Hand-drawn RPG 'Indivisible' finally arrives October 8th
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Cuphead isn't the only hand-drawn game to have a years-long birthing process. Lab Zero and 505 Games have announced that their action RPG Indivisible will reach PCs (via Steam), the PS4 and Xbox One on October 8th. The Switch version is "coming soon," the team added. Whichever version you play, you'll get the same meticulously animated visuals and elaborate backgrounds, plus a fast-paced action RPG mechanic that involves absorbing "Incarnations" that can fight alongside you.

Source: Indivisible (YouTube), Indivisible Game

Twitch unveils its own desktop broadcasting app
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Until now, people who stream their gameplay or lives on Twitch have done so through a PS4, Xbox One, Twitch's mobile app, Twitch Sings or third-party software. As of today, there's another option for those hoping to become the next Ninja, Dr. Disrespect or Pokimane: Twitch Studio.

Source: Twitch

Popular indie game 'Dear Esther' is coming to iOS
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Journey made a surprise debut on iOS this week and you'll soon be able to play another indie darling on the go. The Chinese Room says its exploration-focused Dear Esther will be available for iPhone and iPad later this year.

Source: The Chinese Room (Twitter)

From indie development to Guerrilla Games: The 'Gravity Ghost' story
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Erin Robinson Swink knows when someone has actually finished her game, the hand-painted physics-based adventure called Gravity Ghost.

"I can usually tell if they played it until the end based on the way they say that to me," she said. "Like, 'Yeah I played your game.' Or like, 'I played your game,' and then they look off into the distance. OK, that person played to the end."

The Morning After: Everything you need to know about the Galaxy Note 10
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Welcome to Thursday! If you missed it, Samsung unveiled two new Galaxy Note phones, one a little bigger than the other. There's also a plant-based meatball sub coming to Subway and more details on Nintendo's Switch sequel plans. Oh and (hushed voice), Apple's getting into ASMR. Shhh.

The Galaxy Note 10 can stream games from your PC
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Samsung is keeping gamers in mind with the Galaxy Note 10. Though the PlayGalaxy Link P2P streaming service, you can stream PC games to your Note 10 and keep playing while you're on the move -- all without having to store games on your phone.

EA is finally improving Career Mode for 'FIFA 20'
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Even though 'Street' soccer will be the biggest addition to FIFA 20, hardcore fans of the franchise know the importance of Career Mode. And this year, with the new game launching on September 27th, developer EA Sports is promising to make the feature more authentic and customizable than ever before. Not only will you be able to change the body type, skin tone, clothing, hairstyle of your managers, but in FIFA 20 you'll now have the chance to create and choose female characters. In addition to that, taking a cue from Football Manager, your coach will be able to have a direct impact on team morale based on his or her press conferences, squad rotation, chats with players and more.

Source: EA Sports

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo agree to disclose loot box odds
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Loot boxes have been a source of controversy in recent years. They offer gamers a way to snag virtual items, but because the rewards are typically randomized and players can buy them with real money, they've been called as a form of gambling. Some jurisdictions have banned them completely, and others have looked into them. The games industry is attempting to soothe those concerns. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have agreed to disclose the odds of obtaining highly-sought-after gear inside loot boxes.

Via: The Verge

Source: ESA

'Rocket League' is ditching randomized loot crates
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Game publishers will soon have to disclose the likelihood of players claiming rare items in loot boxes in their console games, following an agreement between many of them, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Psyonix had already revealed the odds of Rocket League players getting an ultra-rare black market item. However, it's getting rid of those paid, randomized loot crates.

Source: Psyonix

Ninja already has a million subscribers on Mixer
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Well, that was quick. Tyler Blevins, better known by his online handle "Ninja," has already racked up one million subscribers on Mixer. "Thank you for all the incredible support," he said on Twitter. "I haven't felt this good in a long time." It's an impressive feat considering Mixer is smaller than Twitch and Tyler only announced his exclusivity deal last week. For now, anyone can nab a free one-month subscription to Ninja's channel. After September 30th, though, fans will have to pay a fee -- probably $5.99 -- for subscriber perks such as custom emotes and ad-free streams.

Source: Ninja (Twitter)

'DuckTales: Remastered' is being pulled from digital stores
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DuckTales: Remastered, a remake of the beloved NES platformer released in 1989, will soon disappear from digital store shelves. Capcom announced the news in a blog post but, curiously, didn't explain why it was being pulled. If you're not familiar, DuckTales: Remastered was released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U in 2013, before cane-hopping to iOS, Android and Windows Phone in early 2015. Developer Wayforward replaced the original's iconic but primitive visuals with brighter, more detailed characters and backdrops. The studio also added some fully-voiced cutscenes that critics found tedious and generally unnecessary.

Source: Capcom (Blog Post)

The Morning After: Instagram's 'huge booty' issue
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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Today's big news will be the Galaxy Note 10, so tune in to our liveblog from Samsung's event at 4PM ET to get all the details. Until then, we're digging into Disney's bundle for cord-cutters, the Apple credit card and Instagram's big problem.

Nintendo may have many, many more Switch consoles planned
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Nintendo is definitely releasing the $200 Switch Lite handheld console on September 20th, and may release a higher-end console soon too, if rumors are to be believed. Its plans might even go beyond all that, however. The company is reportedly working on further updates beyond those models "to make the platform's lifecycle long," according to WSJ sources inside the company.

Source: WSJ

Xbox Live outage locks players out of their games for hours
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Since just before 5 PM ET, an Xbox outage has caused gamers error messages when trying to launch their digital titles. Whenever a player tried to open a game, it quickly close and flash a message to sit tight as outages happen "once in a while".

