Multiple Terrorist Attacks Against Amarr Empire as Privy Council Meets
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Amarr Prime – As the Amarr Empire's Privy Council met in special session today, a series of terrorist attacks were carried out on five Amarr worlds across the Empire. Reports of attacks on Alkabsi IV, Dakba IV, Mabnen I, Sehmy III and Thebeka III have been confirmed by the Scope, while Amarr sources indicate the mobilization of Ministry of Internal Order forces across the Empire.

Imperial Navy forces are said to be on high alert though no incursions into Amarr space are being reported. While the situation on the planets that have been attacked remains unclear, many believe these terror strikes to be another attempt to destabilize the Empire through chemical attacks aimed at provoking slave rebellions such as those that took place in Kahah.

Earlier today, the Privy Council continued its special meeting, called by Empress Catiz I to consider responses to the violence in Kahah and the ensuing sanctions levied by the Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic. Attended by the Heirs of all six Royal Houses, the special meeting began over the weekend and had been characterized by vocal and strong opinion expressed by several Royal Heirs ahead of the formal sessions.

Speaking at the weekend, Royal Heir Arrach of the Sarum Family issued calls for renewed vigilance against Blood Raiders and other Sani Sabik heresies. "Recent attacks have struck at the heart of the Empire. It is complacency of the highest magnitude that we have allowed Sanist influence to return to levels preceding the purification of the Bleak Lands. The Empire must immediately launch a full investigation into these attacks, and the full force of Holy Amarr be brought upon anyone found to be league with evil." Lord Sarum is also reportedly furious with the Khanid Kingdom, though it unclear whether this is due to the Kahah massacres or the economic sanctions they provoked.

Lord Tunir Tash-Murkon indicated that the incidents in Kahah were unfortunate, but that the response was a logical reaction given problems with maintaining discipline over the Kingdom's slave population in the face of terrorist attacks. "However, we now have to contend with attempts to bring economic pressure to bear on us from the Minmatar and the Gallente. I feel sure the Empress will focus the Council's deliberations on a correct and measured response to misguided attempts to use interstellar diplomacy and economics to effect internal change in a sovereign state."

Lord Arim Ardishapur chose to point to the 24th Imperial Crusade as an example of growing heretical influences. "We live in a time of falsehood and the light of the true faith grows dimmer every day. When Holy Amarr represents itself on the battlefield with unholy mercenaries who perform twisted blood sacrifices in our name, should we not expect that God turns His gaze from us?"

The Kor-Azor Family was muted by comparison. Steward Aya Khema, who spoke on behalf of Royal Heir Ersilia Kor-Azor, said the Kor-Azor Family "laments the loss of life in the Kahah system and elsewhere," and joined calls for an investigation into how such large-scale attacks could have happened.

Given the developing situation on numerous Amarr worlds this evening, the position of the Kor-Azor and Sarum Families will be reinforced and observers of Empire politics believe it will almost certainly lead the Privy Council to recommend an enhancement of the Empire's internal security and military apparatus. So far, House Kador has remained notably tight-lipped and the Khanid Kingdom has concerned itself with putting down a number of smaller uprisings in the systems of Palas, Ashmarir, Danera, Gehi, and several others since the Kahah rebellion.

CCP's War On Bots And Illicit RMT: Bot Bans, Gicodel, And Illinfrik
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Over the past week or so I've engaged in a lot of different activities EVE Online. Mining in low sec belts. Running mining and distribution missions in low sec. Standings repair via the Sisters of EVE epic arc. But the EVE activity I engaged in that most

It is time for the December update for EVE Online.  One of the key things up front for this update are changes to the War Dec system.  CCP put out a dev blog on these initial changes, but the key is eligibility.  As was discussed

Tinnudir and Annuminas
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Tinnudir is the hub of Evendim, the central point from which most of the tale of the zone is told.  Oatbarton, Dwaling, and High King’s Crossing lead you into the Evendim, but Tinnudir is where you are set up for the long haul. Tinnudir

Ghostbird Cerberus Launchers
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How to Survive Eve Online
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Click to embiggenThere are many ways to play Eve Online. And I'm not here to disparage any of them. I've always supported a wide variety of play styles within Eve Online and will continue to do so forever. But no matter how you choose to play this crazy

The Travelling Interceptor – A Guide to Nullified Transportation in EVE Online
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If you are driving to your space home for Christmas, you need an appropriate vessel. Not only to shield you from dangerous radiance and little stray asteroids, but also fast enough that you don’t get stuck in the annoying traffic jams around Jita.

