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EQual Perspectives #14
Mon, 30 Jun 2008 02:40:00 GMT [download/play]

The dynamic duo is back from the oblivion, with a fresh show on adventures and trials in the world of Norrath.  In this new episode, Troy and Karen talk abut the future of EQual Perspectives, the go on to talk about what their characters have been doing in the game.  Karen leads into a new segment talking about the Living Legends quest, and the mysterious thunderous clouds that have appeared everywhere; while Troy talks about how to easily obtain a 45 percent bonus mount in the lands of the Loping Plains.  The two are all excited about the great celebrations and exciting events happening over the summer in Everquest II, and if you haven't played the game in a while come back and enjoy TWO free months!  The two end the show talking about the new Everquest II podcast, EQ-IQ!

*1.  The Future of EQual Perspectives
*2.  What our characters have been up to
*3.  Pick a quest to talk about (I am going to talk about the Worg Mount Quest)
*4.  2 Free Months to play (I have been told if you had an account from the past, you have two months of free play)
*5.  EQ-IQ the new podcast in the collective

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Episode 14 Discussion Thread

'Woot!' by Akely
Submitted on 2008-06-30 04:07:34 CST
Welcome back!

I missed you guys a lot! /sniffle

'Now that I have listened:' by Akely
Submitted on 2008-06-30 07:09:06 CST
Karen is essentially right. Now it's any level, you do loose all spells/combat arts (even if you betray to Warlock from Warlock). Grinding the faction up is a chore, and once you've done it nothing much has changed. But it's fun to do - once.

I find crafting great for just hanging out in guildchat when I don't have the energy to focus on something. It's also a good way to earn money.

'Yay you're back!' by Beauturkey
Submitted on 2008-06-30 12:29:44 CST
Good to hear you guys! I am enjoying the quests with da cloudy things a lot! Thanks for telling me what "prizes" I might get at the end!


'I Used the Cheat To Escape From Fighting' by Shalimar616
Submitted on 2008-06-30 17:29:18 CST
After the show, I tried the quest -- after a ton of running around and jumping through silly hoops, I ended up in the commonlands fitted with my special goggles. Sure enough, when you apply the potion to the invisible monsters the black creature from the void comes after you.

To escape the fight, just engage with some attack or silly spell then just /y for help and the mob returns to the cloud and you are rewarded with success.

I am glad you could do that however, becuase the toon i attempted the quest on was a weeny 17th level worthless coercer. I would have died a ton trying to succeed. I may even do the trick on my higher level guys ....

I now must start getting the scripts to hand in for the loot.


'Another Trick' by Coldheat
Submitted on 2008-06-30 20:01:28 CST
I mention this on my show. But I also noticed if you cleanse the mob then quickly run away a few feet you also don’t draw the aggro of the mob. Don’t even have to yell for Help.!

'Life gets in the way' by Eric
Submitted on 2008-07-02 10:13:11 CST
Hey, I'm back ... well sort of. Just listened to the show and I guess Troy is disowned me =). I'll have to stop by and /smack him for not asking to return on the show. Anyhow I've been heavy into raiding EQ1 and life has taken a lot of time lately. If there is interest I'll bring back the EQ1 portion of the show. I don't have a radio voice or a TV face so you would have to just put up with me.

Talked to Troy last night and will work out something to send to him in the near future, maybe I'll start on TSS raids and work up.

EQual Perspectives

'Hey guys' by Gooseman
Submitted on 2008-07-02 22:44:48 CST
Glad to see you guys back at it! Great show as always!


'Yays!! *throws rice and confetti* ' by CindyL
Submitted on 2008-07-04 12:29:23 CST
Welcome back guys you were very much missed!

The betrayal quest(s) is rather fun to do at least once, the story arc I found compelling, I hear it's not as hard as it used to be and it takes about 2-3 days to do casually probably faster for someone that can play all day. ^_~
You can be an exile forever and not lose your spells and combat art upgrades, you lose them only after becoming a citizen of a city, even if it's your starting city..

The void quests I find are ok if you do on one character but if you have alts and want a few things for them, it quickly becomes a chore of the highest order. Can't wait until the next chain in the world event at this point. ^_^;;

'Missed ya' by Daonii
Submitted on 2008-07-04 13:21:42 CST
Very nice to see you 2 at it again, keep up the great work!

'Welcome back!' by Ardwulf
Submitted on 2008-07-07 09:04:46 CST
It's about time! You've been missed!