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The Warpath Podcast Episode 1
Sun, 21 Sep 2008 02:48:00 GMT [download/play]

We're on the Warpath! Join Phillip and Stephen of The Drone Bay as they bring you a new podcast focused on Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

This week, the guys introduce themselves and give a rough overview of what the show will entail in future weeks.  Listeners can expect to have their MP3 dispenser of choice filled with tips and advice ranging from leveling to class-specific tactics in RvR in future episodes.

Get the scoop on how RvR scenarios can be a key factor in leveling your character through WAR in this week's tip segment.

Listen in on the debut of the discussion and opinion section to hear how the hosts weigh in on Destruction vs. Order, and listen as they wrestle with the question of their status as fanbois.

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Episode 1 Discussion Thread

'Goodstuffs.' by jayfizzle
Submitted on 2008-09-21 09:32:59 CST
Hey loved the show. Keep pumping them out!

'Great Podcast !' by mystery323x
Submitted on 2008-09-21 13:29:02 CST
I will be listening to these if they keep coming. I think Warhammer online is a great game and will stick around for sometime. I just pretty much stopped EQ2 because this game just seems to have everything I want , I was a big Dark Age of Camelot player. So warhammer is a great game for everyone who loved DAOC.

'12:01 9-18-08 ingame and loving it!' by telstar
Submitted on 2008-09-21 14:40:31 CST
Hi guys!
I didn't pre-order but I got the game the day before launch and was playing it at exactly 12:01 EA promised. I am super impressed with the launch of the game. I had absolutely no issues and haven't had any since. This has to be one of the best launch days ever - at least for me.

One question I have is that I get a slight bit of annoying lag as I walk around. I do have a pretty high-end computer and video card. I can play Vanguard with absolutely no lag so you know it has to be pretty good. Do you think this annoying bit of lag is just because there are so many players in the game? Has there been any word on this or others experiencing it?

The game also doesn't seem to have a good general chat system because there is virtually nobody using it. It seems to be chat particular to what town you are in. In WoW for example general chat is filled with ppl talking. Am I missing something or is nobody talking in general?

By the way... Thanks for putting this podcast out. I am having fun in the game and could use some tips because I am not really used to the Warhammer world.

'Lag fix for telstar' by jayfizzle
Submitted on 2008-09-21 15:48:52 CST
Go into your game install C:\Electronic Arts\Warhammer Online - Age of Reckoning\user open the xml document "user settings" in notepad. Under performance change specular to "False" and lightmaps to "False". Should fix your problems. Fixed all mine anyways. That only changes it in custom settings. So, you will have to use custom1 or 2 for you to see the performance difference. I think the game actually looks better with those settings anyways. But maybe it's just because it runs soo smooth.

It doesn't look like there is a world chat. I noticed the same thing. I couldn't find a trade channel or anything. I hope we are just missing something.

'Thanks Jay!' by telstar
Submitted on 2008-09-22 01:40:44 CST
Thanks a ton Jayfizzle!
That did the trick. My gameplay is super smooth even in the busiest cities. I noticed that turning shadows down to balanced helps too and doesn't really take away from the visuals. Game plays as smooth as WoW now.

cya in game unless yer a stunty then I kill ya in game - hehe see I'm getting better with the whole Warhammer lingo thing everyday

'WAR is just a big WoW battleground.' by Edward78
Submitted on 2008-09-22 15:08:07 CST
Sorry to say it, but that is what I think. If you PvP someone s/he drop loot, but not there it is generated from the game. I like Shadowbane's system of PvP & city building/sieging at war with a guild burn the city they build, attack players & get the players loot.

'Great Show' by BurntSushi
Submitted on 2008-09-24 10:50:15 CST
Really good show guys, can't wait to hear more from you.

WAR is a fantastic game, casual friendly and PvP viable at all levels.

Well Edward have fun with Darkfall if it ever comes out, because that is what they are aiming for.