Waiting for a Hole
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We had been warned that something might be coming up.  We had been given hints about when it might be and had been asked to have doctrine ships ready to go in 1DQ1-A. Doctrine ships were no problem for me.  I had left them all in the Keepstar in

EVE Pulse – New Triglavian Ships and More
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This week EVE Pulse is back with info about the December release, planned holiday events, and some tips about the tactical overlay.     Advertisements

How Various Studios Deal with Problems
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I’m not sure where this post started, but it assembled itself at one point a few months back and then sat in my drafts folder.   I looked at it again earlier this week, added the entry for Activision, and scheduled it for release it into the

The $200 LOTRO Legacy Edition
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The team at SSG are looking for a Christmas bonus I guess.  Yesterday I posted about the Dungeons & Dragons Online 2 Year Season Pass limited offer and before that post could even go live SSG was out with a LOTRO version of the plan. The LOTRO

Eve Diary | Heavy Water #002
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От автора: Были различные дела, как касаемо

The DDO Season Pass
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My record with Dungeons & Dragons Online has been spotty since I saw it on the shelf at Fry’s just after it launched in 2006.  I picked up the box and there, on the side just by the system requirements, was a statement about grouping with

Procurer Blows Up a Crimson Harvest Structure
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Reviewing my 2018 Predictions
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Here we are in December, the new year is looming, and it is time to get to those inevitable end of year housekeeping and review posts that I plague you with every holiday season. Being a regular event there are past versions of this sort of thing

In the Light of a New Day...
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After a decent night's sleep and a calmer mind I look back at the events of yesterday and I can say that...I'm still done.I appreciate the helpful advice in comments and on twitter, I really do. But at the end of the day my industrial activities in EVE

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OOC Ok, two things and In will let you go, I know you are busy this time of year.  Operation Northern troll, send CCP a christmas card  Send ccp a real honest to

My Poor Neglected Blog!
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I am still alive. I am still building structures and running roams in low sec on Sunday Nights (with less and less action it seems as faction warfare low sec dries up like a grape in the desert). I'm just not writing about it much because my roams are not

Nevermind, I'm out.
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 6 December 2018, 4:26 pm game is so stupid, I can't deal with it anymore.Later folks.#RageQuit

This is just INCREDIBLE
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So yesterday I get a notice over on Instagram that I've been tagged in a post. I go over and this is the image I see. And suddenly it all comes rushing back in my brain. Back in 2015 during my Fanfest presentation about Fan Art I mentioned that someone

Challenging Steam
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I suppose the real questions are how Steam got to be so popular in the first place and why it hasn’t really felt much in the way of heat from challengers up until now? In hindsight it seems like some sort of crazy accident. A little over 15 years

SuVee-Quafe Joint Venture Secures Outside Contract with Kaalakiota
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Annaro, The Citadel – Everfresh, a partnership between megacorporations Sukuuvestaa and Quafe, announced its first contract outside the partnership today. News of the contract, which provides food services to Kaalakiota's massive creche infrastructure, preceded a slight bump in both Quafe and SuVee stock.

Currently, Everfresh is the primary provider of meal and nutrition services to SuVee's creche network. Comprehensive meal and nutrition services for megacorp creches pose logistical challenges beyond the cluster standard for children's meal plans. While a public school in the Federation or Republic may serve one or two meals on school days, an average creche within the Statemust be capable of supplying all daily meals, every day of the week.

An additional level of logistical complexity is entailed when specialized creches provide end-of-life care for retirees whose family prefers to defer their guardian responsibilities to professionals. With care for the elderly through a "return to mother megacorp" becoming commonplace, meal and nutrition services within the State must offer balanced plans for the elderly, as well as each stage of childhood.

Everfresh has managed to carve a niche in the creche food service industry beyond normal megacorp boundaries, with Quafe working to its strengths in food preparation and long-term planning and Sukuuvestaa supplying fresh ingredients from its extensive network of agriworlds.

According to Kiruma Wasakaila, a market analyst with Kaimon Partners, "Kaalakiota might seem to be an unconventional customer for Quafe, and the deal is probably more of a reflection of SuVee connections with KK, but the partnership between SuVee and Quafe is unconventional to start with. A deeper look shows that the combination of SuVee's enormous agricultural operations, and Quafe's expertise in processing and distribution have led to an overall drop of 3% in costs. And that's just for SuVee internally, once Everfresh replaced their in-house group."

SuVee's previous forays in the food preparation industry have been public relation disasters, such as the Protein Delicacies scandal of YC105. In the 15 years since then, the previously strained relationship between SuVee and Quafe has become professional and businesslike, confounding expectations of corporate conflict between the two giants.

While the full details of the Kaalakiota contract have not been announced, experts are suggesting the projected savings may be even higher due to KK's larger creche network, overall older demographics and considerable interests in veterans retirement barracks.

Zufälliger Clickbait-Titel
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Oh Schreck! In der letzten Woche gab es keinen Blogpost! Was war da los? Die schreckliche Wahrheit ist so tragisch, dass selbst EVE Online Spieler ihre Taschentücher zücken. Klicke jetzt auf “weiterlesen” und erfahre mehr über

Rescue #489 complete
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The rescue from J1REDACTED was anything but routine. The call came in on 26 November, and was picked up by 911 Operator Shaya Cholmondeley. A Naglfar was adrift in an active C6, and hostiles had already killed his scanning frigate. Shaya tried to

Gila Pops the Box
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