Jin'Talks - Alliance Tournament Fights Opening Moments
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As an AT commentator for this year #39;s spectacle of spaceship explosions, I #39;ve had to dig in on every part of a match and try and dissect why people ...

Ein Monat im 0.0
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Im Warp mit einer Naglfar und einer Chimera. Mittlerweile fast Standard… Ich war schon ein paar mal im 0.0. manchmal sogar für längere Zeiträume. Das erste mal damals mit der Freelancer Coalition für gute sechs Monate. Dann, ein

Roc’s Rule #663
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Always verify before congratulating pregnancy. She just may be fat. 

From Rags To Riches #2 - "Progress is slow, but I'm in it for the long haul"
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Three days after creating and beginning my trading endeavor with Rags 2 Riches, progress and profits have been made, but not as much as I would like. As all characters do, I started out with 5,000 ISK and 13 maximum open market orders via Trade 2; Trade 3

Farewell Brave & Solo Roam Streaming!
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Lone wolfing it, Stay Tuned!

The Cobrastan Cult Newsletter #84 – CONCORD Battleship First Look
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CONCORD Marshal Этого еще никто и никогда не видел…

Kador Family Heir Meets With Empress Catiz Amid Domain Security Concerns
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AMARR - The Scope has learned that Lady Hamideh Kador has arrived in the Imperial capital of Dam-Torsad a little over an hour ago for an audience with Empress Catiz I.

The audience - which is not listed on the public roster of engagements for the Empress - appears to have been arranged at short notice, and sources within the Empire indicate that it relates to security concerns surrounding a substantial increase in foreign traffic passing through the Fua constellation of Domain, which borders the region of Kador on two fronts.

The influx of through traffic in the constellation has been attributed to a large increase in Federal registered non-capsuleer vessels utilizing a route through the constellations of Fua and Yekti to reach the border with The Citadel. This allows traders and hauliers to bypass the restricted Caldari-Gallente border which has been in a state of partial lockdown since March 22nd.

Several experts at The Scope have commented that this meeting is not seen as a surprise to many political commentators, given that a total of seven strike wings from the Kador Family's standing fleet were dispatched to the Megeh and Pezarba constellations of Kador in mid-April to monitor the border chokepoints of Mod and Hiroudeh.

Speaking from within the region of Kador itself, our Scope security correspondent, Lolie Arbirelle commented that "it would appear that Lady Kador is seeking an audience with the Empress in order to discuss security concerns surrounding the use of the Empire's border systems as a bypass, which has caused a downturn in trade in the area, as well as a notable increase in piracy and opportunistic attacks by the Blood Raider Covenant in the lowsec constellation of Pezarba."

At this stage, there has been no official word from Amarr or the Kador family regarding the reasoning for Lady Kador's trip to the Imperial Palace.

The Scope will continue to report on the situation as it develops.

SuperData Recombines WoW Again for May Chart
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The SuperData Research Top Ten chart for May 2017 is out. The decision as to whether or not to split World of Warcraft into East/West or represent it as a single unit has swung back again.  Last month they were split, this month combined again. The

Guardians Gala Machariel and a Planet
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Null Sec Surprises
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The lure of Null sec is many faceted.For some its the ability to print ISK by ratting. Others Exploration and others Mining. Some even enjoy the wack a rabbit game that is Sov conquest. So I am told.Whatever the lure is, its true that everyone has their

EVE Online Station Trader Podcast – 20 June 2017
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The latest installment of the EVE Online Station Trader with Roedyn.


The Cobrastan Cult Newsletter #83 – Placid Flight #1
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Первый Вылет с Placid Flight Обучающий егодня я

The Mind Clash Podcast – Episode 42: Hot EVE Nights
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On this full throttle episode of The Mind Clash Podcast, Kael and Meredudd were joined by Matterall (INN), Roedyn (Station Trader/BHC), Orion SaSolo (Super Fan), and Opus Magnum (EVE Onion News) to talk about the “Solstice of Bitching”. We discussed all of the hurt feelings going on in New Eden, as well as some other hot topics around the way.

Big shout-out to all the streamers who took part in the EVE-athon over the weekend, which took in over $25k for the Able Gamers Charity.

(Apologies about the sound quality of Kael Decadence. He was on staff duty using has laptop, so it wasn’t the best of audio)

Watch the stream live every Monday evening at 2200 Eastern US Time (0200 Tuesday EVE Time)

Intro and Outro Music is PVP by CPT Blastahoe

– Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/mindclashlive

– Join us on our Discord here

– Check out www.MindClash.live for more info


The Mind Clash Podcast – Episode 42: Hot EVE Nights
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On this full throttle episode of The Mind Clash Podcast, Kael and Meredudd were joined by Matterall (INN), Roedyn (Station Trader/BHC), Orion … [visit site to read more]

Skill Queue Reimbursement Early Next Week!
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Читать на русском

An update is currently in the process of being finalized that will reimburse all skillpoints lost when skill queues were inadvertently paused on June 9th.

We aim to deploy this early next week, and will notify all pilots via this news feed once the process is complete.

