading are actually relevant to right now.” “How?”  Free asked, she was already packed. “There be different types of combat. 

Amarr and Khanid Holdings Attacked in Chemical and Viral Bombing Incidents
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Amarr – Amarr security forces have reportedly thwarted a terrorist chemical attack on a noble estate along the coast of the Jad-Gheinok region of Oris in the Amarr system, today. In a possibly related incident, the Scope has also learned that a viral weapon strike was carried out on a Khanid Royal Uhlans cloning facility located in Ves-Sefris region on Zirsem V, yesterday.

Local correspondents on the planet Oris (Amarr VIII), report that a "laser rifle and mortar attack" was attempted on the Varaz family estates, a noble house holding that occupies a significant coastal area of the Jad-Gheinok region of the Amarr system's second most important planet. Oris is largely the domain of the Emperor Family itself, with its land divided up as "direct Imperial fiefs" under Amarr law.

The Amarr Certified News feed briefly noted the incident, reporting that: "Security forces on the Imperial planet of Oris thwarted a minor terrorist attack." One of our local sources, familiar with House Varaz, gave the Scope more details in confidence: "Terrorists attempted some kind of chemical mortar attack on Lady Varaz's stables but the horses had been brought in from the paddocks. There were troops waiting for the terrorists and they were all killed. I heard that a couple of hounds were lost though. Got a whiff of something and went mad. They had to be put down."

Unconfirmed reports from the Emperor Family station in orbit of Oris detail the deployment of troop contingents to the surface of the planet. The Scope has been provided with telemetry showing transports from both the Order of St. Tetrimon and the paramilitary Red and Silver Hand corporation in transit to the surface only hours before the attack took place. Neither organization has commented. The Scope understands that Lady Shirin Varaz and her large family are currently away from the estate on an extended tour of pilgrimage around the Amarr Empire's holy sites.

Todays's attack on Oris followed a viral weapons strike carried out on Zirsem V, in the Khanid Kingdom. Reporting from the Ves-Sefris region of the planet is restricted due to a security lockdown but the Scope has established that yesterday's assault on a Khanid military cloning facility succeeded in contaminating a large number of clone banks and genetic material stocks.

In the demesne of the Sa-Barony of Ves-Sefris, the 19th Royal Uhlans cloning facility is understood to have included a clone of their commanding Colonel General, Sa-Baron Alar Chakaid, in its storage banks, together with a genetic repository of the regiment's horse stocks. While the viral strike appears to have succeeded in its goal, it is reported that at least one squad of attacking commandos was killed, with their bodies in the hands of Khanid forces.

When contacted for comment today, Sa-Baron Chakaid issued the following statement:

"Minmatar terrorists attacked a facility containing surplus genetic materials and clone banks held in readiness for the use of the 19th Royal Uhlans. Regrettably, and no doubt with the help of traitors, they succeeded. We were able to eliminate some of these rebel filth, however, and their corpses will be put on display, reminding all of the threat from these scum and their treacherous allies.

"Naturally, our brothers in other realms of the Amarr Empire were alerted to this threat. It would seem that these insane terrorists harbor hatred of our innocent animals, as well as our good True Amarr and Khanid nobility. I am very glad that House Varaz avoided tragedy due to our warnings.

"Now the task must be to root out the corruption within Empire and Kingdom. The incident in Rens recently was clearly a case of the terrorists accidently killing themselves with their own vile weapons. If Ammatar elements were involved, as may be the case, then we must take severe action. House Ardishapur's grossly lenient handling of the Ammatar since the treachery 10 years ago must be corrected, and the lesser races removed from positions where they can damage the glory and destiny of Amarr."

Meanwhile, the confirmed death toll from the Rens Brutor Tribe Treasury chemical weapons attack stands at 23, with another dozen or so individuals still missing.

