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Brent's Other Podcast
Host: Brent
Brent from can't talk about MMO games all the time, so this audio, video, screencast collection is an opportunity for him to spread out a bit and discuss other topics. All are guaranteed to be nerdy. And he'll be sure to talk about games plenty; it is unavoidable.

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Episode 2 Discussion Thread

'nice' by Token
Submitted on 2009-02-09 04:56:59 CST
Great show. You said the vocalist Mic is great for on stage but I wonder why is it bad for podcasting.

'Audio' by Epicsound
Submitted on 2009-02-09 07:20:03 CST
Looks like the AKG 3000B. I've used the 3000B for many years - great mic. You mentioned Scott Johnson's podcasts audio quality and the use of compression that really takes the quality to a higher level. What compression are you using at home?

'I love seeing other people studios' by shuttler
Submitted on 2009-02-09 09:03:40 CST
I like the way you don't have too much stuff, sometimes people go mad on that and spend more time turning dials than making music.

I've gone total opposite now. I pretty much use solely software, Ableton Live and few N.I. Plug-ins along with a midi keyboard, trigger-finger. Monitors and Shure's.

Nice, do we get to see the band in action at any point?

'guerrilla style camera work' by AlikSteel
Submitted on 2009-02-09 14:27:01 CST
git a glass of water and two tylenol, then hit play.

Great show, It was cool gitting to see where you do your thing.

Alik Steel

'no no no' by darrenl
Submitted on 2009-02-09 16:06:19 CST

Kinda like sawwwwwwwwna.

'Intrested' by randomtime
Submitted on 2009-02-09 16:44:36 CST
I'm interested in what this podcast's about - can you release another freed that releases it in a different format (one that dosn't need itunes to run)

'oh la la' by twistah
Submitted on 2009-02-09 19:09:59 CST


Informative stuff. Thanks!

'oh la la' by twistah
Submitted on 2009-02-09 19:10:00 CST


Informative stuff. Thanks!

'Reminds me of my brothers band room studio.' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2009-02-09 19:18:06 CST
My brother used to record with a band like this, I remember going to visit the studio, it was like a boarding house were there was your room and a bunch of others down going down the hall. You just could not live there, but they were like 1 room apartments.

Some good memories for me even though I was not in the band.

I'm going to send him this link

And yes this is good even though it's not about mmo's beca it's what many mmo players do or are involved with or would be interested in.

'Sauna?' by Wilhelm2451
Submitted on 2009-02-09 23:09:41 CST
That's good Darren. Now go find some Swedes and teach them to say "smorgasbord" correctly.

'Smorga?' by darrenl
Submitted on 2009-02-10 01:29:09 CST
/looks at Swedes



'laters..' by Celestian
Submitted on 2009-02-10 17:04:52 CST
Had to bail after this episode. I'll check back in a few months if it's still around. Not really interested in the band or gear.

Not trying to be rude, just giving feedback as a long time listener to the Virginworlds podcast.


'm4v' by Brent
Submitted on 2009-02-10 17:16:38 CST
@randomtime : quicktime runs this file format, doesn't require itunes.

regarding shaky hands: ooh, the new iMovie has a stabalization feature. I clearly need to pick that up. /drinks more coffee.