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The Online Gamer's Anthology #14
Wed, 14 May 2008 02:38:00 GMT [download/play]

Welcome to Episode 14!  This episode is Part 1 of our look back at Dungeons and Dragons!

- When one of the players brings a "Book of Useless Items" to their weekly roleplaying group, hilarity ensues.
- Jonathan introduces the show from a tavern in Barovia.
- The History of D&D!
- Jonathan explains how he first got into D&D.
- Jonathan welcomes "Dragonlance" co-creator Tracy Hickman onto the show. They talk about how Tracy first discovered D&D, how Dragonlance and Ravenloft were created, and some wonderful insights into the concepts behind Dragonlance.
- Jon closes the show and talks about the SOE FanFaire!
- Outtakes!

- Next Episode:
   We continue our look at D&D with gaming memories and stories!

   Email us your favorite D&D gaming moments at theonlinegamersanthology[at]!!

  Tracy and Laura Hickman's Pages:

  Dragonlance Chronicles

  The Addicted Gamer Podcast

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Episode 14 Discussion Thread

'interview' by jderickson
Submitted on 2008-05-13 23:55:28 CST
It's cool that you got to interview Tracy. Dragons of Autumn Twilight was the first book I read after reading LOTR in the beginning of 6th grade. It was pure chance actually, I found it forgotten/abandoned inside of a student desk in my last class of the day. It was beat to hell but the cover looked interesting and the dragon looked pretty badass, so I decided I wanted to read it. So I stole it. Sorry Tracy, didn't pay you a dime for that one. I bought the other books though. I still have that pilfered DoAT somewhere, 11 years later...

'Oi' by randomtime
Submitted on 2008-05-14 02:27:17 CST
Us British don't really talk like that! It's all tish-tosh and nonsense!

Keep up the good work


'Those Barovians...' by Jonathan
Submitted on 2008-05-14 09:28:30 CST
LOL Yeah the script originally had her saying "Aye" and it ended up coming out as "Oi"... I suppose we could say that it's actually part of some unknown Barovian dialect with some Vistani influence...
I don't think I'll ever let her live that one down. ;)

'The Books Sound Cool' by techraan
Submitted on 2008-05-14 09:51:44 CST
Ok, you got me. I heard what ya gotta say about yer books and uh.... yeah! Now I want to read them!
The skit at the beginning was pretty friggin' funny. Yer dad, with that raspy voice would be perfect for introducing Time Life Books, The Civil War on TV. Good stuff. I loved this one. I'm gonna grab a Diet Coke. It comes in pints.

'RE: Diet Coke' by randomtime
Submitted on 2008-05-14 16:49:10 CST
What's the deal with the pints thing, and diet pepsi tastes so much better than diet coke - I've had enough sugar free drinks to know that.

'GOING CRAZY!!!' by Luper
Submitted on 2008-05-14 19:04:42 CST
DnD was so much fun! My friends and I used to get together every Sunday to play. It was so so much fun, and very exciting. We played a game for 2 years and I got my Druid to level 22. I got so into my character and loved every moment of it. I'm sad to say I havent been able to play DnD in awhile. =/

My boyfriend gave me the first book section of the Dragonlance. He said that I would love it because it was the type of book I liked to read. I used to read all the books by Robert Jordan..who Im sad to say is no longer with us. I was really looking forward to the final book. Getting back to reality, I LOVE THE DRAGONLANCE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tracy and Margaret did a great job! I am currently still reading the third section of the Dragonlance, and loving it. I continue to buy the books as I get further through the series. My boyfriend says Im addicted. I live in Illinois and I think Margaret lives kind of near me! I was hoping one day to meet the two of you. You're on my list of people to meet.. along with the members of Tool, and Megadeth. haha..

I'm currently writing a book of my own. ^_^ Anyways, keep writing! I love listening to this podcast. You do a great job and keep my interest. I'm glad I've gotten into the podcast world.

~Luper the Dragonslayer (Voyages of Vanguard Co-Host)

'Fantastic' by scytale2
Submitted on 2008-05-14 19:47:58 CST
You do really impressive stuff, Jonathan. I love the way you handle the music, the sketches, the performance etc. Awesome for a free product.

The skits would be worth being downloadable separately.

'Love Dragonlance' by BurntSushi
Submitted on 2008-05-14 21:15:37 CST
The Chronicles is what kick started my fantasy love.

But I would like to kick them in the tits for Summer Flame.

Great interview and great show. I am looking forward to part 2.

'top notch' by Brent
Submitted on 2008-05-16 19:12:22 CST
Truly an awesome podcast, once again.
I mean, wow, Tracy Hickman. You'll have to tell me your secret.
Wonderful wonderful wonderful.

'An instant Classic' by Isanox
Submitted on 2008-06-06 07:09:13 CST
You outdid yourself Jonathan. When Dragonlance hits it's 50th anniv people will still be listening to it.

Great job, looking foward as all was to the next show

'More D&D!' by Jonathan
Submitted on 2008-06-06 14:20:51 CST
Thanks so much for all the kind comments! The next episode should be out this weekend! Kind of funny that it coincides with the release of the D&D 4th edition... Hmmmm.... ;)