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The MMOG Nation Broadcast #7
Thu, 1 May 2008 13:09:00 GMT [download/play]

The seventh episode of the MMOG Nation Broadcast is a blast from the past. Late in March I attended the Independent MMO Game Developer's Conference, and recorded a podcast on the way home. That Sunday I resolved to leave Slashdot, and the ensuing month has been a bit hectic. BUT! I have not podfaded. Not even slightly. Today I have for you a recap of my experiences there, and a sort of 'how-to' guide for attending conferences. This episode is the first in a collaboration I hope goes on for a long time as Shawn (of GuildCast fame) is now editing the MNB for me. Expect crisper-sounding, more timely, and all around better shows. And my apologies (again) for the delay.

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Tomorrow Comes Today, Gorillaz. Composed by the Gorillaz, used without permission.

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