International House of Nyx Cakes
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This is the stack you’ve been craving.

Summer Movie League – Gonna Need a Bigger Lineup
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Week eleven of our Summer Fantasy Movie League is in the can and it was the sort of week that people long for, one where a film or two exceeds expectation allowing for a big score relative to the pack… if you make the right picks. While we are past

Irre Sektierer in Kothe
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Bedroht von irren Sektierern. Die EIS-Miner in Kothe. Kothe. Seit eh und je ist dieses Sternensystem die HighSec-Heimat der Schweine im Weltall GmbH. Doran Jameson ankerte dort unsere erste Astrahus Zitadelle. Unser wöchentliches Event, die

Reviewing Abyssal site running
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Phew, coming up for air after being immersed in the Alliance Tournament I can now think about picking up where I left off with other Eve projects.I tried running abyssal sites tonight and lost a Gila on the second site. Luckily it was only a T2 fit ship

Arriving in Kul Tiras
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I was in luck.  I got home about an hour after the Battle for Azeroth went live in my time zone and was able to log straight in and get started. No queue, not hangups, nothing wrong.  And the game wasted no time either.  New things were

Trogdor Burninates Kickstarter
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It is a victory for an internet sensation from 15 years ago.  Over on Kickstarter there is a campaign for a Trogdor board game. I don’t need to ask you to go support it because it has already exceeded its goal. When I look at Kickstarter

And So We Begin to Battle for Azeroth
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The time has come.  With the worldwide launch of the Battle for Azeroth expansion is set to go live semi-simultaneously world wide today, which in the US means 3pm Pacific Time.  My characters are set, my addons have all finally been updated,

Always Next Year
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Well that didn't work. We went 2-2 this Alliance Tournament and it was, numerically, our worst showing since the first one. And that one we didn't practice for and we did it simply to learn how the AT worked. And for fun of course. Am I disappointed? Gosh

Orange Abyssal Clouds
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MER – How Much Does War Cost Delve?
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CCP has released the Monthly Economic Report for July 2018 so we can see what impact moving off to war has on the Imperium’s economic engine in Delve.  So I will be comparing this to the June report which was the last peacetime period. We might

Honest Game Trailers – Fortnite Season 5
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Honest Game Trailers already did a Fortnite video back at the start of the year, but that was before the game fully exploded across multiple platforms and put PUBG in the corner.  So now they are back to cover what has happened since. I still

Continuing FW
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It is fun and I need fun to keep me engaged in Eve. It is something I can do as an Alpha character. It doesn’t take hours, sometimes as little as 15 minutes. I don’t have to wait for other players to be ready. I think I have found

Blaugust and Consolidating Your Blog Reading
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Sure, one of the main aspects of Blaugust is getting people to start up or keep going with their blogs, writing, if not every day, at least more than usual. But the reverse of that coin is reading blogs.  If we’re all busy writing more than

Alliance Tournament: blogger showdown
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In a couple of hours the team I fly for will face A Band Apart, the alliance run by and represented in the AT by the incomparable Rixx Javix, writer of the Eveoganda blog. You can watch it on Twitch here.Both teams made top 16 last year. This time only

Explosion Among the Capitals
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Hafa Nær
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[.FRAG] Leadership brought some options to the table and a vote was taken and it is now official… we’ve joined the Unspoken Alliance. [QUIET] It has only been a couple days and we’re still getting ourselves situated but we’ll be

Windows 10, ZMud, and Other Options
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Having gotten the new system up and running and most everything transferred over, it was time to start looking into what was working and what was not. Some things I opted to install over from scratch anyway.  The Zinstall transfer utility copied

The Mind Clash Podcast – Episode 97: Battle Bots 2/Electric Boogaloo
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After the second weekend of Alliance Tournament XVI fighting, Kael is joined by Claevyan, Commander Aze, Valtyr, and Nikolai Mazinkov to talk all about it.

General Akuras to Oversee Legion Forces on Caldari Prime
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Yesterday, Mordu’s Legion Command forces on Caldari Prime underwent an abrupt change in leadership. The shift comes as part of an overall new focus by the Legion prompted by their continuing involvement in the Upwell Consortium, which continues to employ large numbers of Mordu's troops for installation and colony security roles.

The changes directly affected the mercenary detachment on Caldari Prime, previously under the leadership of Strike Commander Tsuni Aina. Recently promoted Brigadier General Majima Akuras will instead take the reigns of the security forces on the Caldari homeworld. During his opening speech, General Akuras announced a commitment to sweeping changes due to the evolving business model of the Legion.

