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Brent's Other Podcast
Host: Brent
Brent from can't talk about MMO games all the time, so this audio, video, screencast collection is an opportunity for him to spread out a bit and discuss other topics. All are guaranteed to be nerdy. And he'll be sure to talk about games plenty; it is unavoidable.

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Brent's Other Podcast #5 - GDC 2009 - Part 2
Sun, 29 Mar 2009 02:33:00 GMT [download/play]

Brent is joined at Game Developer's Conference 2009 by Darren of and Shut Up We're Talking. They wander the city of San Francisco and the halls of the Moscone Center where GDC 2009 is well under way. One of the most notable new technologies on display is OnLive ( which aims to stream popular titles directly to you computer or TV without the use of a client-side graphic processing unit. Enjoy the peak into GDC. There is more to come.

Brent's Other Podcast #5 - GDC 2009, Day 2 & 3 from Brent on Vimeo.

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Episode 5 Discussion Thread

'On-Live' by dan
Submitted on 2009-03-29 04:32:17 CST
Ok this sounds totally awesome but what i want to know if it is just going to be for console gaming or if it will also be for computers. And if it is for computers, how would mmo's work if the onlive service is subscription, would that also cover mmo subscriptions?

'On-Live line' by xabbott
Submitted on 2009-03-29 17:06:07 CST
The hyperlink to On-Live doesn't work.

'I can't see it working really....' by Checksix
Submitted on 2009-03-30 15:29:00 CST
Can you imagine the number of GPU's on the back end to make this On-Live thing work? Something has to generate that stream.

Oh and what kind of quality am I going to get? If more people are playing does the over all quality drop?

I'm leery. I can understand the attraction of not having to have your customer buy expensive equipment to play your game...but the cost must be made up some where because the back end must generate that graphic stream. All in all, I bet it's a wash.

'Just thought of something else...' by Checksix
Submitted on 2009-03-30 19:49:55 CST
I wonder if the bandwidth requirements would go up for some games on On-Live. Like if I was playing LotRO how much more bandwidth would i need if the game was rendered on the back end and MPEG streamed (or some other compression) to me.

Something to ponder...I guess we'll need to wait till we get more detail.

'\o/' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2009-04-04 00:19:26 CST
On Live will be for PC, MAC, and a seperate low cost console for the TV so yeah cool :) Wishing the best for them for sure.

I think it's like playing a game on somes computer far away and watching it with a video camera & you controling their computer.