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Free Play Podcast #9.6
Wed, 7 Jan 2009 21:51:00 GMT [download/play]

Two .5's in a row? That's right. Well, one's called .6, but that's not the point. Normally we wouldn't do this, but we want to make it up to you guys for missing what would be our christmas special, and with the episode 10 celebration on the horizon, we want to build as much attention for it as possible. In this episode, Riknas returns (Sorry) and talks about what truly makes a F2P MMO, and why we classify MMOs the way we do. We also fill in some final details on the game night, with the ever discussed voice chat that was not properly covered in 9.5.

If you don't know what we're using for this night, and just want to know that, you should know that
1. We're using Skype
2. It's taking place in a conference call
3. You do indeed need a microphone to talk to us on it. Our telepathy has been having mixed results so far.

This will not be repeated any longer, and we will be going quite until episode 10.

Skype contact information, the conference will be run by Riknas (Power-Mongering jerk, isn't he?) under the skype name, Sahnik00. Send a friend request to that name, and ask to be added to the call, we'll take it from there. If Riknas does not directly respond, contact either Krigare2 or Joe_Hart who will then berate Riknas for not paying attention, and then we'll take it from there.

As a note, last minute changes may occur, and will be kept track of through our twitter account, FreePlayGamers.
Hope to see you there!

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Episode 9.6 Discussion Thread

'Hey Dookies....' by Beauturkey
Submitted on 2009-01-08 01:06:24 CST
...will be seeing ya in game Friday night.

Might be recording, too. lol I'm sure you guys will!


'o/ :)' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2009-01-08 04:07:59 CST
I'm gonna go with F2P being "Free To Download" and "No Subscription Fee".

Although it would not be horrible if you wanted to talk about other close to Free every once in a while. It might be useful. the biggest thing about the pull of the F2P games is the fact someone doesn't not have to pull out or find a credit card. And they can play for as long as they want to a point.

Having the cash to buy the box is one thing but a monthly fee on a credit card is another because even for an18 yrs old, one would only do it if they planed on playing that game several times in a month from what I can tell in life.

I agree F2P is at minimal, "Free To Download" and "No Subscription Fee"

But then I don't think people would have a problem with you also talking about a "No Subscription Fee mmorpg" or whatever, Because most people I know tell me they also think, it is "free enough" as long as they don't have to pay a revolving credit card payment" for it.

I would not see any confusion with having a "No sub Fee Show" once in a while? That's just my opinion and personally I think it's all good whatever way you guys want to do things.

I know you guys don't mind getting opinions so there ya' go :) If you want to talk about other games then do it. It would just be a special show compared to the usual theme.

'Free 2 Play' by NoxFusion
Submitted on 2009-01-08 19:18:23 CST
If you want to be really really really specific and picky read this word for word Free to PLAY. Now this can still be taken two ways, either blatantly you can play for free, whether there's an initial cost or not, or (how I think of it) that there is no cost what-so-ever, including box/initial costs, to fully enjoy the game. There may be micro-transactions and such but they are not REQUIRED to play and enjoy the game. I see many sites specifying now that it's "Free to download" and "Free to play". Game's that give trials or "you can only go to this level without paying" I don't qualify as F2P because you do not get to fullly enjoy the game for free. Also, PERSONALLY, I don't qualify Guild Wars as an MMO simply because of the "massively multiplayer" part. I think of massively multiplayer as hundreds, even thousands of people capable of playing on the same map. If you consider 'massively' a group of 4-16-32 ppl then I feel sorry for you. Multiplayer is something used in many games to indicate more than one but massively specifies more than a regular multiplayer game. SO, I would consider Guild Wars a MOG but, due to instancing, it's not MMO material to begin with, much less F2P. Well, that's my personal opinion and I hope to see you guys tomorrow on Cronous. Keep up the good work :)

'GW' by Talyn
Submitted on 2009-01-09 02:29:08 CST
I also don't consider GW to be a MMORPG, partially because of the instancing, but mostly because I've been playing since beta and ArenaNet always made a big deal back then the the game was *not* a MMORPG. The FAQ on the official site *still* says it isn't but they've gave up trying to tell the media repeatedly and being ignored.

The single "massively multiplayer" aspect would be going into the capital cities, especially during an event or when one of the devs (Gaille Grey used to pop in and chat) appears, they fill up quickly with hundreds of players. Even then though, the towns are population-controlled and once full a new copy (instance) is created, similar to AoC's world zones. It's a shame AoC couldn't use a single server for all players like GW does... then again GW2 will be using multiple servers. /frown

Anyway, whether the game is "free to play" (and aren't most non-MMOG PC multiplayer games?) I draw a distinction between "free to play" (meaning exactly that whether I bought the game or whatever) and "F2P" which I only use to describe a game that is free to download, free to register, and free to play the full game not just a part of it.

'Even More interesting & cool thoughts.' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2009-01-09 11:30:46 CST
Is it that "theoretically" everyone in the game can be in the same zone, for example, can play missions or quests, considered massive?

I guess that would be correct right?

Then EVE has got to be the most massive game out there.

So anyways I understand Guild Wars is not massive, what word I should use is MPWORPG Multi player, Persistent, World, Online, Role-playing, Game.

P.S. As a side note: You know what the funny thing is? You can probably have a wider choice of who you can play with at any given time with EVE and or Guild Wars then with most other MMORPG's, kind of cool how they got that Multi yet interconnected server system.

What else is cool and interesting to me is, with EVE you pass through a gate or many and with Guild Wars you click a pull down tab but I bet it would be even cooler if with Guild Wars you just walked though a server portal to go to alternate dimensions but then that's more Sci-Fi lore, so it works more with EVE.

P.S.S. Also just to put it out there into the convo, other words that might fit for the games we at virginworlds like to play is Persistant Worlds or PW

Thanks again Riknas, we got some good discussion from this show.

'o/ :)' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2009-01-09 11:45:12 CST
I realize players are going to another area that is different then the one they came from and in Guild Wars you are going to another part of the worlds players area, & same map...

But, the thing I was pointing out was, just, that it is cool how they use many servers but still made their games to include anyone with anyone that can be online at the time, that is pretty awesome and I wish more MMORPG's or "PWRPG's" did that.

I hope Guild Wars II will do this even better as a possible and actual MMORPG & inspire more mmo's to do the one worlds many server thing.

Or not, there are always minus's to doing one world too, but whatever. I'm just having fun talking about it here :)

'That was fun...' by Beauturkey
Submitted on 2009-01-10 03:05:09 CST week, same time, same bat channel?


'About that huge crash...' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2009-01-10 05:59:31 CST
That huge crash in the begining, that was me,

someone who shall remain nameless ran into the back of my computer and got tangled in the cords,

half of everything went flying. all was ok on this end though, no injuries :)

By the time I got everything back off the ground, you guys were onto another subject, so I didn't say anything.

Group night was fun,

hello to everyone and to those who I did not meet before :)