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Limited Edition #9
Mon, 22 Dec 2008 19:28:00 GMT [download/play]

In this weeks Limited Edition, Stephen is welcomed back after a short break and we are also joined by Kyle Horner from Massively.
We suffer from a case of the Virgin Worlds  gremlins and briefly lose Stephen.

We talk about what we have been reading and playing. Which is lots of City of Heroes, a bit of WoW and plenty of Deadspace as John is absorbed by the Deadspace lore and universe.

We get into the news and talk about Geoff Johns leaving the JSA, Star Trek the movie having an alternate timeline.

Atari buying out Cryptic Studios

Micro transactions SWTOR, EQ1 & 2 and playstation home all giving details this week about the future of subscription models.

Star Wars The Old Republic gets a new video released and it looks good, well some of us think so! the Tabula Rasa spiritual home, evolves be sure to watch it in the coming months.

 City of Heroes Issue 13 has hit we've been playing it a lot and give our views on it first hand

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Episode 9 Discussion Thread

'WoW= what? (SW: TOR visuals/game influence from WoW?)' by rocknerd
Submitted on 2008-12-23 04:20:15 CST
lets not forget, that there were MMOs before WoW. it just so happens that WoW has 11 million people playing. did mcdonalds invent the burger? why is it that every shooter that comes out after doom, people aren't saying "its just a doom rip-off"... because its a first person shooter and ALL FPSs have a reticule, and guns right?

well all MMOs have taskbars, skills, abilities etc... blizzard shouldn't get credit for inventing the wheel just because they have took a spin on it.

i see this argument ALWAYS popping up everywhere. blizzard shouldnt get credit for invention of the MMO techniques as much as they should get credit for the packaging of an MMO.

what helped me to fall in love with WoW when it first came out was because games like Final Fantasy 11 and Dark Age of Camelot had very rough game mechanics for my tastes... remember those god damned downtimes for regen of health and mana, or trying to solo an enemy??? it was WAY TOO LONG and impossible to fight!!!

when i played WoW i realized you didnt have to wait 10 min to heal up so you could play again, you were right back in the action cause a developer finally said, "the games not happening during '/sit' its happening during battle and looting and conversation. that was the clincher for me. that sold me on WoW. now theres many things that WoW does that i feel arent up to modern standard. their vendors are useless, getting rewards for quests only nets you gear that isnt arranged for all classes, and your stuck being rewarded for your time with another classes weapon or armor piece... and NOW WAR, as well as LotRO has fixed those issue for me and i have moved on.

'Also re: WOW What?' by MrMikame
Submitted on 2008-12-23 12:16:07 CST

John And Stephen, Damn after you said "i Like WOW" you just broke my heart.
I used to play Wow and gave up for a few reasons,
I couldnt stand the community, And I had a serious Grudge against Blizzard after the closure of Starcraft Ghost i serously resented WOW and promptly cancelled my sub. dont get me wrong i still love the Starcraft and its one of my favourite IP's along with Final Fantasy, Starwars and Tabula Rasa.

I mean as far as a population model WOW is up high but as far as the gaming technology and play style its still in the dark ages so i totally agree with you RockNerd. Why does every one besides a few Have to do a WOW like game.
NC is doing it with Aion, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Thus I moved To games Like Guildwars and played that for several years - loved the lore and the advancements and changes to play style.
I still love GW but moved to TR and LOOOOOOVEEDDD it.
Damn NC has done the copy wow thing now too, closing down such an awsome game to say - "heres Aion, our new WOW like game"

Its just driving me insane! it also looks really Korean stlyed, Seriously whats with all these WOW clone Korean clone MMOs.

I dont have anything against koreans but seriously..........

'nice' by welshtroll
Submitted on 2008-12-23 18:25:32 CST
I remember reading about Champions online costume creator and the quote "it will have more costumes options than city of heroes ......... did when it launched", On closer inspection there are some newer features like 4 colours per item and the addition of adding textures to costume pieces, I'm not sure how that's going to be monitored but it sounds neat.

Enjoyable show as usual folks I look forward to new ones in 2009.

'oops sorry' by shuttler
Submitted on 2008-12-23 22:07:10 CST
Listening back I missed bleeping one of the naughty words sorry about that!