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The MMOG Nation Broadcast #14
Sun, 10 Aug 2008 12:29:00 GMT [download/play]

This week for MMOG Nation Broadcast episode 14, Michael gets to 'sit' down with one of his blogging idols, Mr. Tim Dale of the Van Hemlock blog and podcast! Michael and Tim find themselves in most unusual circumstances: the depths of a fetid and swampy graveyard in the middle of the night! They're there to go graverobbing, pulling out the bits they want and leaving the rest to rot. The subjects of their graverobbing attentions?

Asheron's Call 2
Auto Assault
Gods and Heroes

Join us for some retrospectives on gameworlds that have gone to a better place ...

"Re: Your Brains", Jonathan Coulton. Thing a Week, Week Four. Used without permission, but I'd like to think he wouldn't mind.

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Episode 14 Discussion Thread

'Great interview with Van H.' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2008-08-10 11:55:33 CST
Awesome I love hearing about other MMO's even though I just play Tabula & EVE :)

Van, I love your pod cast voice, it is cool. The U.S.A. women would be all over you. I bet you would be awesome to go out picking up women with.

You know how you guys were talking about the Auto Assault way of gathering resource? Well imo in Tabula Rasa that's similar. When you kill whatever enemy or whatever you then run across their bodies and you get your crafting resources that way and your regular loot too. But of course you have to break it down at a crafting machine later but still that's not bending over and waiting for a bar to go across to get done gathering each resource for crafting. I love not have to bend over and wait, in the middle of a field, I can do the chilling out and crafting later.

'Good cast' by RogueSlayer
Submitted on 2008-08-10 15:28:55 CST
I just recently made a blog post about wanting my minions back, so it was nice to hear your opinions on them and G&H:RR.

As the game was so complete (yet not ready for primetime) I do hope that someone has a chance to carry on with the game. Cryptic still has at least one more game behind closed doors. While I do not think it is G&H, I could be wrong. It would also compliment EQ/EQ II nicely for SOE.

'Really enjoyed this Episode ...nice one.' by Dathmar
Submitted on 2008-08-11 10:55:54 CST
Having played Auto Assault and Gods and Heroes I too have a sense of loss for these dearly departed games.

Auto Assault was one of the only truly FUN MMOs I have played in the last 4 years.
It was just fun to drive around...
Okay the quests were a little boring - but getting them completed wasn't

God and Heroes was really enjoyable (when the server was up that is) - I liked the Historical side to the game and was sad to never have played a released version of the game....I am so surprised no one has picked this up.

I think Ryzom was the zombie lurking at the back of the graveyard.... its been stabbed a couple of times but its still moving.

'Known in some circles as Galactus.' by Melmothulhu
Submitted on 2008-08-11 22:42:54 CST
Van Hemlock: The Devourer of Worlds.

MMOs beware! He's already absorbed Auto Assault, Asheron's Call 2 and Ryzom in order to sustain himself, which world will be next?!