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EQual Perspectives #11
Tue, 26 Feb 2008 04:33:00 GMT [download/play]

In this week's episode Troy, Karen, and Bill have a slew of email to go through, ending in a discussion on the qualities of Everquest II over the World of Warcraft.  Next, the team tackles the concept of Meaningful Travel.  Bill provides some insight in various aspects of Update 42 of the game, and Troy has a small rant about silly named characters still in the game.  the trio then wrap the show up with some gossip surrounding new Guild Hall Construction.  The theme song to Revelry and Honor is once again offered to the listeners of the show.

Points of Interest
*   Email
*   Everquest Vs. World of Warcraft
*   Meaningful Travel
*   Game Update 42
*   Curse of the Silly Named People
*   Guild Hall Gossip
*   Revelry & Honor Theme Song

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Episode 11 Discussion Thread

'Guild Halls Rumors ' by revren
Submitted on 2008-02-26 09:10:04 CST
Hey Hey

First off enjoy your podcast, Keep up the good work. Can i get a link to these forum posts about the guild halls.

Welcome Home

'Guild Halls' by Gooseman
Submitted on 2008-02-26 13:33:13 CST
Sure thing this is the thread I was talking about, a good read.

'ANother great show!' by Beauturkey
Submitted on 2008-02-26 17:18:26 CST
A few points:

WoW vs. EQ2: Two different games, like you all said. I am SO glad that you didn't just start bashing WoW, like so many in our bloggin' and 'casting world admitted that both games were fun, or you wouldn't have played them both, but you gave reasons. I think it is safe to say that EQ2 does come way out ahead with options...housing alone is a game in itself (was decorating last night hehe..coolest house in Neriak!) SO EQ2 is a lil more serious to me, a lil more deep.

Guild Halls: DROOL. Period.

Silly names: While some might be "ok" by game terms, anytime I see something as dumb as some I've seen, I report them. They don't have the right to be offensive. This kid in VG the other day was laughing about "gas chambers" and made a character called "Lilhitler"...needless to say quite a few people reported him...we were discussing it.

GREAT show again!
And PS: RnH needs to add me on the Guk server..I can never find someone that will. And another thing: They ain't the only one to have their own theme! :) My wife's guild Epic Dolls (named after her podcast) has it's own, done by one of my bandmates!
See ya guys!!

'Beau!' by Jaye
Submitted on 2008-02-27 00:19:48 CST
I must have missed you by that much tonight! I added your toon name to my friends list, though, and I have the officers keeping an eye out for you. We'll get you into RnH asap!

'yay!!' by Beauturkey
Submitted on 2008-02-27 00:42:25 CST
I logged in a bit, and man my lil ranger guy needs a makeover..I need to visit a stylist!
I'm usually on during the day or like at 1am so I understand we keep missing each other hehe

'Random thoughts' by Akely
Submitted on 2008-02-27 05:01:42 CST
Meaningful travel:
What is "meaningful"? Travel need to have a purpouse... Arriving is the purpouse, and without any travel (teleport or whatever) - how would THAT be meaningful travel. It is just lack of travel.

With the travel arrangements in EQ2 I find it extremely fast and, but with some places without shortcuts - which is fine for me.

Regarding the waiting for other players fo an hour: In my experience the main wait time is that players don't care to hurry. I've had players let a group wait while they turn in quests in other zones, go back home.. and generally not hurry up. A swift kick is sometimes needed, or at least a threat about it.

I think you're spot on when you say that there need to be options. I can sometimes travel on foot (even without mat/warg) just to experience the view. But I'm a dork.

Stuff stay on manequin? WTF. Thats... crazy! Ah well... /shrug Housevault would make sence!

Guild Halls:
I loved the idea of a (head) trophy room. The heds of Epic mobs shown would be a very gun feature!

Great theme song! I laughed, I cried, I got a craving for ale!

'WoW Positives' by Alali
Submitted on 2008-03-04 12:58:20 CST
1. The ability and experience of random players stopping to buff you and/or assist you in a random battle.

2. The uniqueness of armor and character style in-world.

3. The quantity and quality of available add-ons. I hope and pray something like "Auctioneer" will be available sometime for EQ2.

4. Cities seem more vibrant than in EQ2. Before WoW I had never seen toons just hanging out and dancing...a different culture for sure. Ironforge is absolutely one of my favorite cities in any game.

5. The ability to solo most content. (This could also be viewed by some as a weakness).

'EQ2 Positives' by Alali
Submitted on 2008-03-04 13:05:37 CST
1). Player Housing-absolute awesome ability to sidetrack oneself. Mannequins will add even more to the fun of this area.

2). Crafting is much more complex than in WoW. Guild Quests are available for Crafters. The new Master Crafter line is also a great addition, I have not completed this yet, but the added rewards are motivating.

3). Harvesting is not limited to one or two types of items as in WoW.

4). The impact of Mentoring on gameplay cannot be overstated. To be able to play, have fun, and derive some benefit from grouping with other players of varying levels is one of EQ2 best qualities.

5). The appearance tab, for as little effect as it has on gameplay, has really effected the ability for characters to look unique, and to even match their clothes :)

6). Starting cities are the best of any game I have played. RoK and EoF have taken these starting instances to a new level of excellence.

Thanks again for a wonderful show!