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WDA: Industry #7
Mon, 21 Jul 2008 00:47:00 GMT [download/play]


And so we are the last podcast, of the three Eve Online/Virgin Worlds podcasts, to bring out our show this week. As always we bring you news from the financial side of EVE!

Sadly there is not much news again so we decided to have a couple of guests on to help us answer some of your industry questions.

First we have a man whos name Lavista had trouble recalling, in the end we discovered he answered to the name of Yoh. He had many beginner questions about EVE and interesting discussion followed.

Next we finally managed to get Xonox Galatorg the industrial guru from my own corp to introduce his weekly new player industry guide, aswell as chatting about EVE industry in general. Watch out for the next episode where Xonox tells us about mining.

Also, It's competition time!

If you can answer the question asked in this episode you will win a free copy of E-ON issue 12 (what we call the mining special) and the universe map that comes with it for free! I'll even pay postage and packing!

Enjoy the show and see you for episode 8!

And the forum link:

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Episode 7 Discussion Thread

'Competition answer' by Yoh
Submitted on 2008-07-20 23:18:45 CST
Dam thats easy, the ship is known as the Orca.
BTW, i would of answered on the eve forums, but my account just lapsed. Murphys law.

(yes, I was the on the poscast and yes I relize I sound like a right bell end. No, I didn't know anything about the competition before hand.)

'Mummble Mummble' by Yoh
Submitted on 2008-07-21 01:36:20 CST
..... Yeah, I don't sound that clear. Practically have the mic in my throut.
Next time I think I'll break out my good recording mic, as the one I used was just a cheap headset mic.
Oh bloody I sound bad.....

'Maybe I'm humor-challenged, but...' by Mynxee
Submitted on 2008-07-21 10:41:01 CST
Seriously, dissing CCP for spending corporate resources on a fishtank instead of on game fixes? You were kidding, right? Because I'm okay with them having a fishtank, not to mention other luxuries such as working bathrooms, heating and A/C in their offices, and uh...yeah, paint on the walls and uhhhh, desks. Chairs, even. Therefore, I'm gonna assume you were joking and not CCP-bashing (which really gets under my skin because I believe they truly, truly care about EVE Online and its users).

Enjoy your podcast very much--looking forward to at least an episode a month now!