Clad in the dress uniform of a Legion brigadier, the General’s remarks contrasted with a light-hearted demeanor that some deemed inappropriate given the responsibility of his new position. Among those were State and Federation representatives on the planet who expressed concerns regarding the sudden change in leadership.

General Akuras explained in no uncertain terms that as the Legion becomes more involved in operations with Upwell Consortium they will not be seeking to renew a number of their high-profile contracts. One of the examples touched on was the contract with the joint administration of Caldari Prime.

After closing his speech, General Akuras opened for questions from press and representatives. When pressed for details on how the shift in focus would affect Caldari Prime, Akuras refused to comment. However, he did explain that details will be revealed in the coming weeks as Mordu’s Legion Command reviews the contract.

Ishukone and Material Acquisition representatives present noted that they had expected to enter negotiations to renew the contract earlier this year. However, representatives explained that prior negotiation talks had met with several delays as senior Legion personnel began to rotate to other postings.

One Ishukone representative remarked, "Today is General Akuras’s first day in his new position and he alludes to a previously unannounced renegotiation rather than a simple renewal agreement. We politely differ with the suggestion that the Caldari Prime security contract may be considered less important than the security of the Upwell Consortium's commercial operations but we are confident in his ability."

Under the tenure of Strike Commander Tsuni Aina as the planet's paramount military authority, Caldari Prime has  seen a decline in inter-factional violence and unrest, due in no small part to Mordu's Legion. Commander Aina, a thirty-three year veteran of Mordu's Legion, was recently nominated for promotion as part of the Legion's shift in focus. According to representatives for Legion Command, Aina's record of excellence on peacekeeping operations in Caldari Prime is the primary contributing factor to her escalation in rank.

Though her new duties remain undisclosed for security reasons, Mordu’s Legion representatives suggest that Commander Aina will be taking on a new role at the Legion’s headquarters in 5ZXX-K where she will be working directly with Legion founder Muryia Mordu for the foreseeable future. Commander Aina will be taking her new post in the coming weeks as General Akuras becomes oriented to his new position.

Similarly esteemed, General Akuras has been a member of the Legion for the better part of a century. A decorated veteran, holding both the Legion's Gold and Silver Clusters, Akuras served as commander for the Legion's 5th 'Night Stalkers' Dreadnought Task Force. In YC107, he briefly took over as Common Flight Commander before being placed in charge of operations in Pure Blind. He remained in this position until his recent promotion to brigadier general and subsequent shift to Caldari Prime.

On Caldari Prime, the Material Acquisition and Ishukone corporations retain administrative control over Federation and State districts respectively and co-operate in a joint administration on planetary affairs. The two have what they claim is a long held, satisfactory relationship with the Legion's mercenaries. However, that satisfactory relationship, for now, remains a subject of debate since the arrival of a new commander who appears to have a mandate to renegotiate the security contract.

ATXVI: Third Weekend
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Click to embiggenIn last years Alliance Tournament we won 3 matches straight, including victories against Slyce, Hard Knocks Citizens, and We Form Volta before losing to Lazerhawks and Brave on the Saturday and Sunday of the third weekend. In order to

More Titans Die at the Final X47L-Q Keepstar Timer
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But not as many as before. If the battle report I cooked up sufficiently reflects reality, a total of 20 titans were lost, down from the 56 destroyed last fight, with the split being 1 lost from attackers and 19 of the defenders titans being destroyed,

X47L-Q – Killah Bee’s richtige Entscheidung
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Der erste große Clash in X47L-Q fand vor rund einer Woche statt. Das Imperium griff die Keepstar im System an und NC. formierte sich zur Verteidigung gegen eine fast doppelte Übermacht. Schon kurz nach der Schlacht lieferten die

The Battle of X47
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I had the pleasure of going on my first serious capital op tonight, a major fight to kill the Keepstar owned by NC. in X47, a nullsec system up north in Pure Blind.The first stage was actually yesterday evening when we did a move op that took almost 3

Ragnarok Shields Flaring
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Poster Contest Results
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One of my two entries, this one won 2nd placeI almost forgot about this because of the Alliance Tournament. But back on Friday CCP announced the results of their recent Vegas Propaganda Poster Contest. You can see the final results in this dev blog.I've

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