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WDA: Industry #5
Sun, 25 May 2008 03:01:00 GMT [download/play]

Hey guys!
Itâs time for another episode of WDA:Industry.

Sadly, due to the issues with the secondary market, we have very few things to cover. But with LaVista being elected for CSM, I asked you guys for questions, which I could ask him. I told him not to read the threads, so that the answers would be more spontaneous.

But to sum up the news:

Rawbloodâs Dutch Auction - LINK â Rawblood(In family with rawcola?) is running a dutch auction. Lavista explains the concept of a dutch auction.

[RAY] Bond share issue! - LINK â Ray finally announces his new venture. This time itâs a 4,5% bond worth 50bill.

W_horehouse update - LINK â The *****house is going strong! A stunning ~15% return on investment, trough poker playing! So while gambling might be bad, it sure is profitable(To the winner).

We also quickly discuss the call to action by LaVista, on the market discussion forum, seeking things for him to rise to the CCP council, for them to fix! The first draft can be found on page 3. Please help him, by adding more things! LINK

If you want to ask more question to LaVista in regards to CSM, please mail them to me, Benilopax, and I will ask them next week. Also feel free to send suggestions and feedback.

Till next time; take care!
-Benilopax <------ Forum link

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