Machinima's YouTube gaming channel has effectively disappeared
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Machinima's YouTube gaming channel has been essentially scrubbed from the internet, as most videos on the site have been set to private and unplayable. Neither video creators nor users of the channel were notified, Kotaku reported, so the news sent a shockwave around the gaming and streaming communities. "Wow, they finally went ahead and deleted everything we've done," tweeted Ricky Hayberg, aka @RickyFTW. "Seven-plus years of work... lost to the sands of time #RIPMachinima."

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Synthetik: Arena is a free condensed take on an intense roguelike shooter
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Narrowly missing my games-of-the-year shortlist, Synthetik: Legion Rising was one of my more pleasant surprises of 2018. A sci-fi roguelike shooter with an unusual focus on semi-realistic weapon handling. A bit like Nuclear Throne by way of Vanquish, it’s loud, fast, hard and great in co-op. Now you can try it free, as developers FlowFire […]

The Game Online Gambling
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Folks who gamble online often discover that it’s tricky to opt to gamble on the website. Everyone is apparently speaking[...]

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Yakuza Kiwami teased for a February 19th PC release
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The adventures of the nicest gangster that ever lived and his eyepatched life partner continue soon, if Sega’s teasing on the Yakuza Kiwami page on Steam is any indication. Continuing Sega’s habit of teasing things in weird, creative ways, the Kiwami store page now contains an animated GIF of Goro Majima emerging from his well […]

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The playstyle got me to win EVE. The UI made it a much easier decision.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez guest-stars in a 'Donkey Kong 64' Twitch stream
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Having conquered Twitter and Instagram, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez jumped on a Donkey Kong 64 Twitch livestream on Sunday to clap back at Aaron Sorkin and voice her support for trans rights. The stream in question was YouTuber H.Bomberguy's fundraiser for Mermaids, a UK charity that provides support for gender diverse and transgender children.

Source: Hbomberguy (Twitch), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Strange Telephone puzzlingly dials up PCs today
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Fans of the weird, dream-like puzzling of Yume Nikki should feel right at home with Strange Telephone. It’s a quiet little point-and-click adventure about a woman – Jill – exploring weird, abstract dream-realms through dialling them up on her levitating telephone pal Graham. Explore, collect items, solve problems and slowly work your way towards an […]

Explosion off the iHub
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Keeping track of the vast array of guns in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the largest contributors to the game’s steep learning curve. PUBG features nearly forty guns to choose from, each with specific stats relating to damage, range, recoil, bullet drop, and much more – and that’s not even considering the enormous range of […]

Catch up on Dragon Age: Origins, now fan-patched with fewer bugs
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There’s a new Dragon Age on the way, according to the moody teaser shown during December’s Game Awards. Forgot where you left off? Best start catching up with Dragon Age: Origins then, with the rather lovely Qwinn’s Ultimate DAO Fixpack mod. As the title suggests, it’s your one-stop shop for polishing up the game and fixing up all […]

A wee fundraising Twitch livestream has raised over $345,000 (£268k) and counting for a UK charity helping trans youth. It came to feature celebrity guests including Doom level designer John Romero, Fallout: New Vegas director Josh Sawyer, whistleblower and activist Chelsea Manning, and rising star USA congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Harry “Hbomberguy” Brewis had originally set […]

RTX 2060 vs GTX 1070: Which Nvidia graphics card is better?
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Unlike practically every other naming convention in tech, graphics cards don’t tend to follow on nicely from one generation to the next. The new Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060, for example, may seem like it should be the natural next step from the previous generation’s GTX 1060, but as we saw in last week’s RTX 2060 […]

Hitman 2 takes a festive detour to back to Hokkaido today
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Christmas may be over, but assassination is a dish best served cold, so it’s back to Hokkaido we go for a fun seasonal bonus mission for Hitman 2. Today, Io Interactive rolled out a big update for their murder-sandbox, including some new gear for expansion pass holders. The big reason to be excited is the […]

Sending Messages to CCP in Jita
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If you give players a way to use something to send a message, they will use it. Since you can’t have warp disruption bubbles outside of null sec and WH space, you get mobile depots around Jita, the main trade hub of New Eden. A mobile depot is a

Back to Business
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I just flew back from North Carolina and boy are my arms tired.I haven't written in a week because I had a business trip to prepare for and then go on, which was taking up a lot of my time and energy. I returned late Saturday night and spent most of

Best StarCraft 2 mods: huge RTS campaigns you can play for free
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Every other Monday, Dominic gives you a reason to dust off one of your old games and dive into its mods with Modder Superior. StarCraft 2 remains an RTS esports favourite nine years from launch, but its mod scene never got the love or attention it deserved. Despite Blizzard’s support, an in-game mod browser, powerful […]

Fortnite Season 8 release date – new skins, Season 8 map changes, theories, Battle Pass
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As we slide further into the new year, Fortnite’s Season 8 is sailing ever closer, set to arrive in the next few weeks. So it’s about time we take a proper look at the deluge of theories and info on what to expect in this new season. Hint: think water. Lots of water. Our Fortnite […]

It’s no secret that Fortnite’s immensely popular Battle Royale mode sports quite the learning curve. Not only does it feature a great deal of weapons and locations with which to familiarise yourself, but also a whole host of systems such as building and editing, the Storm, healing and shield items, piloting land and air vehicles, […]

The weird things I’ve noticed when benchmarking video games
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You may have noticed I’ve written a fair few words about Nvidia’s new RTX 2060 this week. It’s a good graphics card and I like it a lot. If it had existed three years ago when I wanted to get Matthew a graphics card for Christmas that could play The Witcher III at 60fps at […]

Layers Of Fear 2 will set sail for spookies
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I’d missed that 2016’s first-person spooker Layers Of Fear was getting a sequel but: oh, it is. No, not Observer, the ace cyberspooky game that developers Bloober Team made next, an actual sequel with a number and everything. Layers Of Fear 2 is its name, and wandering a spooky boat telling the tale of a […]

PSA: Slay The Spire gets a full release this week, buy now if you want the cheaper price
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Wednesday, January 23 2019 will be a day remembered in infamy. The day that the human race committed, inexorably, to self-destruction. The day that cardsy-roguey titan Slay The Spire left early access and got itself a full release. Such a lovely game, such a lovely game. You can check it out any time you like, […]

Wot I Think: Pikuniku
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Developer: Sectordub Publisher: Devolver Digital Release: 24th Jan On: Windows, Mac, Linux From: Itch, Steam, GOG Price: TBA Do you remember those jelly-like toy octopuses you had when you were a kid, which you throw at a window or wall? They’d half-stick/half-walk their way down the surface, their legs glooping on and off as they […]

Rainbow Six Siege operators: best operators for beginners, best abilities
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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 edges ever closer, though there are currently no details on the operators that will be arriving this year. It seems like now is a good time to go over the 44 operators that are currently in the game, each one with different weapon load outs, gadgets they can […]

This is The Basement Of Curiosity, a weekly Dwarf Fortress diary chronicling Nate Crowley’s attempts to build an illegal, underground zoo in everyone’s favourite text based dwarf management game. Last time on the BoC: Expedition leader Lorbam shepherded her dwarves to the Jungle of Hides, where they spent the spring digging out a home in […]

Digital storytellers, dinosaurs and newsroom bots: Seeds has them all
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“Make something that makes something”, goes the tagline for Procjam. It’s an annual game(ish) jam that invites designers to come up with a procedurally generated something – but those projects aren’t the only wonders it spawns. Every year also sees a new edition of Seeds, a companion zine where participants are invited to explain what […]

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