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Episode 26 Discussion Thread

'Thought provoking!' by mchris
Submitted on 2008-09-05 11:22:10 CST
China limiting online play time raises some interesting and far-reaching questions. I like the fact that one you gents (sorry, not clear on who is who yet!) took a pragmatic stance: while admitting it does seem a bit "Big Brother", it might actually be healthier for the public.
I saw a conversation in the general chat of an MMO regarding the US elections. A lot of other players were, quite reasonably, a bit miffed and said that MMOs have nothing to do with politics and could they keep their opinions to themselves, etc. But then a couple of bright sparks countered, "It's ALL about politics". And I guess they are right.
I will meditate on this further.
(Mikey to win!)