Apologies for the delay in reimbursement, which has been slowed up a little by the ongoing Ghost Training exploit investigation. 

Feel free to discuss this news item in this announcement thread.

Declarations of War: The Month of RHEEEEEE
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*A* Reddit thread?!DoW 136Show has a new intro; Goons … [visit site to read more]

T3 Cruiser Rebalance Incoming
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Chance Ravinne took a close look on the coming T3 Cruiser reblance currently on Singularity.

The Steam Summer Sale 2017 Arrives
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As predicted/expected/hoped, the Steam Summer Sale went live at 17:00 UTC today. I have been much less ambivalent about the upcoming sale than I have been in past years.  I am feeling the itch for a new game or three.  So as soon as the sale

The Necromancer is Coming
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Last year and BlizzCon Blizzard promised two things for Diablo III. The first was the original Diablo experience mocked up in the Diablo III engine… with Diablo III assets.  The Darkening of Tristram event.  We got that in January, and

#EVEathon – An Incredible Community Initiative
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The EVE Online community is well known for its amazing charitable nature, despite the wars that rage in game, the vicious conflicts that erupt between alliances vying for power, and the general annoyance of being undercut on the market or blindsided when you’re travelling through lowsec.

Since 2003, our pilots have raised more than $500,000 US for The Iceland Red Cross, Get Well Gamers, The Icelandic Children’s Hospital, Child’s Play Charity and in direct support of other EVE players.

Over the course of last weekend however, something very special indeed happened.

Lead by Rahne Chocolate and scaredpanda, a group of our most prolific streamers came together for a 72-hour mega stream with the aim of raising $10,000 for Able Gamers (Twitter: @AbleGamers), a charity that works to give custom controllers and hardware to gamers with injuries and conditions that cause restricted mobility and movement so that that can enjoy the latest video games, including EVE Online.

Joined by Jammer211, Elise Randolph, EVEScout, Otto Bismarck, Accessible Gamer (Gommel Nox), ReloadGV, Hamektok, Manic Velocity, Suitonia, Burseg Sardaukar, Raiden Harmann, Equilizer, BjornBee, and many more, they first smashed the previous record of $7,000 and then blew past their target of $10,000 in just 24 hours.

Incredibly, the largest single donation from an EVE player was $1,337 (nerd!).

The full 72 hours of streaming raised more than $25,000 for Able Gamers.

This is more than two and a half times the intended target and, last we heard, donations are still coming in!

This is the largest collaborative streaming effort we’ve ever seen from our community, benefitting both the real-world charity of Able Gamers, and the in-game support organization founded by Sindel Pellion, The Angel Project, which assists capsuleers in need within New Eden.

We can’t find the words to describe how proud we are of the EVE Online community after watching so many pilots come together to raise funds for such an amazing cause. The commitment and dedication that you’ve shown to this project has been incredible. We’d like to offer our most sincere thanks to the organizers, as well as all the streamers, viewers, and donators that made this project come to life and take on the rolling success that we’ve witnessed.

EVEathon stands as a testament to the force for good that our community can be when our pilots put their heads together on a charity project, and many CCPers spent the weekend being blown away by the insane level of collaboration between so many of our best-known streaming personalities.

If you’d like to check out re-runs of the 72 hours of madness, you can visit the #EVEathon Twitch page for archived video content here.

Giving Back

Watching our community come together to drive this project forward has been a fantastic experience for us here at CCP, and seeing so many of our streamers embrace the amazing work that Able Gamers does every day is incredibly inspiring.

Gaming is an incredibly powerful tool for those who can’t regularly venture out from their homes, allowing those with limited mobility a wider venue for social interaction as well as improving quality of life by opening new possibilities for recreation, rehabilitation, and entertainment.

The support that Able Gamers provides for gamers with restricted mobility and movement is not only incredibly important to the wider gaming community, but has significant roots right here in the EVE Community too, with some of our own pilots utilizing technologies developed by their research and development.

As a gesture of our sincerest thanks to all our pilots who support this initiative, and as a huge thank you to Able Gamers for the amazing and very important work and support they provide to disabled games across the world, CCP has matched the initial stream target of $10,000 in a donation made to Able Gamers this morning on behalf of the EVE Online community.

We can think of no more a fitting tribute to the outstanding commitment to this cause by both our Community and Able Gamers.

Our most sincere thanks for all your efforts in supporting such an amazing initiative.

On behalf of the whole of CCP Games <3

The Cobrastan Cult Newsletter #82 – Placid Flight is Active!
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Placid Flight Возрождение старого канала   егодня

The Cobrastan Cult Newsletter #80 – Dotlan EVE maps [.CCBP]
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No comment

Understanding Incarna
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Proceed to Crossing Zebras for the essay.

The Cobrastan Cult Newsletter #79 – News Digest
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Новостной Дайджест озрождение нашей

The Fog of Trade
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Coming back to Eve I’ve looked at the Fanfest videos and been checking out the Reddit a bit as well as looking through this or that blog and the various news sites. I haven’t gotten back into checking out the podcasts yet, which seems to be

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