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Oh My God Real Life Podcast #25
Fri, 23 Jan 2009 23:09:00 GMT [download/play]

This 25th episode of Oh My God Real Life returns with 6 emails:

- Sam writes in to thank us for our previous advice. We love these emails!
- Chris wants to know why people feel the need to disrespect authority, while Jenna tells us her golden shower theory
- FarSpace is worried about being too nice, which seems to be a very rare disorder we've never encountered before
- Doc needs advice on less fragging and more shagging
- Neo wants to know how to approach the hot gamer chick in school
- Nethers wants some reassurance that his life is going in the right direction

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If you'd like to have your email read on the show, send it along to "show" at As always, we promise to be obnoxious, unfunny and pronounce every typo verbatim.

The theme songs for OMG-RL are "Real Life Drama" by Rackjaw and "Anywhere but Here" by Behavior.

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Episode 25 Discussion Thread

'I loved Neo's e-mail...' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2009-01-25 02:33:42 CST
Hi Shawn & Jenna o/

I loved Neo's e-mail, it brings back great memories of Katana the Laser Zone babe.

Back then we played those BBS games over the modems.
But we would all get together and go play at Laser Zone, pool hall & bowling, stuff like that.
The women were the toughest competitors.
Katana was on the top of the list with lots of other girls fallowing close behind.
All those women were pretty tough players all right.
We may have got our butts kicked but it was fun.

In fact there were plenty of women back then too playing games, at least 1 out of 3 that showed up to Laser Zone etc... were women.
We all lived close to each other & we knew each other from the BBS games, so a large percent of the girls would show up.

And now today I think it's an even more awesome idea now a days to set up a game console get together.
It's free for the majority and you got all in one place.

The thing is, consoles are much better today, and so it's even simpler to get together and know each other since your meeting each other in the same room with no feeling of obligation.
Each time you have the get together, the word will get out more & more.
You will become more trusted and it will get easier & better every time you have one.

I suggest games like DDR & Rock Band, to name a few & Karaoke on gaming consoles have your own avatar you can earn new outfits for.
The Avatar sings on all sorts of stages you pick, and the crowd cheers for you the better you do & stuff like that.

I would recommend getting the Wii or borrowing it from someone, and the parents will go for it for sure. But even the X-box, X-box 360 and the PS3 have those games and more like them too.

Either way, if anyone wants to get to know more girls or guys or just new friends, I agree, a gaming console get together is the way to go.

P.S. I think it was trade wars or something even earlier, we had ships that we only saw in our minds and we had to draw the space map and sectors by hand on some paper.
If the girls played that then think how great a game consol get together is today, even adults should do it.

'The Wii rocks' by CindyL
Submitted on 2009-01-26 23:09:20 CST
And make no mistake. People who call it a gimmick or a 'toy' does not have the full scoop. Other consoles may have had fitness games before but I don't believe they ever were as good or as successful as Wii Fit is with it's balance board. And by success I don't mean by having the most units sold, though that is also true, but just in the way that the program or software does actually get results.

This was a good goodie show. ;) People worries about being nice and why should we disrespect authority. I have to admit I was raised to be polite and mind my elders and I am teaching my 7 year old to be the same. Many times a week I spot people speaking very badly of authority figures or just whoever has money or happens to be more fortunate then themselves. It is very annoying and it's to wonder how bad of a self image they must have to feel the need to bring others down... I don't know.. :/

Vulgarity and using foul language in every single sentence is also something that bugs me and I see more often in younger people. Don't get me wrong I swear as well, but when I am upset though it's not an excuse I am not saying I am perfect either. But some moderation and a return to basic respect for others would be really nice. It used to be common knowledge that you try not to swear in public as a sign of respect for other people's space and state of mind. Today, who cares?

On the topic of people being 'nice' and being able to see the many variables in a situation and not being so quick to serve up judgment is not a bad thing!!! I am like that for most topics as well and it has actually done some really good things for me. People may think I don't take sides and have no opinion, that's not the case. I have opinions that may fluctuate and change but when I do take a side I'll defend it with gusto. If more people were willing to weigh everything thing before jumping into the fray of opinions maybe we'd see less strife in many areas.

'Oh yeah' by CindyL
Submitted on 2009-01-26 23:12:46 CST
I can't find you on Twitter. :/

'Twitter' by Shawn
Submitted on 2009-01-27 03:23:31 CST
Our Twitter is

I started adding stories that relate to real life and gaming today, so following us on Twitter is actually not worthless now! :)

'o/ :)' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2009-01-29 19:07:50 CST
I saw the "Through the Aftermath" website it looks good to go, great topic, one of my favorites.

I must like it, because the 2 last movies I rented were Babylon A.D. and 20 Years After

BTW The intro from No Prisoners No Mercy is awesome, it reminds me of Shawn & Jonathan's newest podcast Through the Aftermath.