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Travels with Troy #7
Tue, 24 Jun 2008 03:54:00 GMT [download/play]

This week in the Travels with Troy, we say a fond farewell to the Age of Conan. Although a fun game, Troy could not get beyond the heavy questing of the game, and the seemingly lacking community within the MMO.  Troy moves on to TMOG: Combat, talking about many aspects of battle and fighting within the game of Phantasm Adventures. Troy wraps the show up with his experimentation with energy drinks. This week he tries Full Throttle: Blue Demon & Monster: Khaos.  Both he found quite delicious and energetic.  Troy ends the show talking about what games he has played last week.


Energy Drink Score
Full Throttle: Blue Demon:   7 out of 10
Monster: Khaos:                 8 out of 10

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Episode 7 Discussion Thread

'Troynan!!!' by Coldheat
Submitted on 2008-06-24 10:28:12 CST
That’s just hilarious. Great name! I agree with you Troy. I do not like games that squeeze you with questing and lead you by the hand in a way it makes me feel like I am not getting a chance to explore the area enough before I am forced to leave to continue the quest line. EQ2 at least offers quests that complement the zone or area instead of rushing you form one location to the next. (Of course Timorous deep feels like a bit of a squeeze)

'Don't like quests? Don't do them.' by Celestian
Submitted on 2008-06-24 12:58:00 CST
I find it pretty odd that people complain about quests. You can skip them! If you don't like quests, just go grind out on mobs. If you don't like being rushed off, don't go till you're ready.

It's really simple as that.

Some people like the quest chains and having them doesn't force anyone else to do them.

Request: drop the TMOG thing, please. I want to hear about real MMOs.

'Have you tried to grind mobs in AoC?' by Shalimar616
Submitted on 2008-06-24 17:38:14 CST
I tried skipping the quests, but after a full day of just killing mobs I determined that was far too slow a way to get to 20. Even then, you must still progress through the night time missions to escape the island.

I guess you can skip some quests, but I have been told that if you do that it can cause your character to be unable to finish the final quest to escape the island.

I would consider returning if I could just go to a guy, like in EQ2, and say I am ready to venture forth into the real world and they move me there.


'Too long ...' by Elsyth
Submitted on 2008-06-24 19:10:59 CST
I have to say that I found the Tortage section in AoC to be way to long .. it should let you off the island at about level 10 and continue the story on the mainland. By level 12 I was starting to feel rather disenchanted with it all. Prolly the only good thing about Tortage is that if you choose a different archtype you get a different quest line which helps with alts a bit ...

I still find the game world a bit small but that's likely due to the way the zones have been set up and you have to constantly tread over old ground to get to the next dungeon. Having all the main city hubs immediately adjacent to each other is a mistake for a start ... if they spread them out it wouldn't feel quite so small.

')**(' by AlikSteel
Submitted on 2008-06-25 15:40:02 CST
I love hearing about your TMOG talk

great show as allways

'Grind or Quest, or Mix' by Celestian
Submitted on 2008-06-25 17:11:11 CST
So you don't like quests, you don't like to grind mobs ... How else do you expect to advance in the game? I guess you could try pvp but I don't know if you get exp for that.

I found doing a mix of quest/killing worked for me.

I've got 3 level 70s in EQ2 and that's exactly how you [can] level in that game as well.

'I love to explore and grind mobs' by Shalimar616
Submitted on 2008-06-25 17:23:56 CST
I don't really understand where you came up with the statement that I don't like to grind mobs. I am the king of grind and of exploration. What I did say, was that you cannot grind in AoC, the experience you gain from just killing a mob is utterly pathetic -- you are forced to do the quests!

I have two boxes in EQ2 with a dozen characters all over 50th level; my highest guy is a 75th level warlock. In EQ2, you can do quests but you can also just wander around entering zones and exploring and taking down mobs. That is why I still play EQ2.


'Tortage in AoC' by Gnova
Submitted on 2008-06-26 10:31:21 CST
I hear people complain about Tortage a lot and I can't really understand why people have so many issues with it. It isn't that big of a deal.

I started a new character yesterday on a new server and leveled from 1-18 in 6.5 hours of /played time.
The only questing I did other then the main storyline destiny quests were the first set on White Sands in order to level me from 14 to 15.
From level 17.5 to 19 I will do the intro set of quests in the Undercity and the other zone (can't remember it's name off the top of my head). In order to level to 19 I will only need to do the first round of quests in those two zones and will skip the next step in the chains.

How did I do this? I killed every since mob in each of the instances I visited during the destiny questline. If you do the questline at the appropriate level you will always have mobs to kill within one or two levels of your character so the xp per kill is fantastic.
If you are a scout don't stealth through mobs to finish the destiny quests more quickly, plow through them leaving blood and bodyparts in your wake.

Basically anyone can level a character off of Tortage in less then 8 hours of playtime once they understand the combat system.

'Grind + Community = ???' by Talyn
Submitted on 2008-06-28 10:19:34 CST
Troy, I said this back when you were trying LOTRO... you're a hard man to please. You hate quests and prefer grinding. I'd say just sticking with EQ1 might be your best bet. CoX is grinding but I think it's grinding within quests so that's out. Lineage2? That's grindtastic, but I'm not sure that any of those Asian grindathons (L2 and the thousands of F2P clones) have any community whatsoever.

'Tortage Is Only Good the First Time' by Ardwulf
Submitted on 2008-07-02 08:40:19 CST
The Tortage part of AoC is terrific – the first time you go through it. The second time’s less cool, and by try 3 or 4 it’s gotten to the point where it actively sucks. The single starting area is a major flaw in an otherwise decent game.

As far as quests and grinding, I like to level by questing, but I also like to have the option to grind. The trouble with EQ2 in this regard is that while you can certainly grind, you’re cutting yourself out of a major part of character progression (AA) by not doing quests.