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#003 - The Craft of War - "Oh no! Solo"
Sat, 13 Dec 2008 23:07:00 GMT [download/play]

Show #003 for The Craft of War Podcast

Today Marc delivers some upcoming WoW news.

Ali was not feeling well and is currently looking for heals from all Priests and Paladins. Lets all hope she gets well soon!


-PTR Greatness
-Dual Specs
-Character Re-Customization
-JubJub the Frog

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Episode 3 Discussion Thread

'Nice job on this one!' by telstar
Submitted on 2008-12-14 05:12:48 CST
Hi Marc,
Nice job on this episode. I learned something, you weren't trying to be too funny (which was good) and you kept it interesting. Hopefully it won't get dumbed down and goofy again when Ali comes back. This episode was good in my opinion.

'Confused' by Marc
Submitted on 2008-12-14 05:28:55 CST

Who are you? And what did you do with the real Telstar? I may have to call a search and rescue. Hope you're ok.

'I like it' by Jmo
Submitted on 2008-12-14 06:05:22 CST
So far I've really liked all 3 episodes. But I must say that I like how you added in the news. I know that the "News Format" is NOT what you're going for with this show at all, but I do hope that when Ali comes back that you may be able to implement a News Segment into the show in some way.

Maybe make it funny, but not A La "Lightening Round", I'll be honest. I believe the Lightening Round was the weakest part of the show, I couldn't even really follow it. Other than that though, keep up the good work. It's been a great podcast so far and I really do think you've been hitting the nail on the head for what you've been going for. Keep up the good work.

'Woot!' by LealaTurkey
Submitted on 2008-12-14 14:06:37 CST
My 2 copper:

Even though everyone basically talks about the news, the cool thing about it is that you get to talk about how YOU feel about whats going on and add your insight.

And Marc you had some excellent points about the dual specs! Thanks for making me think. I'll have to quote you this week, hope you don't mind. hehe =)

'A step up, certainly.' by Riknas
Submitted on 2008-12-14 19:46:30 CST

That is all.

'news/lightning round/Ali, get well soon.' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2008-12-14 20:51:00 CST
One thing I like are the coments about the news, now that is what I get into, I always loved when comentators coment about what's going on.

About the lightning round not coming back, I understand it was not so well recieved, that's fine.

I do think, even things that are not so good, we still end up learning from them more, then if the lightning round never was. still, it is funny. haha

Ali, hope you get well soon. Marc needs you :)

'What say What?' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2008-12-19 07:29:07 CST
I was listening to the 1st show again and I can't belive I missed so much, it was still even more awesome the 2nd time, 20k gold for a mount!!! What?!! Did you get it yet though? Are people paying you for rides then? Is there really a motor cycle mount in WoW too now, that is !wack!, :) I wish I could play WoW but I wanted to be the only one who hasn't, this stuff is pretty fun though.

If there are motor cycles, do they got laser guns in WoW too? If they do then I'm in. Laser guns and motor cycles baby! oh I guess we'll have to wait for WoS for that. Either way fun awesome show and can't wait for Ali to get better and come bac on. u 2 sound like pretty good friends, I like listening to people having good times together.

Homework section:

btw this is not in WoW but one time I went head on into a huge mob and aggroed the entire thing and all f us went to the hospital, all my fault, and it was because hit the the wroung buttun :| , oh well, they were like who got us all killed? because it happened so fast, and I was thinking to just keep my mouth shut but then they almost blamed some one else so I admited it, it was cool, they said it happens to everyone, oh yeah hahaha :)