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The Drone Bay Podcast #8 - I smell BACON!
Mon, 28 Apr 2008 00:44:00 GMT [download/play]

Episode 8: I smell BACON! Episode 8 is here, and it's time to fry up some eggs, because BACON's on the plate!

Bring on the Drones:

In the weekly recap, the big news is the Re-Release of BACON.

The DON'T PANIC topic for this week is the interface. Learn to set up your overview, and also don't miss Crovan and CK's number one interface tip for surviving in 0.0/lowsec!

Mail gets answered, as usual. Keep sending us questions/comments! Also, please review us on iTunes. We're in the "New and Notable" section under Games and Hobbies already. Thanks for the support so far! Also, if you have an idea for a mini-segment (2 minutes or under), then record it as an MP3 and send it to one of the e-mail addresses below. We'd love to get some good listener content!

No bloopers, but a fitting outro track.

Contact Info:

GAX Online Group:
The Drone Bay

dronebay|at| (comments/questions for everyone)


Bitter Old Noob (Crovan)
CrazyKinuxâs Musing
The Littlest Drone (Alsedrech)

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Episode 8 Discussion Thread

'Good show' by galen
Submitted on 2008-04-28 22:39:01 CST
Great discussion on BACON. Question, it sounds like the show got cut short. I've downloaded it twice through iTunes, but it ends with Als talking about "Pennsylvania" and cuts out. Was there more?

''Thanks for keeping the shows coming.' by FarScapeIII ' by FarScapeIII
Submitted on 2008-04-29 00:25:41 CST
You guys seem intelligent, I like listening to smart people, you are pretty cool guys.

I still listen to you and like the show.

Thanks for keeping the shows coming.

FarScape III

'Technical Weirdness' by Alsedrech
Submitted on 2008-04-29 01:47:10 CST
There were some edditing bloopers. So yes, the show got cut up a bit. Unfortunatley we can't fix it, but it was just me talking so your not missing much. We'll get it right next week!

Don't panic.

'Question about overview' by SiliconBuddha
Submitted on 2008-05-01 13:57:43 CST
Crovan mentioned (briefly) that he's shown people who have been playing for years parts of interfacing with the UI that they didn't know. Any examples? One thing I can think of is being able to move your modules around on the screen or hiding the passive modules. Things like that would be stellar to get a more experienced viewpoint on.

'Keep it up' by darkroastbeans
Submitted on 2008-05-02 14:01:24 CST
Great show guys, thanks for all the info. EVE is by far the most informatin-intensive game I've played, and your podcast is invaluable. I sent an email to my corp telling them to listen, so maybe a few more listeners will come out of that.

'@ SiliconBuddha' by Crovan
Submitted on 2008-05-04 20:50:06 CST
Most recently it was being able to right click on your capacitor display to stop your ship and enter POS passwords. Others were even more obvious, such as "Stack All."

'Give me some bacon.' by Pingle
Submitted on 2008-05-06 05:37:59 CST
Way to take your own bias and run with it, guys.

Lingorm's statement "Please do not take this as CCP approval" is clearly superseded by Grimmi's statement that CCP "believe this should be ok".

It's a perfectly valid interpretation to say that CCP "approves" of "BACON's method of interaction with the log server and logs".

Note that Cesar Malari has not stated that CCP approves of the program in itself.

Given that, I don't see how you can say that CM is incredibly irresponsible or has wilfully misrepresented anything.

The fact that CCP doesn't like it and are going to change the way the logserver works is mostly a comment on the program itself, not "BACON's method of interaction with the log server and logs".

'Great Show' by Votrian
Submitted on 2008-05-09 11:34:17 CST
Hi guys,

Wonderful show and you guys have pitched the show perfectly. Not gimmicky with too much sound effects, just three guys talking intelligently and enthusiastically about a game that we all love (and occasionally hate)! There is always something new in EVE and you chaps are bringing it to the masses. Have sent a message to my friends and also linked it on my blog. In fact, why not have a blog review sometime in an episode? All you guys blog and it would be good if you have a review of 'what EVE Blogs caught my eye' - section.

Love it - looking forward to the DroneBay episode 9.