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Oh My God Real Life Podcast #26
Wed, 18 Feb 2009 23:27:00 GMT [download/play]

This 26th episode of Oh My God Real Life returns with 6 emails:

- Mike writes in with a somber email about his wife leaving him for a guildmate.
- Marlo writes a novel about ...well, we're not sure. Just listen.
- Fetid wants some career advice, as Shawn gives his best reason why Gynocology is recession-proof.
- Thistle needs to know if he should lose weight before trying to ask a girl out.
- Fried Bacon wants to know if they're actually addicted to WoW
- Keith needs some advice about his girlfriend who gets angry when he offers to pay, hold doors open, etc.

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If you'd like to have your email read on the show, send it along to "show" at As always, we promise to be obnoxious, unfunny and pronounce every typo verbatim.

The theme songs for OMG-RL are "Real Life Drama" by Rackjaw and "Anywhere but Here" by Behavior.

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Episode 26 Discussion Thread

'nice' by Token
Submitted on 2009-02-19 16:18:33 CST
That was the best OMGRL yet. The British jokes were the best.

'\o/' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2009-02-19 18:54:50 CST
Hi Shawn & Jenna, it is awe inspiring how good u r both getting at interacting and understanding. Great job "as always" :)

Here's some contribution to the comment section.

I talked to some one who listens to the show in LotRO, they noticed my name FarSpace, isn't that funny? Small world. They were of course really cool.

About mmo's and men & women, for some reason it seems they got it right from the start and that is to make men & women exactly the same and equal in games. And in games especially LotRO what I'm playing now people will help out if they can and it comes and goes around eventually.

So I figure a women does not have to feel embarrass because she considers her self a women's lib person, personally I figure almost everyone is anyways now a day & we'll just have to act like it's every day normal.

What good comes upon you is an opportunity do have a chance to choose what you do with it.

The last e-mail reminded me of my best friend and I. Basically he likes to go out to the clubs & he doesn't want to go alone. So he's like it's his idea and he really wants me to go with so he pays anyways.

It just depends on who was the one who wanted to go 1st and asked the other out and so that persons pays for it.

I woman asked me to go with her some ware because she needed the company and so I told her I did not have the money so she said no problem she would pay for me. So I was like cool, let's here it for women's lib and I was happy she had a much better job then me & so paid. :)

About the man who 's wife is leabing, i'm so sorry. My wife cheated on me too, but my child is really what life is all about for me anyways.

Some of the things I did and do are go to a recently deforced group at church for me and my Daughter, she went with another group of children who were just like her with her parents braking up. And I braught my daughter to see all different family members to just let her know how loved she was and she was not alone and she had people to talk to and just because it is fun. I was glad to have my friends who knew me and could understand my griefe and worries. but yes, shawn and Jenna gave some good advise about getting help and talking to people personaly.

I for one am glad I have the ability to play mmo's with friends and be able to talk about all sorts of stuff :)

@ Token, I agree & they just keep getting better or I keep on understanding them more and more, 1 of those things :)

'First post' by totalchaos09
Submitted on 2009-03-03 12:57:30 CST
Just got around to listening to this.

Mike hearing your email, was almost like living my life over again, about 1 year ago. I was not maried, or had kids with my then girlfriend, but i found out she was cheating on my with somone she met off an mmo.

At the time, it was the worst thing i went through, I thought my life was over, looking back at it now it was the best thing that ever happened to me, had me and my ex never ended, i would have never met my now fiancee, who is a million times better then my ex in every way. To be honest i never thought a relationship could be this good.

Shawn & Jenna are right, as hard and hopeless as the situation seems right now, it does and will get better. It'll take time, maybe even alot of time, but it will get better. what your ex did to you was straight up fucked and wrong on so many levels, but don't let her bad choice run your life. Take the time to heal, reflect on your marriage, think about the good times and the bad times and learn what you can out of this. As odd as it sounds you can learn learn alot about yourself and learn so many things that will help you in life, through this time of your life.

I feel your pain man, but you have a wonderful child out of this, and nothing can ever take that away. I hope you're doing ok and i wish you a speedy recovery. Best wishes man.

'Hope you get my mail' by MrMikame
Submitted on 2009-03-31 11:38:53 CST
Errrr yeah, i said it already but, NEWBIE HERE!
ooo is that a band name?

Phew with that off my cheast i can dish out some thanks,


listener love
Mr Mik

And of course the biggest WARMEST hug i can muster for Mike.
Were all thinking and praying for ya!.

'I'm late ' by Akely
Submitted on 2009-04-15 08:16:02 CST
Been 'away', but in case it might matter I'll say it anyway:

For what it is worth; It will never stop hurting totally. But it will stop hurting ALL THE TIME. I can say that out of personal experience. I know it sounds cliché and not that useful.

Time for a new show? /poke /nudge