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A View from the Top - Show 2
Thu, 26 Feb 2009 23:47:00 GMT [download/play]

Line up:

Karen and Shay join Kendricke and Steeliye from Legion of the White Rose on EQ2's Guk server.


-  You Make the Call!  We start the show off with a new segment, where we toss out a classic guild dilemma and see how our guests would solve it.  Tonight's topic is recruiting, and best ways for someone to go about building a guild from the ground up.  (No, spamming in public channels is not the solution!)

If you have a guild dilemma that you would like our guests to discuss, you can send it to Karen -

-  Introductions and background.  We hear about Legion's roots in Archmage, and how they grew over the next 10 years to become a well-established raiding guild in EQ2.

-  A look at Legion - We talk to Kendricke and Steeliye about their leadership structure in the guild.  They talk about a variety of topics, including how they handle raid prep, player complaints, and the sticky issue of loot.

- A look at EQ2 - Kendricke and Steeliye don developer hats to talk about what they love and what they hope to see in EQ2.  We also hear about Kendricke's interview in Forbes Online.

- Speed Round!

-  Important links -

Legion of the White Rose's web site -

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Episode 2 Discussion Thread

'!!!' by JamesTaylor
Submitted on 2009-02-27 07:19:28 CST
Can't wait to listen. I found the first episode really interesting and enjoyable to listen to, eager to listen to this one while working tomorrow.

'Nice Show!' by Seritaph
Submitted on 2009-02-27 18:02:38 CST
Thanks for putting it out. I enjoyed listening to Kendrick and Steeliye discuss their guild and playstyle. I have to disagree with one thing, and that was the advice for a new player to join a guild first thing. Of course the advantages of doing so are obvious. You may get mentored, catch-up for quickly in levels, be given gear, money and all sorts of other freebies. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but I'm not sure it's the best way to learn the game for someone who's new to it.

From my experience, I would at least do the first 20-30 levels on your own, grouping with strangers, making friends and getting to know the world and game mechanics. Take some time to explore the game and experience Everquest (or any other game) for the fantastic world it is; and at your own pace.

Chances are most of the people in a guild have already done this, are playing their ump-teenth alt, have been-there-done-that and have lost patience with the content that is a fresh experience for the new player.

I'm simply saying don't be in a hurry to join a guild. Take some time to learn what your favorite class is. Do some quests, collections, or crafting and feel the glory of making accomplishments. Develop you playstyle. Discover what aspects of the game you like best, because there are many, many things to do.

Then, when you've done all this and are thinking, "Hmm.. I like EQ2 a lot but some company would be nice." Join a guild. You're ready!

'white rose is not exactly pro at leadership.' by bigredjeff
Submitted on 2009-03-07 14:23:18 CST
could u get an interview with a more exp'ed clan? maybe one off the older groups in EVE or L2? WoW and EQ2 are easy mode and i imagine u will find easy mode clans there as well. keep up the good work.

'Easymode?' by brinelan
Submitted on 2009-03-10 15:21:29 CST
Just because a game is "easymode" dosen't mean the guild is easymode (define an easymode guild anyway). and I can tell you frome xperience that while eve isnt "easymode" not all corps are "hardcore" (again, define hardcore vs easymode). The eve corp I am in is pretty laid back and chill. We help each other out, and go shoot stuff because we feel like it, with the hd / alliance op thrown in as they come up. Is that the "not easymode" that you are trying to get at?

Anyway, another great show and it is nice to get a view at the different games and leadership styles from different angles.

'@brinelan' by bigredjeff
Submitted on 2009-03-16 19:06:52 CST
white rose aren't great leaders. they are great moderators.
anyone thats looking for good advice on how to structure/lead a clan, in my opinion, should disregard white rose. i know thats harsh, but what have they acomplished? Goonswarm and BoB from EvE what have they accomplished? now u tell me.

whats easy mode?

there are no stupid questions, but, there are lots of inquisitive idiots.
no offence intended =)

'@Bigredjeff' by Jaye
Submitted on 2009-03-16 23:12:52 CST
When you say easy mode, are you talking about the games, or the guilds? It's two very different things. I'm sure in EvE, most guilds are not as competitive and "hardcore" as Goonswarm or BoB (And yes, we do plan to have EvE and L2 guildleaders on the show). There are also guilds in EQ2 and WoW that are right on par with Goonswarm and BoB when it comes to organization, competitiveness, and accomplishments in game. (And yes, we do plan to talk to those guildleaders as well!)

There is also a big difference when it comes to defining success. I think you're looking at it from the view of - what has the guild accomplished in game/where do they "rank" on their server. This show defines guild success more by their age, how well they manage all the difficulties and potential pitfalls of running a guild, and how close they come to reaching their guild goals and their intended playstyle. No matter what type of guild (hardcore, casual, family, roleplay, etc), those that have lasted for years have had many hurdles they have had to overcome. Our show tries to look at how they do that. (among other things)

Going by that definition, Legion of the White Rose is not only experienced (10 years of experience under their belt) but has accomplished a great deal.

'no one plans to be mediocre.' by bigredjeff
Submitted on 2009-03-16 23:52:58 CST
great discussion btw
i dont think u can just change the definition of success and call ur self successful lol. u mention that your show defines success by age of the clan. I define successful clans as having meaningful influence. heres a good question...continued

i very very much look forward to any interveiw u do with goon type clans. i keep using them as an example only because everyone will know what im talking about, i think.

...what do u believe is the way the mmo community at large defines success in terms of a clan? it must certanly be different for a clan rather than an individual, otherwise, why the distinction.

i will read your answer but will not respond unless requested.

'"I define successful clans as having meaningful influence."' by Kendricke
Submitted on 2009-04-13 03:54:05 CST
Bigredjeff says that he defines success as having meaningful influence. Would that be meaningful influence on other players, on the overall gameplay environment, on the design of the games involved, or influence on the designers themselves?

'Show 2 =) ' by Luper
Submitted on 2009-08-06 20:52:40 CST
I’ve never gone out and promoted a guild that I was in, but I think I have a different mentality. I might ask someone to apply if I think they are good, but otherwise, I expect others to apply on their own accord. Usually, people just hear about my guild and want to apply. I’d rather have my guild’s actions speak louder then my guild’s words.

BUT, I do agree that screening and standards are super important when making a legion or guild. I’m actually helping start up a new legion at the moment and we have an application process, recruitment process, and then a vote.

Guilds do take up time. I’ve put in so much time even when I wasn’t helping lead a guild!

Meeting guildies is the fun part! You really do make long lasting relationships with these people, especially if you really want to.