Chaos Descending Expansion Coming November 19th with Pre-Orders Available Now
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In its way it is a bit more interesting to be talking about a new expansion when I am actually playing EverQuest II pretty regularly at the moment. Of course how I get from where I am now, which is somewhere in the Destiny of Velious expansion from 2011,

Wardec? Pech gehabt! – Enttäuschende Erkenntnis beim CSM13
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Eine überraschende Notiz im aktuellen Winter-Bericht vom CSM13 deckt eine enttäuschende Tatsache auf, die nicht nur der EVE Online Community, sondern wohl auch dem isländischen Entwicklerstudio CCP seit Jahren bekannt ist... Weiterlesen

Supers Landing on the Keepstar
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AEGIS CONCORD Division Formed to Bolster Spacelane Security and Combat Hijackers
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Yulai – CONCORD has officially announced the formation of AEGIS, a new division that will specialize in ensuring the security of spacelanes, and be given the powers and capability to interdict and board ships that have been hijacked or are undergoing pirate boarding assaults.

In a press briefing at the DED's headquarters in Yulai, Brigadier General Odo Korachi introduced Colonel Kasiha Valkanir as the head of the newly-formed division after some background remarks. "In response to emergent threat Case Green Magic, the Inner Circle is authorizing the formation of new operational division AEGIS, the Authority for Emergency Interdiction and Security. In accordance with Directive Sigma Nu 13, the operations of AEGIS will be conducted independently under the direct oversight of the Inner Circle. It is my pleasure to confirm the appointment of Colonel Kasiha Valkanir to the post of Provost Marshal of AEGIS."

Taking over the briefing, the new Provost Marshal outlined the conclusions of the recent Inner Circle meeting to discuss recent ship disappearances and threats to interstellar shipping. "The Inner Circle has identified a new emergent threat to the security of the New Eden cluster, designated Case Green Magic. This threat takes the form of an increasing trend in the numbers of ships that have totally disappeared over the course of the last 12 months. As you will know, this trend was publicly identified in a recent report by the Aidonis Foundation and SOE. Today, CONCORD is confirming the emerging threat is real and steps will be taken to counter it."

Asked about the scale of the threat, Provost Marshal Valkanir provided a few details. "So far the increased rate of ship disappearances is concentrated in an arc of generally low security regions on the borders of nullsec. This runs in the main from Aridia in cluster west to Molden Heath in cluster east. Recently, CONCORD listening posts and allied intelligence services have detected a spike in incidents across the Derelik and Molden Heath regions. The recent disappearance of a Republic Fleet vessel on military duties in Molden Heath represents an escalation, given that the vast majority of ship disappearances fitting the pattern have been civilian vessels."

Pressed on the concrete nature of these incidents, Valkanir said, "I can confirm that the Republic Fleet vessel is still missing. I can also confirm that recovered data clearly indicates the vessel was subject to a heavy boarding action by assault troops. CONCORD is not speculating as to the origin of these troops at this time."

"I have now indicated the emergent threat we are dealing with," continued Valkanir. "My role in post as Provost Marshal of AEGIS is to maintain high focus on the continuing investigation into these incidents, to provide support for allied search and rescue operations as needed, and most importantly to build up the security and counter-force capabilities of this division. Details on these efforts are classified on a need-know-basis. We make no apology for the necessity of that. However, assurance of confidence in secure spacelanes for shipping and other traffic is part of our role, and information vital to the public will continue to be provided."

The Scope will continue to monitor developments regarding the so-called "Case Green Magic" threat and CONCORD's AEGIS division.

Fall Movie League – Reviews Do Not Matter
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We are now past week five of our Fall Fantasy Movie League and it was an odd week. The lineup for the week looked like this: Venom $799 A Star is Born $546 Smallfoot $190 Night School $170 The House with a Clock $92 A Simple Favor $46 The Nun $34 Crazy

Flotten für NewBro’s
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Kommen sie wieder auf den Deutschen Launcher? Deutsche Community-Flotten. Seit dem Weggang von CCP Phantom haben die FC’s der deutschen Community-Flotten ein echtes Problem, ihre Flotten mit Leuten zu füllen. In der Vergangenheit war es immer

The CSM 13 One-Coat Summit Minutes Part III: War Declarations
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"Before suggesting change, one should have a rationale for making said change. My reason is simple. When the optimum solution for a plurality, if not an outright majority, of players when faced with a war dec is to either disband their player

