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The Online Gamers Anthology #6
Tue, 20 Nov 2007 21:33:00 GMT [download/play]

Welcome to Episode 6!  This episode is part 1 of our look back at ZORK!
- Two guys play a text adventure and find that sometimes those older games really had a realism of their own!
- Jonathan introduces the show, and talks about what he's been up to.
- The History of Zork!
- Jonathan talks about some of his best memories of playing Zork.
- Troy from Voyages of Vanguard joins Jonathan on the show and they talk about how Zork took the gaming world by storm, and about how the gaming technology has evolved since then.
- Jonathan explains how the listeners can still play the Infocom games (yaay!) and reads a few listener emails.
  - The next episode:  Infocom's other greats! (can you say "Babel-fish"?). Email us and tell us which Infocom game was your favorite and why at:  theonlinegamersanthology[at] 

  Play the Infocom games online:

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Episode 6 Discussion Thread

'I Just Had a Zorkgasm' by James
Submitted on 2007-11-20 23:27:53 CST
Wow. This show opened the floodgates for so many fond memories I had of playing Zork, which for me was the first game I encountered that made me feel like I was having a Dungeons and Dragons-style adventure with a computer.

Troy's recollection of how DIY computer gaming fandom was back then really made me nostalgic for that time. Jonathan triggered some wonderful memories for me when talking about playing Zork with his Dad too.

I have such a vivid recollection of spending a summer at my best friend's house playing Zork as his Mom sat in the other room playing the text-based Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Infidel. Those text-based computer games were the first titles that made me realize, "Wow, adults play these games too." It makes me chuckle thinking back on those thoughts now that I'm in my mid-thirties and have a good 25+ years of computer gaming under my belt--and I'm probably currently around the age my friend's Mom was back then.

The thing I love about your show in general is it makes me look at gaming within the context of the evolution of my life and how it really was amazing to be there from those early days reflecting on them now. I can't wait to hear how Ultima III ruined Troy's life when you do your Ultima show.

I remember when King's Quest came out and took elements of the text-based adventures and added graphics. When I look at where gaming is today, it's simply mind-boggling how far we've come!

'Wow' by Shawn
Submitted on 2007-11-21 11:39:23 CST
Troy's set-up for his C64 was exactly like mine. I had that small 12 inch B&W tv as a monitor with the loose wires in the back and everything. I know I bought my 1541 disk drive at Wards too because that memory is burned in my head, it was such an exciting moment. From tape drive to disk drive. Modern technology at it's greatest.

Anyway, great show! I'm off to play Zork on that website now!

'Doh!' by Jonathan
Submitted on 2007-11-21 20:59:18 CST
I just realized that I mentioned in the show like 3 times for people to email their favorite Infocom stories but neglected to mention the ADDRESS!! LOL So just a quick reminder that the email address is:


With all the great Zork memories I can have, I totally can't wait to hear yours. :)

'Infocom' by Isanox
Submitted on 2007-11-25 13:35:07 CST
Even though I was a huge Infocom fan, I was never a big Zork fan.
As the games went on, it seemed like some of the quests because more abstract.
I was a huge fan of the Scott Adams ones, so much so that I started writing my own.

Those Infocom games were great, the Escapist has an article about them, and there is a white paper floating around about how they went under.
I love all the swag they put in those odd size boxes. I remember how back in the day I would get them from the local mom and pop computer store or in the bookstores. I remember my B. Dalton had a whole selection of them.

You mentioned babel fish. That’s funny since Hitchhikers is one of the few I could not play. I had an Apple II+ which had 48k of memory, right around Hitchhikers they bumped the memory requirements up, and I could not play them anymore.
As for the best one.. well it has perhaps the best name of any game ever…Leather Goddesses of Phobos! Oh man that thing was awesome. If I remember they had 3-D glasses and an accompanying comic book. But best of all was the scratch and sniff card that was included.,40427/
Can’t wait for the D&D show. Don’t forget to include the SSI gold box games. Pool of Radiance was, to me the convergence of D&D and PC games and remains one of my top 10 all time greatest games.