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Limited Edition #3
Mon, 6 Oct 2008 19:27:00 GMT [download/play]

In this edition of Limited Edition our heroes find themselves talking once again about comic book related Games, TV, Films and more...

The Thor movie has a release date and a possible director. Matt, John & Stephen raise their concerns.

Spider Man 4 has Kirstin Dunst confirmed, so what?

Ghostbusters 3 is being written, we get excited.

We discuss what we have been reading including Captain America, more all-star, deadpool, deadspace and more.

Now that summer is officially over we snuggle up in front of the TV and watch Smallville, Heroes, Knight Rider and The Graysons. Seriously Smallville for Robin?

Where's the games chat you ask? We'll we talk about City of Heroes Issue 13 splitting in to 2 parts, the new pact or level lock system, DC Universe Online and the up and coming Eurogamer Expo where we are all going!

Catch John at his blog, Stephen at his blog and all of us on twitter ..




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Episode 3 Discussion Thread

'New Sylar quote: "I am whats I am, gugugugugr"' by xBevisx
Submitted on 2008-10-07 06:50:30 CST
Hey guys,

good to hear another great show. all this talk of COV reminds me of my old Necro Mastermind called Deputy Deadflesh. A cowboy zombie evil do-er that end up being able to control about 8 pets, i think? great times. he lies dormant these days. stuck eternally at level 49!
oh and my massive werewolf looking brute, Cursed Blood, that took great delight in flying past heroes that obtained that symbiote unlock thing for reaching max level ( can remember the name ) in Bloody Bay and uppercutting them out of flight form. weeeeeeeeee splosh. excellent.
Im pretty sure I was on Defiant as well.

nice to hear about Deadpool as well as Ive recently been looking into getting some of his trades from our local comic shop died this year :( which was a real shame. it had some bad times like getting hit with a flood one week, which ruined a lot of stock. but it was a excellent store, a real good selection of comics and action figures, and a great manager that really knew his stuff. he was the one that suggested The Preacher and Sandman to me, and also Transmetropolitan which I shamefully admit I havent looked at yet. I also got a lot of my Lone Wolf and Cub trades there as well. One of my fave series EVER.

As for Heroes quotting real comics, I was watching the pilot disc from my dvd boxset the other day with the missus and I think Hiro mentions Kittie Pryde? Although Im sure Tim Kring points out he got the issue wrong in the commentary :P

Looking for to the next show lads!

'Join us!' by shuttler
Submitted on 2008-10-07 07:53:11 CST
I'd forgotton about the Kittie Pryde reference!

Real shame when a local comic shop closes, I love my LCS and I often think the only reason he survives is because he sells Warhammer and 40K stuff and runs games nights.

I try and support him as much as possible, despite it often being a couple of 's more for a graphic novel I like the social side of it so am happy to pay.

Any listeners are always welcome to join us on Defiant we often play on a wednesday night and its very relaxed, only 2-3 hours or so for a bit of fun. my global is @shuttler

Oh and just so everyone knows Matt will be removing the bucket off his head next time so he sounds a bit clearer ;)

'Dusting off the cape.........' by xBevisx
Submitted on 2008-10-07 08:51:48 CST
Ohh, thats quite tempting, sir. I may have to re-install and re-sub and join you one wednesday. The deputy is going to have to move his dusty old bones and harass the city with his army of dead once again!

'Hehe, yep, my corny submision won. good memories :)' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2008-10-08 07:01:55 CST
Lol, :) Yeah you guys are right about my character Max, yeah I would say he was from the 70's you guys hit it on the head, hahaha. His story is that he was a biker from the 70's and now he is a bit on the older side, yep the artist Andrew Wildman got it perfect I would say, it is amazing how they can do that. Here is a link in case anyone is wondering what it looks like

I'm letting looking forward to TR's future,

I always like/loved CoX too, I played in 2004 and it was awesome but a bit repetitive but always extremely well made imo. But now it is not repetitive because they added a huge amount of variety now so I'm back in for good besides for normal breaks.

I agree DC Uni is a different game from CoX and that is a great addition to the comic hero world. But I'm sure it will take them a while to perfect their game like anyone else too.

Yep I'm enjoying reading comics, I think I'll keep reading them for now on because it is really a good fit for me, I like the visual and I read slowly anyways. There like books to me. I get my isk's worth. :)

'Back to the Rogues.' by xBevisx
Submitted on 2008-10-09 08:37:13 CST
Well, last night I did sign back into CoV. First of all I was bombarded with veteran rewards, seeing as its been about 2 years since I last played! Also the PC I am running it on at the moment, is way better than the one I used to use, so all graphics were whacked up to maximum.

So I was bumbling around on there, trying to get to grips with what powers I have and what i should be doing as a Mastermind and about 5 minutes in I get a whisper asking if I want to do a TF. Now I do actually remember that they are kinda long raid type affairs but I had nothing else planned so I thought why not. It turns out to be a Rikti Warzone TF and there were both heros and villans in the group. Everyone seems to know what they are doing (other than me) and we stormed through the whole thing pretty quickly. I was mashing things with my zombie horde of 6, 8 if i summon the dark servant and a ghost from a dead pet, and basically harassing the enemy with various shades of creepy looking tentacle powers (seriously there were more tentacles than a dodgy manga).

The group was really friendly and helpful and I had a good night. It was the first time I had seen a Hami downed and by the end of the night I had hit the pinnacle of 50. All in all great fun.

Tried adding you to my global friends list, John, but I either did it wrong or you werent around. Hopefully catch you next wednesday?

'Sounds like fun!' by shuttler
Submitted on 2008-10-09 11:38:57 CST
sounds like you had a blast!

I had RL things to attend to last night :(

Next week?

what's your global?

'Sounds like fun!' by shuttler
Submitted on 2008-10-09 11:45:32 CST
sounds like you had a blast!

I had RL things to attend to last night :(

Next week?

what's your global?

'nice:)' by Sente
Submitted on 2008-10-09 18:17:10 CST
The group was really friendly and helpful and I had a good night. It was the first time I had seen a Hami downed and by the end of the night I had hit the pinnacle of 50. All in all great fun.

Congratulations to 50 :) Lady Grey Task Force is a quite nice one and being able to play a mixed group of villains and heroes is always nice too.

If you head to Midnighter's Club in Cap au DIable you can pick up missions for access to the Cimerora (ancient Roman area). Not so many regular missions there yet, but the TF is quite good.

Sending a request to add to global friends list should work even if someone is offline, but it won't complete until they clicked ok on their end.

'...' by Sente
Submitted on 2008-10-09 18:18:39 CST
Gah, forgot that HTML tags do not work here, first paragraph was meant to be a quote...

'Pass me an ale and call me trixie' by Ceadrick
Submitted on 2008-10-14 15:04:49 CST
This podcast is great! I bought the secret wars per your recommendation and I thought the art was great but the story was a bit slow. I read mostly DC since my son buys a bunch of trades so I didnt have a clue what was going on. Not to bad tho. I went and bought the All Star Superman and thought it was great. Superman had been my favorite since the 60's when I watched the Superman black and white shows with my dad. Good stuff.

Keep up the great work and check out my web site. I make some super hero logo stuff. Let me know what you think of it.