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The Drone Bay Podcast #6 - Yes, I Assure You We're an EVE Podcast!
Thu, 10 Apr 2008 05:37:00 GMT [download/play]

Yes, I Assure You We're an EVE Podcast!

Five points for the movie reference in this episode's title! Yes, HordeCast was a cruel, cruel joke. Some of you got the joke, some didn't. If you didn't, we're sorry for scaring you. It's safe to come back now, the nasty Orcs are gone. We're back and talking about EVE again so...

Bring on the Drones:

In the weekly recap, Al and Crovan giggle at their own hilarious with regarding the April Fool's episode, and share the woes of everyone's limited playtime. CK shares a great resource for the upcoming CSM elections.

The DON'T PANIC topic for this week is mining. Crovan is allergic to Veldspar, so CK steps up as the mining sensei.

In the listener feedback section, a question is answered, the guys answer one piece of criticism, and Al and Crovan once again giggle about last week's show. Al is sorry. Crovan is not.

This weekâs out of game discussion is about...another MMO that Crovan refuses to name in the show notes for fear of mail bombs.

Keep sending us your mail! We love it! We need it! Stroke our egos! Flame us! We don't care, just send us more mail, or I'll put more exclamation points in next week's show notes!!!!

This week's music bed is "Forever Lost" by AlienHand. Go to the link to check out his other great stuff!

The guys had a pretty tight recording this week, so no blooper reel. Instead, please enjoy a really funny machinima version of re: Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton.

Contact Info:

GAX Online Group: The Drone Bay

dronebay|at| (comments/questions for everyone)

Skype: Dronebay

Bitter Old Noob (Crovan)
CrazyKinuxâs Musing
The Littlest Drone (Alsedrech)

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Episode 6 Discussion Thread

'Gallente Mining Crusier' by Cymru
Submitted on 2008-04-10 11:23:03 CST
Hey Guys,

Loving your podcasts, very insightfull even for more experianece players such as my self, whilst listening the the DONT PANIC section i picked up on a mistkae you made whilst talking about Crusier mining bonues, you did mention the Exequor cargo bonus, but you if read the Bonus for the Vexor it rescives a 10% bonus to mining drone yeild per crusier level, and for clarifiation whilst typing this a jet can lasts 2hours, and as far as hauling goes a expanded, rigged out Iteron V all the way holds a jet can and a half,

Just thougt ind pop that in quickly


'Jet can duration' by Antiquus
Submitted on 2008-04-13 20:49:47 CST
Thanks for the post Cymru. To be clear though, jet cans last 2 hours only if you are mining in a cruiser. In a Hulk, they last about 20 minutes.

'Jet Can Duration' by Cymru
Submitted on 2008-04-15 10:23:47 CST
no a jet cans duration time is still 2hrs no matter what ship you fly as far as im aware the difference if that in a Hulk you cna mine that much you can fill the can in 20min so it pops once you empty it, where as in a cruiser nothing short of a mirracle would fill a can in 20 min unless u have pimped out skills :P

'Great Podcast!' by Edgar
Submitted on 2008-04-18 07:57:08 CST
I love you guys' podcast! I find it to much more organized and easy to listen to than some of the other Eve based ones out there (cough warp drive active cough) And I really love how you guys cover some of the basics in your current casts, Its been a huge help to me as a starting player.

'Nice to Find Y'all - Hope to Contribute' by Jirikisunta
Submitted on 2008-04-23 15:51:14 CST
Great to find y'all. Great balance on newb/experience players, and I like the sort of tutorial tidbits that you are putting in each episode. I'd encourage you to post a link to this page on the EVE-O forums, to get newer players listening at the least, and also to get experienced players (like me) to listen and think about what they can contribute. Are you thinking of providing a list of wanted mini-cast subjects so that we can fill those? I'm fairly experienced in what we in my alliance call Ninja-Ops - which are capital-ship supported lowsec and 0.0 short-term operations using small POS's as tactical/logistical outposts. That said, I'd love to talk about the basics of POS operation - reasons for having one; skills and resources required; cooperation benefits; system/moon selection; etc. Anyway, look forward to hearing more from y'all!