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Oh My God Real Life Podcast #8
Mon, 3 Dec 2007 02:01:00 GMT [download/play]

On this 8th episode of OMG-RL, we have a 3rd person with us for the first time. Brenden from AnotherHere joins Jenna and I to let loose on the advice for 4 lucky listeners.

- First we get a follow-up from Little Lea, where she explains a few more details on her original email.
- Frosty tells us a little story about Miss Clingy, who is probably making voodoo dolls of him by now.
- Ace the Ace wants to know how to convince his parents that gaming isn't the devil.
- Monarch of Ranging feels burnt-out on games, but doesn't have anything else to do. Is this a common problem?
- And finally, "Anonymous" is writing for a "friend" who is a "virgin", but has "sex" with "chicks" still. But wait, there's "more". Are the "air-quotes" getting "annoying" yet?

We also have a fairly long follow-up audio from Austria's own Gimli, letting us know about his meetup with his Second Life Romance.

If you have a problem you want solved by Jenna (and Shawn sometimes), send an email or voice clip to show at

The theme music for this episode is "Anywhere But Here" by Behavior, and of course "Real Life Drama" by Rackjaw.

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Episode 8 Discussion Thread

'Brenden ROCKS!!!' by ashtikankano
Submitted on 2007-12-03 09:50:44 CST
Shawn, Brenden is a keeper. Good show. His style mirrors your in many ways and he brings an additional sense of gravitas that is in keeping with the topics of the show. Keep up the good work amigo, and I look forward to more shows with Brenden, you, and "Genna." Just kidding I know its Jenna. Shawn, please tell Jenna to relax! I'm sure your not going to be giving her the boot any time soon.

The new 3-host format seams to work really well. It adds a sense of balance and relaxed conversation that really is entertaining. If you ever do decide to rotate co-hosts please keep the 3-host format. It seams to work for this show and GC. Your GC episode 82 with Louden, Sinaea, and you was really fun and informative.

Two thumbs way up on this one!!

'A fun show' by Akely
Submitted on 2007-12-03 14:36:53 CST
This was a great show.

Old porn! Woot. I'm more of a Seka guy myself but...

Frosty segment:
"pet rabbit". I laughed so hard my little son started to cry. Damn you! :-D

Ace segment:
I agree that after chores is "done" Ace's time should be his spend as he wants. B. hit the nail on the head with the comment about going to collage with the remark that Ace's there can game as much as he wants "within the confines of what he have to do". Is this not what the parents are teaching? Perhaps not with that minute thing.

Monarch segment:
Face-to-Face gaming is an excellent advice. D&D, Magic, Warhammer. Anything that gets you meet people PHYSICALLY. I'd also like to add that "horrible" sounds bad. Materialistically M's life is OK, since he has food and shelter, and computers... But if living conditions at home is psychologically bad... Get counseling/help.

Anon segment:
WTF? Somebody buy me a clue, please.

Thanks for a good show Shaun, Jenny and Brendan!

'Sweet' by Trixor
Submitted on 2007-12-04 00:23:28 CST
Sweet show once again guys, and Brandon is funny, but not as funny as Jenaa. *prepares to write Sean a angry mail.* (jk, jk)

Frosty has a point though, a lot of noobs tend to cling to the first person that takes to time to actually SAY something to them. True, his story is a bit extreme.

Ace basically needs to sit down with his folks and tell them he's no longer the little kid his parents probably see him as, and to stop treating him as such. (unless you're going to move out soon, then just.. deal with it a little longer)

Monarch.. yah.. get some help man, using games to get away from problems is NOT the way to handle it. Problems need to be faced head on, running from them will only hurt you in the long run. My parents were.. less than fun to hang around. Some things happened that led me to face the problem head on. (which, for me, involved knocking my dad to the ground. ( Not adviced!))
The face to face interaction is a perfect way to

As for Anonymous, i think Jenna said all there is to say about that.

And i didn't get the Gimli part AT ALL, i zoned out halfway through. Sorry to say this, but next time stick to emailing.

All in all, perfect show, I hope we'll hear more from Brenden in shows to come. =)

Cudos to Shawn and Jenna!


'Very Funny!' by Ariannel
Submitted on 2007-12-04 13:14:11 CST
Another great show!

I feel bad for poor Frosty but, as you guys said, he's just going to have to be firm with her and if she doesn't stop, then ignoring is the only way. I definitely agree that she's probably someone who is quite young and has developed an annoying crush on him. It'll be better for her if she learns this lesson now rather than later in her life.

Sounds like Ace's parents have been watching a little too much of the gaming horror stories on the news and not taking into account the personality of their own son. Everytime I see a segment on the news on "gaming addictions" I cringe because I know that somewhere out there, someone's parents is gasping in shock and immedietly pressing the freeze button on their child's gaming life. Ugh.

Monarch definitely needs to have some RL friends. It's good to have a little balance in your life. I think D&D is a perfect segue into it.

Anonymous.... I really don't know what to think. I wonder if the 33 year old has never actually seen or talked about "romantic sex"? I mean, I guess I can kind of see his reservation if all he's ever seen or experienced is kinky nasty sex. He may feel that he doesn't want to pollute the girl with that kind of activity and so is shying away from her. I don't know.... Seems a little weird. He needs to read some romance novels if that's the case.

Gimli - It was great hearing from him! Sounds like he's really got a good head on his shoulders about this relationship. I wish him and his girl all the best.

' A private conversation...' by scytale2
Submitted on 2007-12-05 14:19:39 CST
I can't help thinking that I intruded upon a private conversation with this podcast...

Jenna you're talents are being squandered on this.

Seriously, one or two entertaining moments - "Miss Clingy" was the best - but there was a lot of quantity and not enough quality. Half an hour of good stuff does you more credit than an hour plus of mediocre.

'TY Shawn' by Eksdin
Submitted on 2007-12-05 21:35:36 CST
Just what i wanted, an OMG-RL ep for my birthday!

'Trios ? WOOT !' by MeiliShihong
Submitted on 2007-12-08 08:14:10 CST
You know what, a Trio of sexy voices makes OMG-RL even more appealing. HAH ! Keep up the awesome work, That episode was really funny, cudos to Brenden for this first OMG-RL episode, I'm really anxious to hear the next one. I love you guys /cheer ! :D

'Attack of the gaming "gril"' by TranquilAbyss
Submitted on 2007-12-09 19:14:23 CST
I played wow till I got to level 40. During this time I was "harassed" by a "girl" who would tell me similar things a Frosty. I was 15 at the time i was playing and i just told her to get lost. I could not play the game with her stalking my character. It was freaky for some one to put that much time and effort into bugging you. I had to ignore her and never heard from her again. But it sucks to be bugged like that in a game. I like to help new players but hopefully they become independent. Just though I say Frosty is not the only one.

'Jenna, we luv ya!' by TexMurphy
Submitted on 2007-12-14 00:53:46 CST
OMG, Jenna liked you on GuildCast and LOVIN you on OMG-RL. I was actually LOLing in my car on the way home tonight listening to you go on about ass. You know, taking it in, and those painful ass quarters. Keep up the great work you guys we love ya and you're damn good entertainment!