Google Plus Ungood Securewise
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Alternate Headline: Users unbellyfeel Google prolefeed, becomes unservice. It is probably just me that saw the Newspeak potential in the demise of Google Plus. That attempt at humor aside, the word has gone out from the Googleplex in Mountain View that

Nugoeihuvi and Wiyrkomi Clash Over Comedy Holodrama
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Maurasi, The Forge – The Caldari Business Tribunal is hearing a complaint from the Wiyrkomi megacorporation today, regarding a new comedy holodrama developed by Bakkomolu Productions, a subsidiary of rival Caldari megacorporation Nugoeihuvi (NOH).

Family Business, a new comedic entry into the popular Caldari genre of azelokaivatko holodramas, follows the fortunes and foibles of a fictional great family, the Rekotaa, as they preside over the Kurashinni megacorporation. With the series beginning its second season, many critics have commented on the parallels between the fictional Kurashinni and the Wiyrkomi megacorp. As the first season closed, the similarity of the Rekotaa family to Wiyrkomi's own Seituoda family became increasingly apparent, with the parodic nature of the drama attracting considerable comment across executive social media networks.

While Wiyrkomi had previously released statements condemning the series, the new legal action was triggered by the leak of a season two script that includes an implied incestuous relationship in the Rekotaa family. According to sources who have seen the leaked script, the relationship is played for comedic effect when the notoriously rigid patriarch of the family, Ytuulan Rekotaa, is oblivious to two of his family members engaging in a relationship right under his nose.

"Our makeup artists put an hour in everyday making sure Ytuulan's goatee is the exact right shade of Seituoda steel," said an anonymous source cited in the complaint filing. "The dyes are expensive but Director Kinnuva's a real stickler for authenticity." The CBT frequently hears complaints against Nugoeihuvi, which was the target of 21% of its investigations in YC118.

Wiyrkomi has filed suit in the CBT for damages to its reputation and businesses. "When people run a search on GalNet for the Wiyrkomi Corporation, the fictional Kurashinni comes up in the top results," Wiyrkomi Senior Executive Counsel Ikane Hadonei commented. "Searching the Seituoda name generates artwork of Rekotaa family members engaged in obscene acts. Even if the conflation wasn't intended, it is clearly happening, and it is hurting our bottom line and our reputation."

Bakkomolu Productions spokesperson Silla Iwi disputed the complaints and promised to fight them in the tribunal. "Viewers can see our disclaimer in the beginning of the show: any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. We only distribute the show to foreign audiences, which Wiyrkomi should have little concern about. The show has been a critical success among those audiences, so any confusion can only advance their prospects."

Also listed in the complaint are allegations that the NOH subsidiary has been cooperating with third-party distributors and criminal organizations to ensure that copies of the holoseries make it back across the State border and into the hands of Wiyrkomi employees. A first season copy of Family Business signed by a female cast member and addressed to a low level Wiyrkomi Peace Corps officer was submitted as evidence along with the complaint.

When asked to comment on the evidence, Iwi responded, "We can't be held responsible for the actions of smugglers and other criminals. Perhaps if Peace Corps employees were arresting them instead of making purchases from them it wouldn't be such a problem. It's understandable that the Seituoda family would be sensitive, given the no doubt baseless rumors about the nature of their familial relationships."

International audiences and reviewers have speculated about inappropriate relationships within the family for several years following the publication of an edition of NOH-MAG subtitled as the "Wiyr-Kiss-Me, Ty-U-Aul-Up" issue by NOH subsidiary Ettru Tsiiju Publishing. The edition's salacious contents and the subtitle's apparent play on the names of Wiyrkomi and the late Tyunaul Seituoda, the family patriarch who transformed Wiyrkomi into the powerhouse it is today, generated a notable scandal in YC113.

The CBT's consideration of the case is likely to take several weeks or even months.

The October EVE Update Claims to Bring Balance
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But as we know, one person’s balance is another person’s horrific nerf. Probably the biggest change coming with the October release is an update to electronic counter measures, of ECM. ECM effects, target jamming and other debuffs, are

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