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Brent's Other Podcast
Host: Brent
Brent from can't talk about MMO games all the time, so this audio, video, screencast collection is an opportunity for him to spread out a bit and discuss other topics. All are guaranteed to be nerdy. And he'll be sure to talk about games plenty; it is unavoidable.

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Brent's Other Podcast #6 - GDC 2009 - Part 3
Fri, 15 May 2009 04:26:00 GMT [download/play]

More San Francisco GDC 2009 was languishing in the archive. Here it is. See Brent and Darren do a walk-through of Unity's game development tools and Vivox's latest voice technology advancements.

Brent looks a bit like a zombie on their final day of the conference. No brains were eaten during the creation of this video.

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Episode 6 Discussion Thread

'Unity...Wow' by Checksix
Submitted on 2009-05-15 17:29:56 CST
150 for an "Indie" seat! I'll be picking that up tonight!

Thanks, Brent, for introducing me to that.

'Little off topic but...' by Paganini
Submitted on 2009-05-19 02:41:58 CST
It may just be that I'm crazy, but I'm pretty sure Brent looks exactly like Houston Rockets forward Shane Battier.

'More/Less' by Akely
Submitted on 2009-05-25 15:37:01 CST
See more of?:
Tech, tech and tech. Graphics engines, server techs, SDK kits... nerd-out!

I really liked the Vivox segment. Good stuff. I wish more games would use ALL their tech.

See less of?:
Zombies! Nah, just kidding. Thanks for the effort... that was all work related tiredness, right. My partying? Right?