Within the last few minutes (around 9 PM ET) some people have reported being able to access their games after repeated tries, but as we move away from physical copies of games to DRM'd digital copies and subscription access like GamePass, an unspecified error that lasts for hours isn't making this seem like the best future of gaming.

Source: Xbox Live Status

Bumble and Gen. G form first pro all-women 'Fortnite' team
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Women make up roughly 35 percent of Fortnite's players, but none of them were represented at this year's World Cup. Bumble, the women-first dating app, has teamed up with esports organization Gen. G in order to change that. The two companies have formed "Team Bumble," a group of professional Fortnite players and the world's first all-women esports team. The lineup includes Kristen "KittyPlays" Valnicek, Madison "maddiesuun" Mann, Tina "TINARAES" Perez, Carlee "Carlee" Gress and Hannah "Hannah" Reyes. Bumble told Engadget that recruitment for the team is finished, but future players will be brought on as needed.

Source: Gen G

'Apex Legends' gets a limited-time solo mode next week
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Since Apex Legends burst onto the battle royale scene in February, there's been an ever-present request near the top of players' wishlists: a single-player mode. Until now, matches have taken place entirely in teams of three, but for a limited time, you'll be able to drop into King's Canyon and rely purely on your own skill and abilities in search of a victory -- with no teammates to back you up.

PS3 hit 'Journey' unexpectedly arrives on iOS
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Thanks to a surprise release from Annapurna Interactive, the PlayStation 3 classic, Journey, is available on iOS.

Source: Byteside, App Store

Giant mechs are destroying 'Fortnite'
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Every new Fortnite season is met with high anticipation -- players know they'll get fresh skins, crazy emotes, new weapons and a different world to explore. When Season X kicked off last week, Epic Games delivered on that promise, bringing back some well-loved locations, as well as introducing a brand new item: the B.R.U.T.E. mech. Normally, the arrival of new vehicles is welcomed, but in the five days they've been in the battle royale shooter, they've left gamers frustrated and angry.

The Morning After: 'The Matrix' returns to theaters August 30th
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Hey, good morning!Welcome to Tuesday! Samsung has a new smartwatch, and it straddles all the other ones it's recently launched. We also take another look at the Galaxy Note 9 to see how it stands up to 2019 smartphones. The Matrix is returning to cinemas, and it's got Dolby Vision and Atmos. In other news, Sony's replacing drummers with AI.

What's on TV this week: 'Wu Assassins'
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This week Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is available on 4K Blu-ray, 90210 is back and Netflix has a new anime documentary, Enter the Anime. Still, my most anticipated new release is Wu Assassins, a Netflix series that stars Iko Uwais (The Raid: Redemption, The Raid 2), and also features others like Li Jun Li (Blindspot), Lewis Tan (Into the Badlands, Iron Fist, Deadpool 2) and, fresh off of John Wick 3, Mark Dacascos.

Sports fans can tune into a new season of Hard Knocks following the Raiders, while gamers can enjoy some throwback action with Metal Wolf Chaos XD. Look after the break to check out each day's highlights, including trailers and let us know what you think (or what we missed).

Take-Two profits soar thanks to 'GTA' and 'Red Dead' online spending
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Need further proof that Rockstar's online games are the cornerstone of its business these days? You just got it. Publisher Take-Two has reported that its profit jumped 39 percent year-over-year in the spring quarter to a hefty $540.5 million, and the in-game purchases for Rockstar's titles played a large role. Company chief Strauss Zelnick told Hollywood Reporter that GTA Online "actually grew" versus 2018, while Red Dead Online's early performance has "exceeded expectations." Games like NBA 2K19, the Borderlands series and Civilization VI helped, but it's no secret as to which ones were the biggest cash cows.

Via: GamesIndustry.biz, Hollywood Reporter

Source: Take-Two

HP Omen X 2S review: A dual-screen curio
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A dual-screen gaming notebook sounds like a smart idea at first — who wouldn't want another display to keep an eye on Twitch streams and Discord chats? But is worth taking a gamble on unproven tech? That's what I've been asking myself as I've tested out HP's Omen X 2S, the company's first notebook with two screens. It certainly looks intriguing at first, but it's clear HP still has plenty of work left to do to make the extra display worth it.

The Morning After: Google Assistant can read out your WhatsApp replies for you
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Welcome to your Monday! This week, we've got Samsung's big Unpacked event (Galaxy Note incoming), as well as Disney reporting on how its expansion is faring so far. Over the weekend, you might have missed an E3 data breach that leaked thousands of registered journalists' phone numbers and addresses (including mine, yay), and StockX suffered a major data breach, too, neglecting to immediately inform its sneakerhead users exactly what was going down. Further afield, a meteor impact on Mars (in its early years) may have initiated a 'mega-tsunami'.

'Halo' TV series has its Cortana ahead of early 2021 premiere
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While Showtime took forever to start filling in details for its Halo TV series, it's clearly eager to make up for lost time. The broadcaster has announced that Natascha McElhone (of Ronin and Californication fame) will portray both the legendary Cortana AI as well as Dr. Catherine Halsey, the creator of Spartan supersoldiers like Master Chief. The producers have filled out considerably more of the cast beyond these prominent roles, too.

Via: Screen Rant

Source: Showtime Press Express

Cult investigation game 'The Church in the Darkness' is available now
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It took years to make, but Paranoid Productions' ambitious The Church in the Darkness is finally ready. The cult investigation title has been released for computers through both GOG and Steam, and the console crowd can play it on PS4, Switch and Xbox One. All versions normally cost $20, although they're down to $16 for the launch week. Whichever version you play, don't expect it to be a one-and-done gameplay experience. Just how the story unfolds can change wildly with each session.

Via: The Church in the Darkness (Twitter)

Source: Steam, GOG

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