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The Drone Bay Podcast #14 - It's live! It's liiiiive!
Thu, 17 Jul 2008 04:01:00 GMT [download/play]

Episode 14 is here, and was recorded in front of a live audience!

Bring on the Drones:

In the weekly update, Al and Crovan have both joined The Dead Parrot Shoppe Inc. [FOOM], and are knee-deep in FW goodness. CK has been hauling his afterburners off.

In DON'T PANIC, the crew discusses how to come back after a hiatus, much in the way that Crovan is doing.

This week's listener feedback section features mp3s submitted from our viewers.

Also, some big news from Al and Crovan...and how they have let their WoW accounts lapse.

Make sure to check out the in-game channel "The Drone Bay" (no quotes) to talk to other listeners, as well as the hosts! News on the latest show, the plans for the next show, and info on how to listen live is available, there.

Contact Info:

In-Game Channel:
The Drone Bay

GAX Online Group:
The Drone Bay

dronebay|at| (comments/questions for everyone)


Bitter Old Noob (Crovan)
CrazyKinuxâs Musing
The Littlest Drone (Alsedrech)

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Episode 14 Discussion Thread

'Cool' by FarScapeIII
Submitted on 2008-07-17 04:12:11 CST
That is so cool that you guys decided to get into FW full throttle, I guess that is really the main way to go.

So Far I've seen that the Gallente, Caldari, Minmatar and Amarr Militia's have been pretty cool on all sides to talk to in local and chat channels.

And it is awesome to here about it on your show, good times.

'Faction Warfare Statistics' by crazykinux
Submitted on 2008-07-17 09:05:33 CST
Here the link:

'eve books' by LollerWaffles
Submitted on 2008-07-17 10:19:16 CST
I actually just received both "The Art of Eve" and "The Empyrean Age". The art book is amazing. I found it really interesting reading about the influences that inspired the art direction in Eve.

I haven't had a chance to read The Empyrean Age yet. I recently finished Jim Rossignol's book "This Gaming Life" which had a large section about his experiences in Eve and some of the other major events (GHSCs epic scam, fan fests, T20, CSM).

I recommend This Gaming Life strongly, if anyone is looking for more books to check out.

'Empyrean Age Book' by darkroastbeans
Submitted on 2008-07-20 17:07:00 CST
I also ordered Empyrean Age with The Art of EVE, and both are great. The writing in Empyrean Age is a little rough in some spots, but the plot so far is quite compelling. I'm going to go back and read Gonzales's two other works, "Ruthless" and "Theodicy" on CCP's fan fiction page when I am finished. Keep up the awesome work guys -- thanks for being my audio EVE fix!

'SPLU?' by JammieDodger
Submitted on 2008-07-23 16:57:46 CST
Just listened to the last podcast and one of your last guest contributors put a plug in for their corp, I am KEENLY interested in joining! But for the life of me cant clearly hear the name of the corp or its spelling to find them! :( help!

'Welcome back, guys.' by taulibrus
Submitted on 2008-07-30 14:24:07 CST
It's great to hear the whole gang back together. Excellent show as always.

'There has to be an easier way' by taulibrus
Submitted on 2008-07-30 17:36:31 CST
And there is.

In response to the noob tip at the end of this episode, one doesn't have to go to all the trouble of building disposable alts. Just go to Turhan Bey's Quick Reference Guide. Link:

It's IGB compatible.

The first item on the menu there is Starter Mission Sequences which will show you which systems you need to go to for the three rookie mission blocks for each race, walk you through the process of completing all three and even has an example of what loot you will get.