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Witty Ranter #17
Tue, 20 Oct 2009 02:40:00 GMT [download/play]

After a long disappearance, Witty Ranter is back, and under new

management! Riknas and Andras have appeared. Adam and Brent do them the

honor to crack the bottle before the next ship sets sail though. There

they have a discussion, that with the birth of something new, whats it

like to lose something old; and whats up with MMO Closure, the games that are

never supposed to end.

- - - - - - - -

Also, if you're interested more in MMOs, go check out Project: EndGrind, or MMO Voices!

If you want to join Project: EndGrind send an email to Riknassarn (at) gmail (dot) com, entitled PEG. If you have a topic idea for the Witty Ranter, send an email to the same address, only entitled WR.

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Episode 17 Discussion Thread

'TOR' by Token
Submitted on 2009-10-20 15:12:35 CST
You sound like you're watching TOR closely, any predictions for TOR's release date?

'Meh' by DestroyerDestroyer
Submitted on 2009-10-22 08:05:45 CST
Tabula Rasa opened November 07, and died Feburary 09.. it had a year. With Tabula Rasa though. There was far to many problem's behind the scenes with the game. You had Richard Garriott, who was famed with Ultima games. You had his brother who had high seat in NcSoft Korea. They were given a $100 million budget to make a AAA game. Richard Garriott dropped the ball, before the game was even released.

It was supposed to be a fantasy game.. which was started in 2001. Then many year's later. He decided to scrap all of the game, and make a sci-fi shooter mmorpg... which they had to do a total rush job on. Beta really didn't go well at all. You had Garriott speaking doom in interviews durning beta. The game was released very buggy, laggy, a joke of a PvP system.. that shouldn't have been put in, and no real content what so ever.

Richard Garriott left the team, and went to play space cowboy. Left a piece of crap Starr Long in charge... which only managed to blow sunshine up everyones ass, and didn't deliver on any promises. Starr Long got the hell out of dodge, and the game continued to downward spiral with no real leadership.

Date of the anouncement of the shut down it was said the game had around 25k playerbase. That's is $375,000 a month of profit... pretty piss poor. Top all of this off for NcSoft, having to keep NcSoft Austin studio up and running, and their new profound hatred of the Garriott brother's screwing them out of ALOT of money.... lead to TR's demise. And I can't blame them, or think their some evil group of jackass's. The last 25k left got a nice slap in the face, and free copies of Lineage 2(valued $20), CoX(valued $20), and Aion(valued $50) w/ i believe three months of free play time (valued $135 for the three games). They gave around 4million in giveaway's to around 25,000 people... Doesn't seem a whole lot.. but they showed they cared some what.

SoE has a better luxury of keeping pretty much all their games under one house, and having people work on all of them to cut down cost's. It's not surprising to hear about a guy from the Vanguard team... working on EQ2 for example. You see EQ2's new graphics (gleam's of Vanguard dev's).

Today's MMORPG world, isn't full of second chances now a day's. ALOT more people now a day's, want the game to be right.. from the very start. Which is going to put a lot more pressure on dev companies w/ future releases. And i can see more game closings happening in the upcoming year from various companies.

'NC Soft' by Checksix
Submitted on 2009-10-26 20:08:39 CST
In regards to NC soft, reputation is EXACTLY the right word.

Anyone who has worked with a Korean company will attest to this. The Koreans will do anything to not look inept.